My Hot Viji Aunty (The Woman Of Any Guys Dream)

Hi. This is my first experience with Indian sex stories. I am Ram from Bangalore . I am 22 years of age with a fine height of 5.10 and quite well built. Im interested in married woman from a long time. As this is my first and genuine experience.

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This is the story of my neighbor aunty. Her name is Viji. Shes 45 years of age. She is a mallu very fair. Shes hot. Has a tempting figure, sexy big round boobs and a sexy round butt. Shes married and has 2 children. One daughter who is married and a son who works in rotational shifts. Her husband is a patient and quite useless. He is hardly at home as he is fond of going to native. I was familiar with her house and everything about the family.

Our two families were very close. We had a good bond. She treats me like her son. Initially I never had any bad intentions on the the aunty. But gradually, her boobs in sari started distracting me. I started fantasizing on her and would jerk every night thinking about her. Every time I see her in a sari, my cock would become erect and Id start checking out every bit of her.

It so happened that we shifted our house 2kms away from the place where the aunty stayed. But our families still maintained a good relationship through phone calls and rare visits.

Most of the days aunty is alone at nights as her son works in a call center and husband wouldnt stay at home. And whenever aunty wants to come home, shed call my mother and I used to pick her up from home during day time and drop her back in the evening when her son is about to leave for his shifts. Whenever I go to drop her, I talk a lot with her in her house and I always shag keeping my helmet on my lap when Im talking to her.

This used to continue and whenever she comes home, Id record her video in my phone without her knowledge and satisfy my lust that night by her king.

And one day,

She called my mom and I went to pick her up. She wore a sexy green colored sari with a dark green color blouse. Omg.. Her boobs were literally make my mouth water. My control was totally lost. I waited. I took her home..

She started talking to my mother and I recorded her videos in different angles and was waiting when shed leave so that I could drop her back. Then in the evening around 7 pm I dropped her home. Her son keeps the house key hidden in a pot outside the house and aunty unlocked the house. I also went in.

Generally she offers me something to eat or drink. Id never say a NO as Id get a chance to stare at her body for a longer time. It was around 7.30 and she had given me sprite to drink and chips to eat. I was totally into sex mood but didnt have the courage to do anything.

Then, to satisfy myself I slowly picked up 2 pieces of chips and rubbed on my cock and told aunty that the chips is spoilt and asked her to taste it and I gave her the rubbed chips.. She immediately had it and told me that the chips was not spoilt and in fact it tasted good than normal. Aww. That minute I was on the sky. I knew there was power cut in that area from 8 to 9.

The time was 7.50 and I skillfully hid the emergency light under the sofa without her knowledge. We were talking normally and at sharp 8,the power went. It was pitch dark. She told me to sit at the same place so that she could take the emergency light. She searched and couldnt find it as I hid it.

Then we decided to sit in dark. Our conversation continued and I pretended and told her that something went into my eyes and I wanted to wash my eye. She asked what happened and I started walking towards the wash base in dark and after switching on the tap for a few seconds, I walked back and pretended like my leg hit the sofa and fell on her. My goodness. I fell with my hands on her thick boobs and my mouth on her face.

I was equally nervous about her reaction and immediately she moved my hand from her books and asked, ‘Are you ok with a broken voice. I said yes and grabbed her boobs harder.. She shouted ‘hey. What the hell are you doing and I pressed my lip on her lips. I was shocked to see that she was totally quiet after I did this.

Then she put her hand behind my shoulder and rubbed my shoulders. I squeezed her boobs and could her whisper ‘hmm..hmm. That sound was persuading me to go to the next level.

I slowly pulled down her saris pallu (the tip of the sari) and started un-hooking her blouse. She held me even tight.. I started to lick her big bra, I smelled it and spread my saliva all over her bra. Then I put my hands behind to remove her bra. That time …. The best moment of my life took place.

I observed that she removed her hands from behind my shoulder and the hand started to drop down slowly and stopped near my pant zip.

She was pressing my erect cock from outside my pant. Then I whispered in her ears ‘Pantinte akath Kai idu in malayalam which meant ‘Put your hands inside my pant and she started unzipping my pant with one hand. She was doing it really slow.

So I myself removed my pant along with my jockey. She kept pressing, pulling, and massaging my erect cock. I was in a different world and I removed her sari completely and started moving my hands near her vagina on top of the skirt which she wore inside the sari. Her voice became loud as she was totally enjoying what I was doing.

Then I asked in her ears, ‘what shall I do 2 you? and she said, ‘Do whatever you want to.. I stripped her inner skirt and inserted my middle finger into her vagina. She pressed my cock really hard and I asked her to kiss me everywhere and aunty was beyond my expectations. She started biting me starting from the head and stopped at my stomach.

Then, I moved up and put my cock near her face. Immediately she put it in her mouth and I still remember the noise it made ‘ahhh …. and she sucked my cum filled cock for a really long time. I was totally nude and aunty was wearing her panty. I tried to remove it but she held my hand.

Then I lip locked her again and took her hands off.. She was ready for a hardcore sex with me. I immediately tried to insert my cock in her vagina. But I didnt know how 2 do it. Aunty helped me out. She made it look really easy. We had a pure satisfying sex for a long time.

Even after the power came we didnt bother. I ejaculated and I asked her to suck my sperm. She was ready and sucked my cum like drops of honey. I lost all my lust and was laying down. But the aunty was still hungry.

She went hard on my cock again. I stopped her and asked her for a 10 min break. And again after 10 min, we had another sex. Omg. It was the best day of my life.

This is a real incident that happened on Feb 20th 2016. Even now, we speak secretly on phone and havent got another chance as her husband is admitted in a hospital for a long time.

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