Enjoyed With An Aunty In Itahari, Nepal

This story is of my hometown biratnagar where I currently stay email- [email protected] , I am 5-9 and with good tool handling skills with stamina that lasts a long time without supplements.

Here goes the sex story

I was headed to itahari for watching a movie named sultan it was after a few days of old and she was from itahari , she had an awesome figure , fair complexion you know how nepali aunties are fat all the right places .Her name was anjana chettry.

I went to the ticket booking counter and saw her there trying to book a ticket in the crowed counter . She was angry and frustrated and I was looking at her when suddenly] she looked at me too and I said her let me book the ticket for you as I have contacts here and she agreed and we went and sat in the cafe that’s in the same floor as the hall .

I called my contact and we got the ticket she insisted on getting a corner seat as she was alone and we booked two tickets and started eating and drinking, I ordered a scotch and she ordered tequila we both were drinking and chatting about our lives and she was married and has a 2 year old daughter who was in school at the time and her husband was abroad working in dubai and she felt alone at times and frustrated with her life like a single parent and we were talking and the time for the movie to start arrived and we went in for the movie we were whispering to each other in the hall as the movie started and she was telling me she is so incomplete nowadays and she wants someone to be there with her to talk to she put her head on my shoulders and continued watching the movie ..

The hall was not that crowded and so I took the opportunity to comfort her and put my arms around her and continued watching the movie.. It was quiet average temperature there as the a/c was on low she said she was feeling hot and she untucked her shirt and I was excited to see her do this I slowly put my hands in her waist and she was getting erotic by my hand touching her waist I started moving my hands around her waist and slowly put my hands inside her shirt she came closer and moved forward to let my hands slide in easily. She looked at me and moved her lips towards mine and we kissed .

After that I unbuttoned her shirt from the bottom and she was resisting the unbuttoning as someone might see her that way but I unbuttoned and put my hand inside her bra and held her perky nipples that were erect . I was massaging her nipples and she was getting hornier.

Then after a while the intermission came and she sat straight with her hands covering the unbuttoned part of her shirt. Then I asked her if she wanted something she replied a lollipop and she gave a naughty smile and I went out and got a popcorn and a can of 7up.

When I came back her shorts unbuttoned and she looked excited. I sat there and held her close and started feeding her popcorn and she started feeding me popcorn then she took my other hand and put it in her shorts inside her panty .. God she was wearing a net kinda panty and she had shaved down there it as smooth as a paneer a pink paneer..

I teased her putti(pussy in nepali ) and she was like holding me tight and whispered put it in put it in put it in. I kept teasing her by rotating my hands around her putti and she became very very erotic and asked me can we please go somewhere I am damn sick I want you now..

I asked her to button her shorts and get ready to leave. We got up and left the hall and came down and got my bike out of the parking and asked her where she lives and she told me the area and got on the bike sitting close to me with her perky breasts pressing again my back .

She whispered to hurry up and ride as fast as I would ride her so I rode recklessly and reached her place which was 5 kms far within 10 minutes then she got off and went to the gate while I parked my bike in her house and rushed to her holding her as while she was closing the door behind us.

Then I just ripped her shirt apart and unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down..

She unbuttoned my shirt and started biting my chest and kissing my neck . I started kissing her neck … She enjoyed the neck kissing the most and I gave her a love bite so hard that she moaned..

Then she unbuttoned and threw my shirt and started putting her hand in my pants while I was in her panty holding and squeezing her ass .. Woah that ass so great that I just wanted to fuck that ass as hard as I could.. I then started to kiss her in the lips … The passionate kiss .. By now she was just in the underwear and I was in my boxer .

We moved to the couch kissing and I was on top of her I then slowly removed her panty and went down there giving her oral and she was shaking and was moaning loudly as I was licking and sucking her putti she removed her bra and freed her twin balls of boosm (dudh ) she pulled me up and came on top of me and removed my boxer and started sucking my dick hard I was about to cum and I pulled her up and pressed my dick so I wont cum.. We laid there kissing and holding ass and massaging boobs and then she whispered lets take it to the bathroom.

We went in her bathroom all horny and she turned on the shower and I faced her towards me and put her to the wall and started teasing her putti with my dick and kissing the hell out of her..

We were both wet and then I started rubbing her putti with my fingers fingering her pink putti now I was getting ready to get in her so I lifter her leg and put my dick head in her love hole she was horny and moaning telling me mero putti lai bhardeu timro lado (dick) lai chirau chito (fill my pussy fast please)..

I went slow and put just the head in her and going in and out her putti and she pulled me in her and my dick was totally in her and she screamed out loud saying aiyaaa dukhyo (ahhhhhhh its paining). Then I was rough man I fucked her like this is the last fuck I will ever have I lift both her legs and she started bouncing soughing fuck me fuck me hard… Ahh aaah manoj please fuck me to death I dont want you to stop …

I carried her fucking her from the bathroom and put her in the bed and spread her legs apart and started licking her and giving her the young tornado and got in 69 position and she started sucking my duck hard and sucking my balls and then she said fuck me please and I got up put her in doggy and started fucking her hard in and out slow and fast she was holding the sheets she was moaning ahhh ahhh ahhh ah ah ahhh ahh ahh manoj please na roka(dont stop ) and she came all over my dick and she just got exhausted..

I was still not satisfied and I said to her I need your ass and she suddenly woke up and started resisting me I was in no mood to return from there without summing even once.. She said she will blow my dick till it cums I was not ready for anything except her ass..

I got up went to the cupboard and bought some moisturizer to convince her it will slip right in and wont pain but still she was not ready I went to her turned her and forcefully put moisturizer in her asshole … Her asshole was shaved too, clean and pink asshole ..

I put some moisturizer and started massaging her hole with my hands and put my finger in there and she was like please na garana(dont please) then I put two fingers in there and she was like slowly she stopped complaining about it and started enjoying it then I put some moisturizer in my dick and put my dick above her hole and she was trying to cover her hole with her hands I removed her hands and stuck my dick head in there and pushed..

She said, aaiya aaiya dukhyo duchy please nikala please nikala ahile nikala( ahh ahh ahhhh its paining please take it out now) I didnt listen to a word and saw her blood coming from her asshole and after some time she calmed and I pushed in further holding her mouth with my hand and she bit my hand …

Then I started fucking her slowly pushing in and pulling out… Tears rolled down her cheeks and she was silent for a while I was fucking her slowly and then I started increasing my momentum and she started enjoying it and started giving me slight moans ahh ahh ahhh ahh ahh ahh ahh ah my dick was tight in there as all the lube had evaporated we were fucking without it she was shouting in pain and pleasure and I pulled her hair and started riding her hard then I faced her towards me and went in her ass from the front lifting her legs till my shoulders and fucked her ass while biting her nipples time to time.

Then I was in the state of heaven she was shouting ahhhh ahhhh ahhh ahhh aaiya aaiya nai nai nai nai please bhagwan please duke…. Ahhhh ahhh ahhh manoj ..And I cummed in her ass and pulled out and saw my cum come out of her as slowly flowing down in the sheets …

We both were exhausted and slept there for while then took a short nap and then we exchanged numbers and I dressed up and left for biratnagar …She said she has some more friends that she would like to introduce to me.. So this Friday I am going back to her home and she said she will bring her friend too…