Fucked A Hot Neighbour Bhabhi

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I am rahul from delhi. This sex story is about 3 months old. $ months ago we got new neighbours in house just opposite to us. It was a family from a village consisting of husband, wife and 2 children.

Bhabhi name was shilpi and she was in her late 30.When I first saw her I got lost in her beauty. She was looking like a sex goddess. She was wearing saree below her belly button.She has got a dark and deep belly button.Her boobs were large and her ass was also very big. In short she was a perfect fucking material.

One fine morning I came out in balcony which is directly opposite to their terrace. We normally use that terrace, most of the time it remain closed. I saw bhabhi was in petticoat and blouse and she was drying clothes.

Their terrace was covered and can be seen only from our balcony so she might have thought that nobody will see her.

She was wearing a deep cut blouse and petticoat just above pussy exposing a lot for me.

When she saw me in balcony she got hesitant and ran down quickly.I couldnt believe what I saw.

Our society have problem of water.

One fine morning she came to our house with 2 buckets to get some water from our house. Buckets were large so she couldnt lift them.My mother asked me to help her.I came to her home with those bucket and she asked me to place those in bathroom. Their bathroom was short so in the process mine elbow touched her boobs. But she didnt respond. I was about to leave then she asked me to stay there for sometime.

I stayed there and said sorry to her for that day. She said that its not my fault and passed a smile to me. Soon we became good friends and she asked for number and soon we started doing whatsapp chat. We become frank with each other.

After a month or so I again went to balcony and saw the same scene. But this time she didnt run away. I waved my hand and she also responded. We started talking and in the process I was looking at her cleavage and naval.She many times noticed that but said nothing.

In the night when we were chatting she asked me why I was staring her parts to which I said that I was admiring her beauty not staring.

She said that she is not a beauty as her husband dont even look at her and she become sad. I changed the topic and tell her some jokes to which she smiled.

Next day I received a message from her at about 11 to meet her at her home. I said my mom that I am going to some friend house and entered into her house.

When she opened the door my eyes popped out. She was in same blouse and pettifog. From blouse I could easily make out that she is not wearing any bra. She asked me to sit and told me that she was feeling alone so she called me. She was doing her work and I was staring at her continuously.

She noticed my staring many times but said nothing. To break the ice I complimented her that she was looking sexy and her husband must be a lucky guy.Hearing this she started crying and said that her husband doesnt look at her any more. She doesnt remember when he loved her last time. I consoled her and hug her.

I was rubbing her bare back and she was resting on my chest. Then she looked into my eyes and soon our lips met. It was a wonderful feeling.She was chewing my lips, sucking my tongue.

We smooched for about half an hour and in the process I removed her blouse. As she was wearing no bro her boobs came out. The were kind of loose but were big. I fondled them and suck them. She squeezed my face in her boobs and moaned loudly, Aahhh oooo yessss Rahul, bite them, squeeze them.

I also opened her petticot and now she was completely nude in front of me. Her pussy was hairy was black.I spread the lips and saw her hole.I rubbed her clitoris and kissed that with mouth. She was moaning heavily. I went to their kitchen and brought honey bottle.

I poured honey over her boobs, naval and pussy. I sucked her belly button for about 10 minutes. She liked it lot. She removed my clothes and sat on my face. I licked her pussy, though it was stinking and hairs were coming in my mouth but I loved the smell.I licked her deep for about 15-20 minutes and in the process she cummed. I drank all her juices. My dick also got rock hard. I asked for a blowjob but she refused and asked me to fuck her as she is sex starved. She gave me a condom and lie flat on the sofa and spread her legs.

I put my dick into her entrance. Her pussy was loose but it doesnt matter a lot for me. My dick entered without any difficulty.Though she felt a bit of pain but it was a loose entry for me.I fucked her very hard.

During fucking my hands were squeezing her boobs and I was smooching her.We were licking each other tongue. We were sweating heavily. Then after about 10 min I cum. We laid down in the same position. She was moving her hands through my hairs. I was resting on her boobs.

Then I asked for 69. This time she agreed and were doing 69. She was sucking like a prostitute. I was sucking her pussy and ass hole. In the process I also inserted my finger in her ass hole. Her ass hole was very tight. When I asked her she told that she is virgin there and would love to gift her virginity to me. I become very happy.

She was looking happy and satisfied. She thanked me and promised me that from now on I can fuck her whenever I wanted.

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