Neighbour With Big Hips

Monti is a bhabhi which stays just opposite to my home in the same apartment and in the same floor. Her husband works as a Medical Representative in Sun Pharma. Half of the month he will be on office tours. They got married since 2 years but still they dont have kids.  They want to settle first.

I rarely meet her husband once in a blue moon or else in some festivals.  Last year in Diwali our apartment organized a get together to celebrate where her husband asked me to search a sitting job for her wife as I use to work in a reputed company in a reputed post.  I checked vacancy list of my office where I found a front desk executive post is vacant and surprisingly management has asked me to take the interview.  I informed the same to Monti and her husband.

There is process of 2 rounds f interview where one will be taken by the local team and the other from the Head Office in Mumbai.  Interviews are held in a video conferencing room where on the other side Directors remains online in Skype for the interview session. I gave all the details to Monti and her husband. Her husband holds my hand and asked me to confirm her job and also requested to help her as they urgently require a job.

I confirmed that I will try my best. They also assured to give me a big treat in return to a 5 star hotel. My mind started thinking some naughty stuffs for Monti as she is blessed with a very hot figure. Any girl will wish to get figure like her. Oh I forgot to tell u that she is a Bengali girl and as we all know that Bengalis are blessed with sexiness in their looks, figure and expressions. The day before the interview I received the questions that we need to ask the interviewer .

I received the same in my mail . With the motive to help Monti, I directly went to Monti home the day before the interviewer. I knocked the door and luckily her husband was not there. She confirmed that he went on tour to Aizwal and also asked me to come in.

As I went inside she immediately locked the door. She was wearing a black nighty where her boobs were oozing like hell and her hips were just coming so has to get fucked. To manage the situation and to stay freely I asked her to please call her husband once. She came and sat just near me on the same sofa . I was just mesmerized by her aroma of her perfume. My small brother is fighting with my inner garments to tear and trying to get independent.

She now dialed to her husband and told that I want to talk. I took the phone and confirmed her husband that I have brought some questionnaire which needs to be prepared for tomorrow her husband asked me to help her in getting prepared as he went out of town in an emergency. I asked Monti the techniques and process to crack the interview as I cant help in the interview as everyone including my Boss will be there.

Now the next day I reached office at 10 and before going to office I asked Monti to be on time as the interview was supposed to start from11. She confirmed that she will reach on time. Nearly 60 candidates applied for that post. Now the interview started. In No32 it was my darling Monti’s turn. She was looking hottest in the dark blue saree. I started acting as if I dont know her so that anyone knows.  And started asking questions. She cracked it perfectly and Directors also got impressed by her confidence. At last, the interview completed all were asked that result will be confirmed till 4 pm via phone.

Monti went home as still 3 hours left so no use of staying . . . The director confirmed that please talk regarding salary with the candidate named Monti. I was very happy from inside and called Monti and confirmed that you got the job and company asked me to talk about the salary. . .

At last, I finalized Rs. 20000 salary which she didnt expect and also confirmed the same to her husband. Both thanked me a lot. Her husband confirmed that we will party as soon as he will reach Guwahati. On the other hand, Monti called me and asked me to have dinner at her house tonight. I stay alone so I dont have any issue. I also asked her that whether she drinks beer which she confirmed as occasionally. At evening at around 8, I took a bath ,shaved my dick hairs ,put a pleasant perfume and pressed her calling bell.

She opened the door and really I was shocked by seeing her. She was wearing a One Piece in yellow colour. She was really looking the hottest girl I have never seen. I asked her that did she informed her husband about my dinner . She said NO and asked me that Ami afraid? I said that NO if she dont have any problem. She bought a cake for celebrating her first job. She cut the cake and brought a piece near my mouth. I had it and in return I also offered her the same. Then she played some romantic instrumentals which changed the mood of both of us. She brought two glass and poured beer in in. We both cheered and took our first sip.

After some time we both were finished with 4 bottles and my dick started to rise in full swing. It also started hitting Monti. Then I thought of taking a step forward. The romantic numbers forced me to ask her for a dance. She agreed after thinking for some time. I put my hand on her belly and she kept both her hand in my neck holding as if we are a couple. We both started dancing and looking continuously at each other.

She asked me what are u looking at . I told her that may you were my girlfriend ,I would have loved her the most and would have cared a lot. She brought her lips near mine and said that tonight I am all yours. I was more than happy and just we lip locked and continued kissing for 15 min. I was caressing her hip and on the other hand, I was feeling her round boobs. She was also aroused and she pulled me to her bedroom. She took me above her and laid on the bed.

We both were kissing as if there is no tomorrow. Then I tore her free and found a good pair of black bra and panty. I started unhooking her bra and panty. I was mad by seeing her white boobs and brown nipples. . . I started sipping her nipples and she was shouting for more. I moved downwards and kissing each and every part of her body.

Now it turns to kiss her pussy which she wants me to tear off. I started sucking her pussy and she was shouting as she never experienced the same from her husband. She was asking for more. At last, she ejaculated . But I am still not satisfied. Without hearing anything I put my Hard rock type dick in her pussy and started pounding her for half an hour.

At last, I ejaculated my sperm inside her pussy. We both got up and went to the washroom and cleaned ourselves and also we both took the bath together. She also requested me not to leave her in future and insisted me to become her second husband. She also asked me to fuck her whenever her husband remains in the tour. Now it’s still 1 year and we are continuing with our relation and right now she is pregnant.

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