My Amy Is A Sex Bomb

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My age is 30 currently married to a girl who is not much interested in sex. I had a girlfriend let’s call her Amy we both had a good intimate relationship.

This is true story laced with romance and sex. Brace it up.I started watching porn during my school days while I saw my brother Aman who is 26 years old now, was watching porn on the computer and masturbating.At first, I didn’t understand what was it,later I understood.After that, I saw the same video he was watching and then got addicted to it.Later on, I started masturbating every day.And I think I am addicted to sex and masturbation.

I used to work in it firm back then and Amy joined as a fresher in the company weirdly she is a couple of months older than me. She did Mtech and I just did Btech.

So I was asked to mentor her before that she thought I was a cheap Romeo type of a guy. But when I started mentoring her and her friends she was impressed by my tech knowledge so a couple of pings and WhatsApp and then few dates and finally to I love you all this happened in 3 to 4 months.

Unfortunately when we became a couple I had to shift my company and location to Bangalore. After one month, I met her again. Till now we just did holding hands and kissing on cheeks. I am 5 feet 10 inch tall my complexion is wheatish and good tool size. I have an average structure.

Let me describe Amy she is not fair nor dark but dusky like Bipasha Basu,Koena Mitra, Tanushree Dutta etc. She is about 5 feet 2 inches. Her vital stats are 34d 30 38. She is described as a bomb. So I reached near her pg called her she came down we went to a park on a weekday so it was very deserted and there we smooched for first time we kept smooching till we lost out breadth. Best smooch experience when both of your tongues fight for supremacy and your lips ache when you are done.

When we are done we got up and we went to a movie in a multiplex they were just 10 couples and when it became dark we started smooching round 2 again. This time, I started pressing her boobs over her t-shirt and after 2 hr I asked her can I slide my hand inside her bra. When she nodded I groped her boobs with my bare hands and continued smooching.

Next day we went to another movie and we repeated the same thing but now her hand was on my dick slowly caressing it over my pant. I kept my hand over her panty, of course, her suit was there. Next day I had to leave she came to the airport to give sendoff and we gave mice show to cab driver. I left to Bangalore and texted a week later that I needed to do sex with her completely and asked her to come to Bangalore.

In between, we used to do phone sex and masturbate. She agreed after initial hesitation to book a hotel room and picked her and straight went to the hotel room and started smooching I would easily say we can smooch whole day.Then she told that she wants the complete feel of my naked scene. We stripped each other until we became totally nude. I started her groping her tits and she told enough of groping suck them.

I started sucking her left boob groping her right boob and vice versa. Meanwhile, she started stroking my dick so that it became its hardest state and then I kept a pillow under her beautiful ass and started inserting into her beautifully shaven and well-maintained pussy. She moaned and cried a little later she started enjoying asking me to increase the speed.I rammed her so much now I really don’t remember how many times we both cummed but it was enriching and best experience till date.

We both oozed blood too as we were virgins then. We did only missionary position whole two days she left Bangalore then.

On our next trip we wanted to try out lifting her to the wall and do it though I lifted and did it it was not comfortable to both of us and hence we were back to our beds she told she wanted to ride me and hotness of her pussy over my dick was so good that my cock was rarely in its limp state. She rode me that day and according to both of us that was our best position because we both were not skinny and average physique.

Third trip we travelled to Mysore for holiday and there we wanted to oral sex she was pretty sure she won’t be comfortable but I wanted to try but it turned opposite she was not comfortable with my lips on her pussy lips but her lips did great job on my dick. We then tried different foreplay like tying hands and smacking her ass. She especially used to moan very differently when I used to smack her ass I used to love that and it used to turn me on. We used to smooch in lifts in hotel and malls when we were alone.

In my room, we used to be nude all the day we used to open the main door only to take food delivery. We used to have sex in bathroom kitchen and every corner of the house. She used to ask me to grow a beard to have the feel of kissing a bearded man.

We did a variety of role plays by asking her to wear saree sometimes and she used to dance some seductive Indian songs.

We used to dance nude to latest dance numbers and play number color games. I really miss her today.

We reached our kinky level by lucking our assholes we tried anal sex but stopped when she compared of extreme pain.

I still miss her smooches blowjobs and moans and of course her tits and vagina.

I hope my sex story did not bore you guys. Sorry for spelling mistakes if any. I am currently in Pune looking for a quality acquaintance.