Submissive Fantasy In USA With An Unknown Stranger Man

HI, I am MouprIya Sen, a married lady of 29 years old. My hubby Manoj Sen is of 32 years working in an MNC in MumbaI. We are very friendly, frank, open minded, love to make friends, love to watch porn movies also so we try to discover many things from those movies and try to do those to bring spice in our married sexual life.

This story is during one of our vacation to New York last January. There we met a cab driver to whom we did submissive sex.

So after spending four days going around the city, on the fifth day evening we went to a local disco club and there we dance & drank a lot. We booked a taxi to take us back to our hotel.

After some time it came and while we were going to our hotel we were normally chatting with each other and also smooching. In our mind that we were thinking how much fun it will be we do submissive to an unknown stranger in USA, who will be strong tall, very dominating, naughty and aggressive and as nobody knows us there so for fulfilling our fantasy this is a good option. We were discussing this, when the taxi driver, Mark said, its nothing new and many people come here to do this.

We got shocked and asked him everything. He told us everything and we liked the way he was speaking. His personality was so good, so we asked him detail like do you know anyone like this or not. He told no he don’t know anyone but he had done this with two couples already. We got impressed and also because he is experienced, he must be knowing what to do and all. So we asked him how much does he charge and all?

He also got the signal what we are planning for. Then he asked everything about us, like where are we from, how many days we are in USA etc. He also asked why we want to do this type fantasy and what is our favorite pose in sex and we also replied him all. He told he like us he wants to spend some time with us and lets have some drink. We told him we can go to our hotel room and there we can have some more discussion and drink also. He agreed so we 3 went to our room. We came inside the room and there was two couch, where I and Manoj sat and the taxi driver was sitting in the opposite single couch.

Manoj called the room service and ordered the drinks. We all were drinking, when he asked us what type submissive you people are looking for? My hubby told who can do a threesome with us and who can dominate us while making us crazy. I told in a a man who will make us dance on the tip of his finger and make us do anything he just wish, no matters what we think or don’t care for our opinion.

He got happy listening to our answer and asked us then for how long you people want? We say for 24 hrs. He just smiled and told ok. Then we were discussing normally about his life and our life. In between the chat he was telling us to do few things like open the windows, open the curtain and play some song. And without saying anything we were also doing.

He also understood the green signal and told us to open his shoe from his leg. We looked at each other and decide to do all to fulfill our wild fantasy tonight. Then I opened his left shoe and Manoj opened the other side. Then he told me to make a hard peg for all of us and he decided how much to put in the glass. Then we drink really that was so hard but we drank.

Then after completing the drink, he told me bitch Priya, why don’t you dance for us as I love to watch Indian ladies dance. I asked him what type of dance you love to watch? He told you people have some item dance. Then my hubby took out his laptop and played the song “kundi math khatkaow raja sidhe andar aaow raja mood banalo taja taja.” I started dancing and I was in my sari. He took out his phone and started recording those.

After dancing few time he told me to open the sari. I got bit nervous but I know we only want this so I started to enjoy that and went near to the windows as those was open. He told bit angrily who told to close those? keep those open. Manoj also told no please close those windows. He told I don’t care its USA and nobody care start to dance and open it while dancing. So as per his Instruction I agreed to Mark and started dance and removing my sari and soon I was dancing only in my blouse and petticoat.

After that, he told to come and sit and make another peg. And he orders some more snacks from room service. Then we were gossiping and again he told me to dance for some nonstop item song as I am amazed so then after completing that peg again I was dancing. While dancing he order me to remove the blouse and petticoat so I removed those also but really I was feeling so ashamed, horny, nasty with a very mixed feeling, which I can’t explain that. I was dancing in front of Mark and Manoj in my inners of red color.

After dancing few times he told my hubby to join me he also came and start dancing with me. And he was sitting on the sofa drinking and watching our dance and recording on his phone. After few minutes of dancing, he Manoj to open his dress and dance. He opened his shirt and jeans. We were feeling like a slut and a gigolo whom Mark has hired us for the night and we were doing for him. Suddenly the bell rang, we get nervous. Mark told me to go and open the door.

I told how can I go? I am semi-nude but he told go it’s my order. I went to open the door and saw the room service had come to delivered the snacks. He came inside when Mark told to dance again but we were dying in shame that moment. That guy was also looking to us as we were dancing. After the guy left, Mark told Manoj to open my bra as he wants to watch my boobs fly open in the air.

Then Manoj came back to me and opened my bra and Mark told to give that to me. Manoj threw it to Mark he took that and smelled it. I put my head down and keep my hand cross and cover my 38c boobs. But we were dancing. We were so horny that when he called us ,he will do the threesome but he called and told me to make another peg as I was hiding my boobs with my hands so I have to make pegs and remove my hands as I have no other option.

While I was making the peg he told Manoj to open his jockey. He opened and while I was giving the peg, Mark touched my boobs and pressed both sides and told so soft so nice shape you have. Mark and Manoj were sitting to each other opposite side so when I turn back to give the glass to Manoj, Mark gave me a hard slap In my 36 size fairy ass. I felt like electric shock and he told me not to move and just bend and stand. Then he touched my ass vagina all over he found me full wet.

Then he told me to sit on the sofa beside MManoj and drink and then while drinking he told us to do masturbation. He wants to watch us how we do masturbation, which we also needed badly. I Insert my hand into my panty and start doing and Manoj starts stroking his dick. He was watching and recording everything on his mobile phone.

Then he told me to stand and give him the panty and stay nude. This sentence came to me as a 440 electric shock type but without saying anything I opened my panty and gave it to Mark. He again smelled it and told us to do some nude dance for him. Now we were also start enjoying, so we danced for him absolutely nude. He ask us how you are feeling? We said mixed feeling, which we can’t explain. He asked are you people horny, we said yes.

Then Mark told Manoj to lie on the floor and told me to suck him. I was sucking my hubby dick like a hungry beggar who got food after a long time and he was touching my back, my ass, my neck with his toe figure, which was making me more and more and more crazy and horny? Then after some time he told me to lie on the floor and asked Manoj to suck my pussy. He did that and I was shouting so loudly in pleasure like aaaaa ooooooo huuunm mmooo yaaaaa please fuck now I can’t take any more. I was thinking when he will join us?

Then he told finally Manoj to fuck me first in missionary position and then he make us bang in doggy style. Then he made sit on Manoj dick and bang and while doing this he was touching me all over like in my face, neck, boobs, belly all over.

As he was touching me with his feet I was just dying. I told him, Mark, please will you also join us and fuck me the way you want. He told what so hurry bitch? All will happen but when I will want and you will do all just I want. I was just screaming hard aaaaaaa ooooo mmm uffff fuck me, more fuck me, fuck me. When Manoj is about to cum, Mark told me to eat that sperm, which I do all time as love to eat the sperm.

Then again we sat in the sofa. I and Manoj were totally nude but Mark was in his complete dress. He told us not to wear any dress and told Manoj to collect all the dress from the floor and keep them in the cupboard and to lock that. And as we were gossiping, he finally made another peg for three of us as I seen he give a lot of alcohol to Manoj and same quantity for me and Mark. We were gossiping and finally after some time Manoj feel to pee. He went to wash room and from there I heard the sound of his vomiting. We brought him to bed and made him lie in the bed.

After that we were gossiping then I asked him why he doesn’t join us and make us do sex? He told it’s his wish and he will do as he like. He asked me, do you want to get fuck by me he ask me directly? I told him yes. He asked me how much eager you are? Did I tell him very badly? He told me I can’t see any eagerness and you prove me. If he feels happy then he will. I asked him what I have to do. He told me to show me nude nasty strip lap dance. But before that go to washroom take a shower and wear inners, top skirt full makeup then do. I said ok.

He opened the cupboard and selected me a set of inners, a top, and a skirt. With that I went to the bath room took shower and dressed myself. Then when I came out he took pictures of me in his mobile. Then he told me to dance again and slowly to strip and I was doing that.

First while dancing I opened my top and then my skirt.

As per his Instruction then I opened my bra, he started pressing my boobs. He asked me to lie in front of him and then open my panty to get nude.

During this time, he asked me to make dancing moves and keep dancing and do fingering. I was moaning loudly aaaahhh aaaaaooo yaaaaa ufffff like this. He came close to me and me sit on his lap and I tried to smooch him. But he doesnt smooch me and turned his face. I ask him what more you want to fuck me, please fuck me.

I was literally begging him to fuck me. Then he told me finally I have to give him a note mentioning that we are doing submissive our self to him and he have all the rights to do everything with us as he wants as we have taken $25000 loan from him, which we can’t repay him. He took our passport also.

After that he said and so from now onwards I will call you Bitch and you will call me master and your hubby is a dog. You will just do all I just want I said yes master.

Then he told me to call the room service to take all the bottle. I called and he then again asked me to keep dancing. I was dancing nude for him. The room service guy came and Mark opened the door and he told me to keep dancing and not to stop. So I was dancing nude in front of that room service guy and Mark asked him to came clean all the table. Mark ask him do you like her dance he told yes sir. I was dancing for them like a cheap slut. He stood watching my dance for 5 min then he said thank you sir and he was gone.

Mark called me and I went to him when he told me to take out his jeans and I opened his jean, his shirt and after watching his body, I got mad. His body was like a WWE wrestler. I started to kiss his chest, his neck and rub his dick above his jockey, smooch him and finally, he pulled my hair from back and told me to take out his dick.

I took out and saw it was so big I never seen In my life before. 10 inches and quite thick. I started to lick him first then I started sucking him. While sucking his big dick for some time, he pushed me on the floor and he inserted his dick full Into my mouth, which was going to my throat. After that, he was pushing my head back and forth as he was Inserting his dick In my mouth.

I gave him blow job for 5 to 10 minutes then he took me in his lap and threw me In bed and made me in doggy style and inserted his dick in my pussy, which was wet.

His big dick made me cry but he inserted that to me. I was screaming aaaaaa uuuuffff ooooo yaaaaa yesss o ysssss o yaaaaa fuck me fuck me as he was pulling my hair from back. Then he fucked me in missionary pose and after 40 minutes, when he cum he took out his dick and cum in my mouth. He came with so much sperm my hubby never came. And I was not destroying a single drop of sperm also I drunk all.

Then he got up, wore his half pant and took out a cigarette and went to the balcony and called me to the balcony. I told him no I am nude I will not go. He said come and you have to do as I say.

So I thought we are out of the country and its night so nobody will be there and I went and sat on his lap. He was smoking and touching me all over, then I was also getting horny I request him to please can we have another round, please?

He told for that first I have to lick his toe figure & have to beg him please fuck me once more, I am your bitch. I started licking his toe & kept begging for 5 to 10 min. I was actually feeling like a cheap slut myself that time. Then he again told me to give him blowjob. He liked my blow job as I can give a very nice blow job.

So I gave him blow job and then again he fucked me for a long. I was moaning in pain and pleasure in a different position finally, he came after 1 hr at least. And then we all came to our room and slept.

Then next day at 5am he woke up and called me. I also woke up and then he told me just to wear a housecoat and nothing else. I will take you to show you, New York, early morning. So we woke up and went to the wash room. Then we went out on his taxi.

We went to many places and then we went to a cafe for breakfast. There we had tea and we were gossiping on a different topic.

Finally, I asked him why he made me expose to the room service guy last night. He replied you are amazing and I love to expose you and feel you people humiliate which I know you people also want to be. You look amazing and you must show your beauty to everyone.

I got a mixed feeling and I look down. He also told me you people told me you want for 24 hours but I will not return your passport until the last moment when you people will return to India. So till then I am yours master and your my bitch and your hubby Is my dog. You, people, are going do all just I want nothing else. I told him please don’t do like this but in my mind, I was confused what to do should I make him stop or let him do all he want. I kept silent.

After completing our breakfast we were coming back to our hotel from a highway type road, where two big lanes and forest was on both sides.

We were crossing from there and unfortunately I felt to pee so I told him please take me somewhere I can do pee.

After going few away he stopped the car and told me to get out of the car I was confused but I did.

Then he told me to take off the coat and go near side of the road then do pee and come to taxi and wear the coat. I was getting so shocked and ashamed but can’t say no but as I had no option also as I was getting pee very much. Finally, I opened my coat and got nude in the road and went to the side of the road and pee there. Then when I was coming to the taxi, he started his car and went slowly. I was so afraid as I was nude there on an empty road but few car were passing.

Many people were watching me as I was running nude. He made run at least 2 to 3 kms. Then he stopped the car and I get into the car. He threw me my coat. I was very angry but he just stopped the car and hold me tightly and started smooching me very badly and I also start enjoying there. Then he took out his dick made me suck his big giant dick.

My anger melted like anything and I started to lick him giving him a blowjob. I forgot that I was on the road and I was nude. He then just fucked me in his car like anything. I was also enjoying there a lot then finally he came in my mouth. I swallow that. Then he closed his zip and I wore the coat but didn’t tie the knot.

Then we came to our hotel at 7:30 am and we saw Manoj was sitting nude and surfing his mobile. He asked us where we had gone?

Last night Mark had taken all our dress and kept in the cupboard so he was not able to wear anything. Mark told hey dog we had gone out to visit. Manoj told what you called me? I explained to Manoj yes honey we are still in his submissive and he told he will call us dog and bitch and I love this name also. Then Manoj said ok.

After that Manoj told ok master so give my dress now so that I can wear some dress he told ok and he gave him only a jockey and told me to get nude and just to wear a same color bra panty and nothing else. We were little shocked but I liked his Ideas and I agreed. Then he called the room service and told to give our breakfast.

We were sitting In the balcony and we were gossiping. But I and Manoj were getting very ashamed as were in jockey and panty. Then the room service guy came he told me to open the door and took the food I went to the door open the door was feeling very shame but nothing to do he came inside and gave our breakfast in the balcony.

While having our breakfast he told lets have our breakfast then we will go to the pool which we can see from our balcony down. We love to swim so I say very excitedly yes. Then we completed our breakfast and Mark told me just to wear the overcoat with bikini and Manoj to wear another over coat with the jockey which he was wearing now.

Then we all went to the pool. After we reached there we came to know we can’t go to the pool with our dress and we have to hire dress.

So from there Mark took a half pant for himself and for Manoj he takes a short pant. For me, he took a bikini which was so short that hardly the top one covered my nipple and panty which have string only to cover my pussy nothing. I felt ashamed and Manoj told him no. Mark told to shut up you dog who gave you rights to speak on me, and she will wear this only.

I got a bit afraid and Manoj also but he didn’t say anything else and we did change. Then we all jumped into the pool and there we swam a lot then after some time I don’t understand how from my back side Mark came and he just pulled my bra open and before I could understand anything he threw that away from the pool. I was so shocked and Manoj saw nothing that happened.

I told him please give that he told there are two foreigners and an old lady also who was lying in the pool rest chair without a bra and was taking a sun bath. I saw that and understood its normal here. Manoj also understood that then we three came out from the pool like that and I took the bra, which Mark had thrown away and we took three rest chair, one side Mark sat, then me and then Manoj. I was lying there only in my panty and I told Mark to please let us go from here.

He told no not now when I will want then. After some time, we went to the pool to swim without my bra. Then we came out and went to our locker and Mark told not to wear us the coat and told me to wear the bikini not to wear the coat both of us we do as he told.

We return the bikini, which we had hired for going to pool and I was coming in my own bikini, which I was wearing below the coat. Now from the hotel lobby, I was walking in my bikini and Manoj in his jockey.

Then in the lift, Mark told to Manoj to open my bra. He said not here again please. Mark said its my order. Manoj asked me do you also want to open and I was going to say no but I just looked into Mark’s eyes and I don’t know what happened to me, I told him, yes please open. Then in the lift only he started pressing my boob from one side and told Manoj to press another side.

They started to kiss my neck and I got so horny that when our floor came, Mark opened my panty and told Manoj also to open his jockey. We got nude and then Mark told me to give Manoj a blowjob.

I was sucking my hubby dick and honestly to say after sucking Mark’s big giant size I was not liking my hubby Manoj dick much. Then I started teasing Manoj that I want to suck our master dick he has so big and your’s is so small. I start sucking master dick for a long as he was lying in bed and on one side I was sitting and another side Manoj was there.

As he was watching I got so horny I thought to give some more pleasure to Mark. So I pull my hubby dick and inserted in his mouth. Everybody was shocked but later Mark also liked that. He then forced Manoj to suck him and told me to suck him together mean he was lying In bed and I and my hubby was sucking him.

Then he got up and told my hubby to suck my vagina and he inserted his dick in my mouth. That was amazing some is sucking my pussy and I am sucking someone. I was not able to moan also in pleasure and was simply dying.

Then he told Manoj to bang me and made me sit in doggy style and then he lied in bed and I was in doggy style. My hubby was banging me and I was still sucking his dick and moaning like uufffff yaaaa yaaa yaaaa but my body was need of Mark dick that time. After getting bang from Mark I was not liking my hubby’s dick then I told him please bang me so many times.

Then he told Manoj to lie in bed and me to sit on Manoj’s mouth so that he can suck me in doggy style and then Mark started to fuck me so nicely and some time while doing that he was taking out his dick from my pussy and inserting to my hubby mouth forcefully then and I was sucking my hubby and I was screaming also uuffff aaaauuum fuck meeee fuck mee I am yours slut used me like a cheap slut I am all yours like this was shouting and saying and finally when he understand he will cum he inserted his dick in my mouth and cum and told Manoj to don’t throw that and give to me then my hubby give his sperm to me I eat.

After that we all went to the bathroom for a shower there was a big round bathtub we went there. We sat in different position.

We were drinking and taking shower then he told you both are just awesome. Mark told youre are also very kinky type. Then Mark directly put his feet on Manoj chest and on my boobs and told us to lick his toe finger we feel very humiliating but don’t know why I started and told Manoj also to do.

Then we both were liking his toe figure then he told us to suck his dick together until he comes then we both start to suck him together.

Finally he came in tub only and then after 2 minute he told you people take shower as I am going he came out from the tub but again he told to come to him he pull both of us hair from back took our face to his dick I thought he want to make us suck him again but he start doing pee in our face body all over and he laughed and gone to the room and rub his body and get ready and gone somewhere. We were so blank not understand what to say or what to do.

We were so confused what happened and all we did not understanding what to do. Finally we went out of bathtub and used soap and took shower. Then we went to bed and we were talking about him only. Somehow we get horny again we had a round of sex and we sleep.

If you think you like this sex story then please reply me in at [email protected] and [email protected] or give your comments. I will tell you what all happens later in next two days and how he took us to his home and how we came back to our home India.