Slave Service To My Client

Hello, guys. I am Raunak Singh from Mumbai. I am 19 years old and provide all types of sexual services to ladies in and around Mumbai.Those who wish to avail my services please feel free to mail me at [email protected]

Coming back to the story, my last story got a good response from readers. A lady then emailed me and asked me to meet her personally before getting into bed. Her name was moksha a 40-year-old middle-class lady. She was married, had 2 kids. We decided to meet. She wore a traditional suit and she recognized me by my attire. We went to a coffee shop and spoke on general topics. I asked her about her family and personal life.

Me : isnt your personal life fine?

Moksha : it is. My husband has sex at least once in a week with me. But…

Me : but?

Moksha : I love the variety of dicks.

Hearing this I just got turned on.

Me : have you hired gigolos before also?

Moksha : yeah twice.

Me : okay.

Moksha : so I want you as my slave for 3 hours. Whatever I want Ill do with you. Fine?

Me : sure beautiful. It’s my pleasure.

Moksha : my husband leaves for office at 10 am and kids leave for school at 12. We can enjoy between 2-5.

Me : alright. When is the date?

Moksha : tomorrow.

Me : alright then. See you tomorrow.

She gave me her address and we left. Guys even at 40 she was hot. She was a perfect milf. Her boobs were of overwhelming size. Her fairness.

Next day I reached her place and she invited me in. Since we already had normal talks before, there was no hesitation between us. She directly asked me to remove my clothes. Since I was her slave, I followed it. I was completely naked in front of her. She slowly caressed my cock to make it rise to the fullest. Then,

Moksha : tore open my t-shirt.

I tore her t-shirt and she was in her black bra. Angel view it was.

Moksha : now tore this fucking bra.

I followed her instructions. She wanted to try something different. Then she gave me a long smooch and we were lost in it for those beautiful minutes. Then she said to suck her boobs like a child. I lied down and actually sucked them like a child. She was moaning and enjoying it.

Then I slowly pressed them and kept sucking them. Now she asked me to remove her shorts and panties. And forced me to suck her pussy. Her pussy was so fucking clean. I slowly placed my tongue and licked them hard. She was about to cum so I got away. Now she asked me to finger her.

I fingered her pussy and made her cum again. I knew she wanted to get fucked so asked me to lie down. She came over me. Took my penis into her vagina and kept bouncing. I kept pressing her boobs while she was jumping.

Then she wanted some slave sex and hence made me lie on the bed. She tied my both hands to the sides of the bed and then like a bitch got over me. She started kissing every inch of my body. And kept playing with my cock. I was unable to move but was enjoying this slave moment thoroughly. She then went for a blowjob and made me moan.I was about to cum so she moved away.

Then she got a bit bored and so asked me to proceed my way. I asked her what excited her the most to which she replied boob sucking. I then made her stand behind the sofa while her boobs hanging like bells in front. I lied on the sofa with those boobs just above my mouth. I sucked them really hard. This innovation made her go crazy.

Then she asked me to fuck her my way. So I took her to bed and first sucked and licked each and every part of her body. This time she was uncontrollable and demanded immediate fuck.

With a great force, I entered my cock inside her and she was in heaven. She kept shouting ‘fuck me, baby. I am your bitch. My pussy shouldnt get dry. Make them wet. All this made me go hornier and I fucked her with full might.Since I was wearing a condom there was no tension of releasing cum. Continuous fucking made her cum again. She was lying satisfied.

Then we both lay on the bed. I was sucking those milky boobs and she was just enjoying those heavenly moments.Then she got down to my cock and made them rise again.

She removed the condoms and herself cleaned my cock. Then she took it completely in her mouth.She made me moan too. I was about to cum and warned her but she wanted to drink it. So I released it. Then like a horny bitch, she went to clean and then to the kitchen to make coffee for us. I went behind her and groped her.

I made her sit on the kitchen table and fucked her there itself. She then again got back to making coffee and I kept fondling her boobs. Once the coffee was ready we both made each other drink it. Sitting on the dining table, I again finger fucked her. She was all red because of tiredness.

Moksha : jaise tu chodta hai us tarah toh ek week tak nasha he na utre

Me : utar bhi jae toh fir bula lena.

Then we got dressed and wind up and she paid me. After the session, she messaged me that initially, she doubted whether I being 19 yrs old would satisfy her but I proved her wrong. I felt that it was the best compliment from a client for me. She further stated that she would need me again for a day as her husband will be out of town with kids. I will soon narrate that part also once we meet.

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