Casual Sex With Swati

Hi guys, this is Raj from Delhi with another sexperience which happened yesterday. First of all, thanks for the responses. Also, I have been approached by 2 females for sex. Pls understand that I live in Delhi and I dont have time to travel to distant places. So, unless you are a Delhite and we like each other (after sharing pics obviously), this is not going to happen as I am not really dying to have sex. I am getting it more or less regularly.

Ok, now coming to the story. All of you must be knowing about tinder. Its a dating app. Although, I have it installed on my iPhone but I dont use it much as I dont find many real girls there looking for some action. But the day before yesterday, it notified that I have received a super like.

Now, it has never happened before, although I had a no. of matches in the past but it was me to like/ super like girls.Anyway, I checked out of curiosity. The girls name was Swati (real name as no one can find her just by this name :P). She was cute, chubby cheeks with an average body (not the hot type of body). So our conversation went like this.

Me: Hey, thanks for the super like :)

S: Hii :)

Me: You look cute.

S: Thanks… you also look nice ;)

Me: Thanks, btw nice name

S: Thanks

Me: So, whats up? how come on tinder.

S: Nothing much. Just killing my time. So what are you looking for?

Me: Hmm, anything but some serious relationship. What about you?

S: Same here, just broken up with my boyfriend. In no mood for anything serious.

Me: Hmm. I also broke up with my GF, but 8 months back.

S: Cool.

Me: Ya.. tinder shows you are just 5 km away ;)

S: Yeah.. ;)

Me: so what next…??

S: you know, my roommates are going to their hometown today in evening and I would be like so alone here.

(Guys who had ever hooked up on tinder would be knowing that some girls are open-minded and dont mind casual sex if the boy is hot of course)

Me: Well, I can help you with that ;)

S: you naughty.. there is still some time. If you dont mind, can we have roleplay? I wanna cheat on my boyfriend in that.

Now see, I knew that I could get a BPL from this girl after having sex chat but thought to take a risk. So, with all the experience of roleplays I had in the past, I started and man, she enjoyed like hell. It was like that we both were calling each other “baby” now.

S: Baby, I cant wait to meet you now.

Me: Me too babe.. just throw your roommates out of your flat.

S: Wish I could. Listen, give me your WhatsApp.

I gave her my no., she pinged me and then gave her address and told me to come prepared for the whole night as she is gonna eat me. So, at 7 PM I reached to her flat.

As decided, I knocked her door 5 times. The door opened and there she was, in a black nighty which was well above her knee and showed her fleshy thighs. Even her red panty was slightly visible. I to remained there only, speechless, continuously starring her cleavage. She pulled me in and closed the door.

S: Ab andar ake b kuch kar lo..

I went near her and pushed her against the wall and kissed her. She was a bit shy as this was her first experience (sex with someone other than her bf). She closed her eyes and I knew she had surrendered herself to me. I started smooching her and within a few seconds, she started reciprocating.

Now, we were engaged in intense kissing. My hands were on her butts and were squeezing her ass cheeks from over her panty. Her kissing was also getting wilder. She was sucking my lips, eating them as I squeezed her ass. Now I took my hands inside her panty and started rubbing her ass crack hardly and slowly reached her pussy.

I started rubbing her pussy and could sense that she was getting weak down there and was not able to stand. So, I asked her where the bedroom was. She showed me the day, I picked her up in my arms and headed towards the bedroom.

Wow, her bedroom was so tidy. The black bedsheet clearly showed that she wanted a passionate night. I made her lie on the bed and came over her and started kissing her. My fingers were rubbing her pussy and her hand was on my monster which by now was at its peak.

After 5 minutes I got up and took all my clothes except jockey. By then, she had also removed her nighty and was in a red bra and panty. She was looking very sexy although she did not have a great body. She must be 36-28-38. I wanted her to fuck her then and there only but I had some other plans.

So, I started kissing her legs, licking them and slowly rising to her thighs.

As I neared her panty, I could smell her pre-cum. Although, I was super horny but controlled myself. I started licking her pussy from over wet panty and then pulled her panty down with my teeth and started licking her naked pussy now. I could feel that she was shivering in pleasure, with her nails dug in my hairs, she pushed me more towards her pussy. Now, I opened her pussy lips and started licking it from the inside. She jumped in ecstasy.

S: Raj, I cant control it baby…. Pls fuck me now.

But like a merciless beast, I kept sucking her pussy till she came in my mouth. She was looking calm now, so I went beside her and lied down. I think she was very happy because the way she kissed me then seemed as she was my girlfriend. I could feel some love also in her eyes. Maybe, she was just too happy.

Within few secs, my monster which had slept by know had risen up again. She noticed it and without me saying anything went down and started giving me a blowjob. She blew me for 3-4 minutes after which I came and she gulped all of it and obviously my monster calmed down again. So she started stroking it and kissing me.

As my monster rose, she took out one condom from the packet that I had brought and rolled it onto my dick. With a very naughty smile, she held my erect dick and sat on it slowly.

S: Ahhh (as I went in)

Then she started riding, initially slowly but as time went by she started riding hard. She was moaning very heavily, her eyes were closed and I could see the pleasure on her face. I tried to remove her bra in that position but it was difficult.

She noticed this and quickly removed her bra. Now, that was the sexiest sight to see. Her boobs, bouncing as she rode me. She rode me for 4-5 minutes after which she came. But I didnt (I dont usually cum in that position).

So, we went for the missionary position.

I started fucking her hard right from the start. The thrust was literally taking her breath away. She was moaning in pain and pleasure.

She was getting wilder and I could see her biting her own lips. This made me even hornier and I started fucking her with even great force. My dick was digging deep inside her pussy. The sound of dick splashing in her wet pussy was filling the entire room and on top of that, her scream made it look even more hotter. I fucked her for 4 minutes after which I came.

She looked more than satisfied and told she had never been fucked like that before. She had 3 huge orgasms in the 1st round. We fucked 3 more times that night. I left her place at 5 in the morning as I had to attend my classes in morning.

Later that evening, she called me. We had a nice conversation as friends and decided to meet ones in every two weeks.

So, this was my latest sex story. Hope, you liked it. Do mail me at “[email protected]