First Time With My Story Reader Nagma

Hello friends, first of all, I would like to thank all the ladies, girls, and aunties who have read my earlier story and given me an immense response which encouraged me to submit my new story for you all enthusiastic people. So sit back and be ready for another real-life encounter I had with Nagma (name changed due to secrecy reasons).Nagma is one of my regular story readers.

I am Alok Saxena, 28 years of age and currently working with a reputed company and residing in Delhi. I am 5’7 inches in height, 65 kg with an athletic body and dick size 7 inches without taking off the foreskin. Nagma has recently completed her graduation and now she is pursuing her post-graduation. She is 26 years unmarried female with perfect body size years of age with 34-26-32 with a height of 5’5 inches and 44 kg weight. Not taking much of your time I would like to come straight to the story.

This incident took place with one of my regular reader Nagma recently.She used to read my story and provide me feedback on how much she liked the story. I started taking her feedback back very positively. Then we become very good friends and shared our numbers to each other as she was also from Delhi. We become very good friends over the call and most of the time we were talking about the sex.

We both were very comfortable about talking sex. During the conversation, I also got to know that she has already lost her virginity and she got broken up with her boyfriend recently. Then we decided to meet at a public place once and if we like then we move on forward to bed.

So we planned to meet at one of the busiest and happening place in South Delhi in the evening. We decided the color combination so that we were able to recognize each other. I was in my jeans and tight fitted t-shirt whereas she told that she will be in black tank top and black & red mini skirt with high heels. We also decided the place and time around 8 pm.

I reached the place before time and reserved the table and waited for her.

Then after 15 minutes I noticed a pretty female in the same dress. I didn’t aspect Nagma to be so much hot. Then she called me from there and then we greeted each other.We both seen each other from top to bottom and we were amazed to see each other.

Then we started talking each other. Then we order something to eat.

After eating something we decided to go somewhere else. Then I asked her how she has come and she replied by her own (metro). Then I said I will drop her. Then we started walking towards the car parking where my car was parked.On the way to our car parking, we both were continuous talking about sex also.

Then I even told her that she is looking so sexy and how a boyfriend can leave you. We were so much comfortable with each other. Then I asked her how she liked me after seeing me. She said she never expected I would be so athletic and strong but she can’t say about my dick as she never seen it. Meanwhile, we were in at the darkest point of the road and there was nobody on the road.

Then I suddenly took her hand and placed it on my dick over the jeans and asked her you can feel it. She said I don’t only want to feel it but I also want to see it. In few minutes, we reached the point where my car was parked. To my luck, there was nobody around the car parking and the spot was even darker. I went close to Nagma and slowly opened my jeans and dropped my underwear and put her hand and asked her now you can feel and see the tool.

When I drop my jeans and underwear my dick was not hard. She first played with my dick to make it totally hard.After 15 minutes of her hand pumping my dick and when my foreskin come out. Then she had a long look at my 7.5 inches dick with foreskin down. She came very close to me and whispered in my ear saying you got a long and thick dick.She really liked my dick.

She kissed the top of my dick and asked me to wear the clothes as anyone can come. Now I wear my underwear and jeans and move toward the driving seat. I opened the doors of the car and we both went inside the car. I sat in the driver seat and she sat on the seat next to the driver. She raised her ass and raised her mini skirt also and then she put her hands inside. I asked her what you are doing. Meanwhile, I started my car.

And she came close to me and kissed me on my lips and put something in my hands.When I looked at my hands then it was her pink lacy thong panty. I smelled her panty it was smelling because she was wet and due to which her panty soaked in her wetness. By now I already know that she was wet. It was a great time to ask her for a fucking session.But it was already 9:30 pm and it was quite late so I started to drive the car.And asked her where her home is so that I can drop her safely to her home.

I repeatedly said that she will go on her own but I was not in the mood to leave her alone in the late night. So, in the end, she told me her address and I started to drive to her place. While I was driving the car and shifting the gear of the car. I started feeling her legs and goes inside deeper nearer to her pussy. Now I put my hands on her pussy lips and started fingering her pussy while driving along with shifting the gears.

She was aroused completely and got her pussy & my hand completely wet with her juices. I was enjoying fingering while driving the car. It was my first time that I fingered while driving the car. After fingering her for 20 minutes my whole hand got soaked in her love juice which I licked and it was really awesome. After 20 minutes of driving, we reached near her home. But she was so curious to give me a blowjob.

So she asked to stop in the lonely place near her house. And told me that she want to give me a blowjob before leaving the car. Even I doesn’t want to leave without getting something from her and I asked her to come and give me a nice blowjob.

And to my surprise, she was a real master in giving a blowjob. She first tried to make my dick hard.

And after making my dick hard, she continued sucking my dick and balls. She was nicely and politely sucking and licking my 7’5 inches cock with her juicy red lips. Sometimes she tried to bite my dick and balls to tease me. It took her 30-35 minutes to make me cum in her mouth and to my surprise she taken all the cum in her mouth. Some of the cum got on her neck and cheeks, which we cleaned with the help of tissue and make her ready to leave the car.

Then I gave her the goodbye kissed on the lips and dropped her to the entrance of her house. She went inside her house and after seeing her for 5 minutes till she entered her house I didn’t go away. After 5 minutes I also left her home. Then her message came on my WhatsApp asking me whether I reached my place. I replied her back that I reached my place and was thinking about her only.

Then I asked her to show me what she is wearing through a video. And we have had a video chat for almost two hours, in which we were talking so much and when we both slept we don’t know.

After two days I received a call from Nagma asking me whether you can come to mine house. I asked why what happened she said just like that. I told her that I will be at her place in 1 hour and she replied okay. After 1 hour I reached her house and rang the doorbell.

Meanwhile, I was little nervous that because I don’t know why she has asked me to come to her house urgent. In few minutes I heard some noise of someone coming near to door to open it up. And to my ultimate surprise, Nagma opened the door and she was covering herself in the white bed sheet. As soon as I entered her house and she closed the door and moved towards me. And when I was about to hug her she dropped her white bed sheet in which she covered herself.

I can’t believe my eyes she was totally naked. I was feeling hot as I was seeing her naked for the first time. I asked her what is this, then she replied that her family has gone to outstation for 1 week so she wants to stay with me so she called me urgently.

Then I went close to her and hugged her tightly and felt her naked body with my clothes on. She was so horny at that time. She didn’t waste any time and started undressing my like there is no time and there is no tomorrow.

We both we so desperate that can be seen from our eyes because when we met last time we didn’t have a sex.

So we both want to explore each other for the first time.

After getting me all naked she started giving me a blowjob. While she was giving me a blow job we both started to move to her the bedroom and she laid me on the bed. On the bed, she came over my face and continued giving me a blowjob and I was licking & sucking her pussy. Her pussy was so neatly shaved that she doesn’t have any hairs around her pussy. We were both in position 69 for almost 30 minutes in which she cummed on my face several times. As soon as I was about to cum I warned her that I am about to precum she increased her sucking speed and I cummed in her mouth.

Then she came on top of me and was about to insert my dick in her pussy. I stopped her suddenly and told her that fun should be done safe and I particularly doesn’t like to risk my life. So I told her that I have a condom in my jeans, I just get it. I stood up and ran towards the entrance door to grab the condom I picked up a full packet of the condom me and went back to Nagma room where she was waiting for me.

Then took the packet from me and took out one condom and put on my dick. She started riding me and I was moving my ass upward in her motion but my balls were hitting her ass which was making phat phat phat phat phat sound in the room. By now she also started moaning aahahaa. Ahahah hhhumm uuuuiiii uuiiiii. She continued riding me for 20-25 minutes and then she got her orgasm and she leaked out her juicy continuously. But I asked to carry on because I will take time to cum. And after riding my cock for another 10 -12 minutes I was about to come and I cummed in her pussy.

Then she got down from my dick and lay alongside me. We both got tired and took some rest. But this day was not for rest as after 10-20 minutes of break we both started again. That day we had until afternoon fucked at least 4-5 times. And after that, she told me to stay at her house as she is having a girl’s night out organized in her house. She also told me that there are some girls which are much hotter than her and you can have a try on them. That was another enrich experience having 6-7 girls together and only single male.

After having fuck Nagma in the afternoon. I didn’t know what will happen but when it happened I felt that I am the luckiest man to have some many girls at the same time. I think If I started telling you that story also then this part will become too long so I stop here and will share the next part with you all soon. How Nagma and her friend got fucked by me at gal’s night out.

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