Ex Girlfriends Friend Made Me A Callboy

Hi, this is Neil. Im 22 staying in Kochi, Kerala, very rightly called the gods own country owing to its unmatchable beauty. I believe life is short, so I guess we gotta make every moment count. We just cant afford to put up with regrets. I love sex and in fact, most of the people do. After all, its a biological necessity and I hate the fact that its considered a taboo in our society.

Satisfaction in sex is my priority and its very imperative that both the partners enjoy completely. So ladies out there, complete satisfaction guaranteed, of course without any compromise on privacy. The incident I am gonna narrate is absolutely real, except for the fake names due to privacy concerns. Any lady out there looking for fun, and I promise it will be discreet, can contact me on [email protected] and we can even connect on google hangout. Readers comments are more than welcome.

So lets get to it. I was in love with a girl in my college. We were in a relationship for near about a couple of years. I was looking forward to great future for us. But then fate isnt always kind, is it? She cheated on me, and when I discovered I was devastated. There was no trust left and we broke up. I remained very depressed. Lived in another world characterized by alcoholism.

One day I was coming back from the bar quite drunk. I was buying cigarettes from a shop close to our college and I hear the voice of this girl niki calling my name. She happens to be a mutual friend of me and my ex. I turned around and said hi. I lighted my cig.

Niki- I also want a smoke. Can I join you?

Me- yeah why not, plz feel free.

Niki- so again drunk today?

Me- yeah kinda. But Im ok.

Niki- do you realize that you have become alcoholic?

Me- yeah, but thats become a way of life now, cant help much.

Niki- oh shut up! Theres so much in life to look ahead to. So much to move on. You are a sweet guy. You dont deserve this self-destruction mode.

I was like yeah ok. We finished our smokes and left. That night she texted me. Maybe out of pity. I explained her whatever happened with my ex. She felt sorry. Consoled me a lot and invited me for lunch to her home on weekend. I had no mood to go but couldnt deny her as she was a great friend and was quite nice to me.

I reached her home on that day at around 11.00 am with a bottle of whiskey for her. She opened the door wearing an off shoulder top and denim shorts. She was glowing against the sunlight hitting her and looked more stunning than ever. She gave me a tight hug. I gave her the bottle and she said thanks. I took my seat on the sofa. She said shes alone at home and is cooking continental for me as she knows I love it. I just couldnt thank her enough for all her affection and care.

She was cooking and I grabbed a beer from the freezer and sat in the drawing room. In some time, she came with starters. She poured a whiskey each and sat adjacent to me.We started chatting. Eventually, the topic came down to my relationship and my eyes became wet and I kept my head on her shoulder. She ran her hand through my hair and held my cheeks to console me.

Niki- dude you are a nice guy. Your ex was being a bitch. Not your loss.And if she doesnt understand you, shes not worth it. Her loss

Me- thanks. Thanks a lot for being with me.

I gave her a very tight hug. It lasted for some time. When we separated my hands were still on her shoulders. Our eyes met and then it happened. She kissed me on my lips. I went with the flow and smooched her for good 5 mins or so. I leaned on to her. She played with my hair. And her hands went inside my shirt. Mine went inside her top exploring her back and belly. She was so smooth. She unbuttoned my shirt and I took her top off. Her boobs were so good, struggling to come out of her bra. I bit them. She started licking my chest. I was licking her shoulder, neck, and ear. She started moaning my name.

We got up from the sofa and she took off my shirt. Grabbed my dick over my jeans. I took her in my arm and went to her bedroom. I threw her on the bed. I climbed on top of her. And within no time she got rid of my jeans and underwear. My 6-inch thick cock was giving a standing ovation to the sex goddess. We smooch again. I turned her flat her on her stomach and got on her. Then I threw her shorts off. There she was lying in only black bra and panty to cover her beautiful assets. I unhooked her bra and tore her panty.

Her figure was 34-26-35, just too hard resist. I grabbed her boobs.

Niki- squeeze them hard baby. I squeezed them. She was stroking my cock. Her nipples were so hard. I licked them and bit them hard. She moaned- ahhhh. You son of a bitch.You are so good. Keep doing it.

I moved turned her around and licked her whole back. Her ass was so inviting. I licked them and gave love bites. I moved my tongue to her ass crack and moved to her asshole giving her a ring job.

Niki- you are so awesome. Your tongues doing wonders. Keep licking me. Me- you are so sexy. The game has just begun.

And I turned her around. I got a glass of whiskey on the rocks. I rubbed it against her neck, boobs, belly, thighs and finally her clean shaved pussy while my tongue was pleasuring her underarms. That chilling sensation of ice aroused her a lot and she gave me love bites all over while my tongue licked her all over. I licked her navel like a dog.There was a chocolate beside the bed. She took it in her mouth and we started exchanging it through our mouths. I broke another small piece and inserted it into her pussy.

I inserted my tongue inside her love hole and started eating both the chocolate and her pussy. We both were in heaven. I kept playing with her pussy lips with one hand while licking her. With another, I was squeezing her boobs and pinching her nipples. She came in a while and I drank her love juice.

She pushed me. Got on top of me. She was so wild. Licked me all over and finally got to my dick.

Niki- this monster needs some action. Yeah?!?

Me- all yours sexy. She took it in her mouth and it was electric. She gave me the best blowjob I could ask for. I cummed and she swallowed it all.

I grabbed her tightly and within no time my dick became hard again. We came in the missionary position. I rubbed my dick against her pussy.

Niki- dont tease me more you motherfucker.

Me- then take it you bitch.

I slowly guided my dick into her pussy. She wasnt a virgin but it was tight.

Niki- fucker it hurts!!!

Me- calm down baby, you gonna love it in a minute. I started gentle strokes.

Then gradually I kept increasing the pace and depth licking and gently biting her all over at the same time. She moaned- dont stop it. Its so fucking good. Im gonna be addicted to it.

Me- use me as your slave baby.

After half an hour or so our bodies stiffened and she shivered a little and we both cummed at the same time. There we were exhausted, drenched in sweat in an AC room. She was lying on me nude. I lighted a cigarette and made a whiskey. We shared the drink and the smoke mouth to mouth. It was heaven.

We went to shower together. Soaped each others bodies. We had another fantastic session under the shower. We dried each other. I tied the towel around my waist and was coming out of the washroom. And she just pulled my towel off.

Niki- my home, my rules. You dont get to wear anything.

Me- only if you also agree to it.

Niki- with pleasure darling. And she hugged me.

We were having lunch nude.

Niki- dude you were so good. You really know how to make a woman happy.

Me- ohhh. You were even better.

Niki- look we both have been through bad patches and theres no point in looking back. Life is short. So lets enjoy it? Will you be my fuck buddy?

Me- arent we already are by now? :d and we laughed.

Niki- you know what? There are so many women out there who are so unsatisfied. But afraid to explore their sexual desires. Why dont you satisfy them?

Me- like a gigolo or call boy?

Niki- yeah kindaa

Me- but I am not really sure about having sex for money.

Niki- (grabbed my dick under the table and squeezed it) fuck money. Dont you believe in sexual satisfaction?

Me- yeah I do. I do. But what do I have do?

Niki- ohh that you dont wry. I know some ladies who are unsatisfied. You just have to enjoy with them

Me- ok cool.

Niki-but promise me that you would never get too busy for me.

Me- of course not!

We smooched again and she pulled me for another session of steamy sex. After that, we have had many wild sessions. We have fulfilled so many fantasies. I have also satisfied so many ladies who came through references, initially by niki and then by the others who enjoyed a good time.

So this is my first narration. I would be waiting for your response.