The Aunt Who Made Me Relaxed And Much More


This is my first story so give your feedback if you like it. It is based on real experience and I share it three parts and based on this parts feedback Ill write the coming parts. It is between me and my aunt it is real so you won’t really expect any unreal kind of stuff still give it try

Part 1

Im a student of engineering in 2nd year and staying in Mumbai my mom dad stay in Nagpur as that’s our native. So as my college had holidays for 3 days due to festivals I decided to stay here than home because the home was a bit long for just 3 days holiday.

I told my mom dad this and they told me to stay with my aunt. I first said no because I wanted to stay with my friends in their apartment so we could have fun and all. But then again friends plan canceled and I had to stay with my aunt uncle now.

Now my aunts name is Shaila she is a bit old around 52 and is bit chubby but still has awesome assets right about how they should be. My aunt had two kids and both of them stay outside India for studying.

As my college, last period over I called up the aunt and she said come till evening and uncle is also out of India for some work thing.

So I packed some clothes although not a lot because I was just staying with my aunt at her home so I figured it was ok to go be in same clothes and went till 7 in evening at aunts place. Everything went like normal.

After dinner, she offered some red wine and we both had a glass or two and talked about normal stuff and watched a film till around 10.

The film had some erotic scenes but we both were normal to that. Now my aunts house is a 2bhk and this was around summer she said that as guest room’s AC is broken you sleep here in the master bedroom. I agreed. To that date, I really had no intentions with my aunt and used to see her as my second mom.

So I went to sleep in with jeans and t-shirt as I was too tired to change.

After about 5 mins aunt came with all household work done. First, she closed the curtains and then with me in bed she turned off the lights and removed her dress and wore a nightgown. It was dark so she didnt care if I was there beside her but I could somehow see her body shape with dim light. I could see those big melons and that curvy thigh it just got me then and there.

I started to get a bit hard and in jeans, it was hurting a bit. She then was arranging the dresser and she bent once a while when I could see her butt crack from nighty as it was a two piece nighty. She then said put off your t-shirt because it gets hot even with AC.

I took it off now I was only in jeans. It was like I was in heaven. Then she came into bed we both were very near each other. We talked about general stuff I told her about my recent breakup she said “Dont worry dear youd find someone way better” and started caressing my arms. I told her about our college football match that occur today and that we won.

She congratulated me for said you must be really tired. I was in fact really tired and was kind of dozing off then I felt her hand caressing my crotch. Unexpected I just kind of jerked a bit then she said “Relax dear youd feel really good” as I was tired I went with the flow. Now I was wearing jeans and my hard dick was now causing pain as jeans was tight. She understood this and unzipped my jeans and took my cock out. It was very relaxing.

She then came a bit close and a bit up and now her big juicy breasts were crashing into my face through her nighty.The thing is I had got handjob like this probably with my girlfriend but it was way different. I was feeling more mature right now that I didn’t have to worry about my aunt and how she is feeling and all.

She spat on her hand a bit and then was shining my dickhead with it. I was enjoying and relaxing it just went on we had turned on the AC so everything in the room was quiet so all the sound was of jerking the cock in the room and then it started to get a little hot. Our bodies were touching and I could feel that even she was hot and enjoying this and after about 6-7 mins I cummed in her hands.

After she went to the washroom and washed her hands and came back. We both slept facing each other and bit cuddling. My hands were around her back and hers were mine. We didn’t say one word just the actions were defining what we really wanted in our hearts.

We both even stripped my jeans and she opened her nighty. We didn’t have sex but this was feeling really good and relaxing at that moment.

I even sucked her breasts for a few times and she even jerked me again in sleep it was awesome feeling like there was no worry no awkwardness no talking but just loving. I never expected such thing will happen and that too with my beloved aunt. I even tried to put my dick in her cunt but she said no I don’t want to do that it’s not safe without protection.

Then I again played with her breasts and dozed off. The upcoming morning, though, had a really different scenario of which I’ll write about next day in part 2. Please give your feedback :-)