Once Upon A Time In Pune

Well, been some time since I last posted anything.

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So no need to start with an introduction out here.

Coming straight to sex story. Well I had to travel to work to Pune and this is where this all happened.

I was staying at a leading hotel there and had worked for around 2 weeks in Pune.

I knew no one in Pune.So thought this is going to be a relaxing trip.Work hotel -work and then back to Bangalore.

Well, no one knows what is in store.

It was Saturday and after checking in around 2 pm. Got comfortable in the room and had a bubble bath in the bathtub :)

Since I knew no one around.Decided to lounge around in the hotel pub itself to get a feel of Pune evening.In the evening got dressed in a short dress dark blue in color.And kind of backless and length up to mid-thigh.

I went to the pub and decided to take a seat on the bar counter itself and got comfortable there itself and ordered a long island iced tea.And started enjoying the music and drink.

Slowly the crowd started coming in.And as I was guessing there were a few hotel guests who had also come in and they happened to be alone(well thats what typically happens when people travel on work).And it so happens that all were taking the bar seats.And ordering their drinks.

Now there was a handsome guy who walked in alone and took the bar stool next to me.Prior to that, he had a check with me if anyone was joining me or not.

He ordered his drink and in few minutes we both broke some ice and had a bit of conversation to start with.And then I came to know.He had come in a day earlier and was traveling alone and was in this hotel for around 15 days.And like me, this was his first time in Pune.Lets call him Ravi.

So he also got a bit of my intro.

So while having a casual talk.We ended up deciding that we both together can explore Pune and discover the city and it will be good to have company.

As the night progressed.The songs started becoming peppier and he being a thorough gentleman.Got down his stool.Put out his hand and asked me for a dance.And I said yes.Held his hand and got down and we both entered the dance floor.

He was a good dancer and so am I.And we were totally moving on the floor and having lots of fun.

During this time.I could feel him explore me a bit.While I also did the same with him.This is what we call measuring each other up.He had a nice muscular body and I was making a very close call that he is well endowed.(later I came to know from him.That he had imagined me naked while dancing and was assessing my figure and how I would look in bed).

We both had grown pretty comfortable with each other while dancing and when music changed to romantic tunes.We without thinking anything got close to each other for romantic couple dance.

He was around 511” and muscular and was holding me by my waist to start with and I was having my hands on his shoulder.And we were looking at each other while dancing.

We continued like that for some time and I made the first move by moving my hands around his neck and moving my body further close to him with my boobs just touching his chest and I could feel his breathing.Then his hands further went around my waist to my back and pulled me further close to him.

I could feel him hard and he could feel my boobs crushing into him.I was looking up into his eyes and he looking down into mine.

We stayed like this and danced like that.And the fire in me was rising and he was also turned on completely.And I ended up whispering in his ears my room number.And we both exited the pub and he immediately followed me into the lift even though he had a room number.Luckily it was just us both in the lift and we ended up kissing each other passionately.

I took out my key and when the floor came we just raced to the room.I opened it he followed me in and while I was locking it we started kissing with full force.It was just awesome.Absolute lust had taken over both of us.And all we wanted was to devour each other for rest of our stay there.

And he was feeling me all over while we were still on our feet in the room.And I was kissing his neck with me being totally crazy.

We both started kissing each other and he lifted me in his arms and it was just awesome.

He started unzipping my dress from back and I was opening his shirt and we were going total mad about each other.

I took off his short and took out his belt.He had no vest and his chest was a total delight with delicious abs.

He unzipped my dress completely and took it off.I was in my lace lingerie.Which he loved.

I took off his jeans and he was in his undies and his hard on showing.And he was big.And I knew my Pune trip just got “S”Exciting. ;)

He picked me in both hands and made me lie on the bed.And came on my side and we hugged each other.And started kissing slowly.His hands moving on my back and mine on his.My one leg wrapped around his to feel his hard on more closely.

And slowly he unhooked my bra and took it off and my nipples slowly pressed into his naked chest and the feeling was just awesome.And passion and lust just went a few degrees higher.

Soon I got on him.And slid out his undie and his little bro was saluting me.And I started kissing his balls.They were clean shaven.The way I enjoy.

And I started kissing his dick and started sucking its head.And it was long and thick.And I was totally into it.And after some time.He started throbbing and released a big load in my mouth and I swallowed it.

I went to the washroom to clean up and get set again.He came from behind and held me there from the back while I was rinsing and I could feel the tiger in him rising.I just turned around and he lifted me up and I was dripping wet and wanted him in.While he was standing and lifting me up.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and he took me out to the bedroom and put me against a wall and entered me slowly and I was moaning with total passion.And he slowly entered me.

Slowly he was increasing his pace and I was in absolute pleasure and I started orgasming.While he was still continuing.

He then took me back to bed and made me lie down and got on top.Started kissing me and making love very slowly.Bringing me to another explosion.It was just awesome.And he continued.And I was also moving along with him in tandem.Just pure bliss.

I got on top of him and started riding him.Increasing my speed while kissing him.And he started pulsating a bit inside me.And that was a warning and he started throbbing and there he released his warm liquids in me.I just loved the feeling and I was dripping with his semen and my cum.

The feeling was just awesome and it was just the start of 15 days journey. :)

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