Woke Up An Unexpected Thirst

This is my second story submission on Indian Sex Stories. A short description about me, I am an average built male, married and I am 31 yrs of age living in Bangalore. Will not exaggerate, but I have an average tool which I know is enough to satisfy any woman. It’s not always about size but how you treat a woman in bed which really matters. As I always mention sex is about giving pleasure and in turn you get pleasure, treat every woman with respect, give pleasure and get pleasure.

Coming to the story, this is about how unexpectedly I had sex with my best friend and how that ended up being the awakening of an amazing sexual journey. My friend is around 30 yrs old and married. She is fair, very pretty. She doesn’t have a great, busty, curvy body, but good enough for anyone to give a second look. I never looked her as anybody apart from a good friend point of view till now. She has a loving husband, but not that loving in bed. He is someone who fucks for his pleasure and never cared for her pleasure and very selfish. Here how it all started.

Once her husband had gone out of town on official work. As usual, I would always visit her in her place. I used to visit her even when the husband was around, which was normal for us.We had decided to go out for dinner and I was supposed to pick her up.

She was held up with her work so she couldn’t get ready when I reached her place and I had to wait for her inside her house until she gets ready. I was upset she was not ready and went ahead to knock her room door to ask her to get ready fast, but fortunately or unfortunately her room door opened fully and I could see her applying body lotion on her body after her shower. She was absolutely naked and I was stunned to see her that way.

She was for a minute stunned and kept staring at me, maybe she was in a shock and didn’t expect me to be there. Her body was looking awesome as the body lotion was giving it a shiny look and her wet hairs was adding more beauty to her naked body. I was in a shock and realized I shouldn’t be there, so closed the door and was waiting in the hall, still, couldn’t shake that sight from my mind. Next what happened changed everything between us.

She came out of the room and stood in front of me with a towel rapped around her and said ‘now that you have seen me naked, I saw lust in your eyes…..Why don’t you bring that lust out of you and show me what you can do’. She held my hand and took me to her room, made me sit on the bed and dropped her towel. All that while I was controlling myself, but couldn’t control anymore.

She had a clean shaven pussy and surprisingly was pink in color, unlike the natural Indian brown complexion. She said another thing and that she was not really getting what a woman should get in bed and her husband was real selfish and never cared about her bodily pleasure. She trusts me and she wants to take our friendship and trust to the next level.

For a minute I understood what she wanted and was not her fault.Sometimes our bodily needs become important and since we were real good friends we never considered this as cheating.

I stood up, held her in my hands and kissed her gently on her lips, but wow, by then she had an animal awakened inside her and she started kissing me and biting me hard. I took her and dropped her on the bed and went straight to her pussy, I knew she was waiting and couldn’t control anymore.

I started licking her thighs close to pussy lips and purposefully didn’t touch her pussy and was teasing her. But she just held my head and guided my mouth to her pussy. She wanted that because her husband never licked pussy and she was desperate for that experience. Wow, that was tasting wonderful, her sweet smell was making me crazy. I licked her for about 20 mins with my finger inside her and stimulating her g spot and she had multiple wild orgasms.

She then made me sleep on the bed and told me that this was the first time she was having such an orgasm, saying that she just gulped my dick. Believe me, I really wanted that because my wife doesn’t like giving blowjobs and I don’t force her to do what she doesn’t like as well. My dick was rock hard, the hardness which I was feeling after a long time. I didn’t have any condoms with me neither her, but she said what the heck, just put your dick inside me.

I slowly put my dick inside her, it was little tight but because of the wetness, I didn’t feel difficulty in sliding it full inside her love hole. She closed her eyes and shuddered, I knew she had one more. She said fuck me like a machine and I did the same, initially in the missionary position, I fucked her lying on her, with our body touching and rubbing each other. I kissed her and I licked her under arms, which was clean shaven, fair and smelling good my perfect choice.

Then she came on top of me and started riding me real quick, something I hadn’t experienced. She was very good in that and she almost made me cum. But I didn’t want to cum so quickly so I pushed to the bed and started licking her pussy once again. Oh, I love licking pussy.

After few minutes of controlled aggression I started fucking her again and this time, it was doggy style. By now she had orgasmed many times and said she wanted my cum on her tits. I again fucked her in the missionary position and cummed all over her tits. We both collapsed and rested for a while in the bed.

She thanked me for the wonderful time and said she wanted to have a good sexual life but her husband despite being a good hubby, is very bad and selfish in bed. She was craving sex like a hungry animal and she knew she can have a good sex with me without any fear because we trust each other.

Well after that session we ordered food to her home and enjoyed the lovely meal.

After that day we had sex multiple times and each time we had better sex. But sadly she has moved to a different country with her husband and I dearly miss my friend and those wonderful times, I know she missed me a lot as well.

So that was my sex story, please share your views. You can reach me at [email protected] Thank you!