Sex With My Gym Crush

This sex story is of the time when I used to regular to the gym and was serious about it. So not wasting any time I will straight away come to the story. My name is Amit and Im 21 years old, I am tall and a have an athletic body as I am a gym freak.

The girl here is, Neha(name changed), her stats are 36 24 36(got to know this after the sex night). She was also a science student like me, also a Delhite like me. She was also around my age. She had an ass which was so damn perfect and worth looking at.

Usually, my gym timings are in the evening i.e; 7 9:30 pm or so. But this time was becoming very uncomfortable to me.

So I started to come early in the morningi.e; 9-10:30 am. I did not know that this time will be very lucky to me. When I went to hit the gym and I was doing my workout, their enter a girl who was wearing tight gym pants with ass and boobs popping out. I could not take off my eyes of her ass and her bouncy tits when she was running on her treadmill. I was not able to concentrate on my exercise and kept looking at her assets.

There came a point when she noticed that I was looking at her constantly so I started to look somewhere else.

Then again I started looking at her. Days passed I used to look at her perfect figure. So on one fine day, I somehow gathered some courage and went to her and said that she was super cute and hot.

She was impressed with my cuteness and guts. So we exchanged our numbers and in the evening I messaged her hi. And instantly she replied to it. So we started talking for 3-4 days and started to meet after the gym.

After talks of 3-4 days, our topic shifted towards sex talks.

Then that night we had a proper sex chat. In this sex chat, I came to know liking that she never got her pussy licked and it was her fantasy that someone should satisfy her in the licking of her pussy. And also I told her my fantasy that I always wanted a cowgirl which I could not do with my any girl so if we could do that on this she readily agreed and listening to this I was super excited and thinking of her I masturbated twice in the night.

The next day when we went to the gym to a secluded place she was staring at my lips and then immediately I locked my lips with hers and she was surprised but also kissed me for like 5 mins. So that again we had a sex chat and I told her that the next day my home would be empty as my parents are going out. So she agreed to bunk the gym and come to my home.

The next morning my house bell rang and there I saw Neha standing in her most tight shorts in the shape of her was perfect and wearing my favorite color of bra which I told in a sex chat of ours.

I just wanted to rip off her ass and start licking it but controlled myself. So I took her inside and she sat on the bed.She was looking at me and I was looking at her without speaking a word. This time she came forward held me and locked my lips with hers and I was shocked by this reaction of hers. This kiss was the longest kiss of mine of like 10 mins we continued playing with our tounges.

I then laid her down on the bed and went on started to kiss her neck, then shoulder, them removed her t-shirt and then unhooked her pink bra.

Here I saw her boobs to which I could not control myself and just started licking and rubbing her boobs. I just gave a bite on her boob on which she shouted my name so many times. I was licking her one boob and pressing her another one.

Slowly I started to go down then licked her stomach, slowly I removed her gym pants she was not wearing a panty so she was prepared for it.

Then I first licked her thigh and then came up to her clean shaved pink colored pussy and inserted my tongue and finger inside her simultaneously. She shouted my name saying, yaa Smit do it harder ahh ahh fuck me with your tongue. This made her cum twice on my face. I tried my level to satisfy her with my younger so to satisfy her fantasy as told in our sex chat.

Then after 5 mins she stood up and pushed me back and then removed my boxers and surprisingly she held my dick and took it in her mouth giving me the best blowjob of my life.

Then I made her sit on the bed and started to move in and out of her boobs giving myself a good boob job. Her boobs were completely made for this day and for this purpose of mine.

Then I made her lay down in missionary position and tried to insert my dick inside her it was pretty tight but somehow I managed to do so and started to fuck her slowly and then gradually increasing my speed. I fucked her and cummed inside her. But still, my cowgirl fantasy was not fulfilled by her to which again I wanted to fuck her but this time in a cowgirl position.

We were not satisfied so again I played with her and she made my dick erect again.

Then I made her sit on me and I fucked her like a maniac and after 20 mins cummed on her face giving creampie.This continued and still when we meet on occasions we completely satisfy ourselves.

I hope you liked my first sex story. And this one was real story believe it or not. Any lonely girl or milf in Delhi or nearby areas can contact me for satisfaction on [email protected]