Became Slave To A Unknown Lady

Hello frnz…This is vaibhav from pune again with a new story…Thanks all for your responses for the previous stories…Write to me on [email protected] today I am going to tell you how I became slave to a unknown lady.


This happened last year…As I was reading and watching femdom stories I used to fantasize my self being a slave to someone.One day I was coming to home from college in a public bus. The bus was crowded but somehow I managed to get a seat and sat. I was listening to songs and after two three bus stops a lady came and sat next to me.She was around 32 years old sexy women wearing a saree. Seing her I liked her. As she was seating next to me I was able to see her feet. She had purple colour on her nails. After sometime I got aroused and decided to touch her feet.I intentionally dropped my cell near her feet and bend down and touched her feet.Unfortunately she noticed that and asked me what were you doing? I said just picking up my cell. She knewed everything and kept quiet. We just had a chat and while leaving she asked for my cell number. I gave her my number and within two hours I got a call from her. She said I knew what were you doing to my feet. I said accidentally I touched it. She directly asked me would you became my private slave.


Actually I wanted this thing and I accepted her offer. For many days she used to dominate me on chats and calls. One day she asked me to meet in real and she wanted to dominate me in real life. She called me at her house in morning. As planned I went and knocked the door. She came and open the door and asked me to stand near the door. After a while, she came and sat on the couch.She told me to be only on my undies and remove rest of the clothes I wore. I did as she said and became half naked. She said for one hour you will be my dog and made me a dog.I sat beside her legs and obeyed her orders. She was wearing a gown. She asked me to sucked her feet and gave I feet in my mouth. I was feeling happy sucking her feet.I sucked both the feet for nearly 20 mins. She said do you want breakfast to which I nodded. She said ok I will have. She began eating her breakfast and I sat down.


She used to drop some pieces and asked me to eat without touching my hand to it. After a while, she got horny and asked me to sleep on her lap. I slept on her lap and was feeling her big boobs. She removed my undies till knee and began slapping my ass. My ass was red. Then she asked me to go to the toilet and wait. I went and she came and told that she wanted to piss. I laid on the floor and she sat on my mouth. Her pussy was hairy and wait. She peed in my mouth fr 1 min and asked me to drink it all.


I drank and came in the bedroom


She remove her gown and then asked me to lick her whole body with my tongue. She was only on her panties. I started from her feet and made her every part wet. While reaching her thigs she removed her panty and was completely nude before me. She then slept backwards and asked me to kiss her buttocks. I started kissing her buttocks and reached her hole. I started licking hole from the border but she shouted and asked me to put my tongue inside. I was having no option so closed my eyes and put my tongue on hole. But it was tasting good I licked each and every inch of the while and in no time was my tongue inside the whole she enjoyed it very much and her juices started dripping and she asked me to clean the juices. I obeyed and licked all the juice from her pussy as well as the bed.


As I was hard I was also feeling like pissing and I asked her whether should I piss. She said no and made me naked and took my cock in hand. As it was hard she began jerking it and said not to piss.She jerked for more than 5 min and it was uncontrollable and I started dripping she asked me to go and piss but not to cum. I went and pissed and also cummed. I quickly cleaned and again came to her.She shouted at me why did you cumed. I was having no answer and I said sorry. She said you will be punished for this and she went out. After a while she came with a dildo around her waist and made me to sit in doogy style and began fucking me. It was paining like hell.


After 10 min I asked her to stop as the pain was becoming worse. She said ok and asked me to sleep with her. I asked her can I fuck her she said ok. I fucked her hardly till she was moaning loudly and took the revenge.She enjoyed it a lot. After the fuck she took me in the arms and slept with me.I slept and we got up after 3 hrs. She said you are my first slave and you made my each dream came true. Then we had shower and had lunch. Then again hugging her I left and met her many times. Some time we had straight some time bisexual lesbian and much more.This was my best experience I had being a slave to someone.


Thanx for reading the story hope all you like it. In next story also of same thing with two of her friends.Will write it soon. Please write to me on [email protected]

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