Neighbor Marathi Bhabhi

Hello dear Friends,


This is my first time ever am sharing my true story/incident with such blogs & am reading stories on this blog from a couple of years. I have not explained the fucking session in deep but I have concentrated how this relation from friends converted to fucking friends


Lets move on with the incident..


This story is 4 years back when I was studying engineering & my parents rented a flat in mumbai for studies. In this flat, my mom used to visit alternate days as my native was in outskirts of mumbai within a 120km radius.


The heroine of this story is my neighbor Marathi bhabhi age-34 dusky beauty Height 5’7” bit fleshy at perfect places and sexy huge ass of which i was a fan. Myself 20 years old 6’2” height with sporty physique and fair.

After shifting to new flat my mom became frnd with neighbor bhabhi within few days and my introduction with bhabhi was quite normal with just a simple smile. Day by day the contact with neighbors increased and bhabhi started to visit our house whenever mom was at home for chit chats and as we were new to this place for helping to make us settled here.

Bhabhi had a boy who was 8 years old & husband who was working with shift duties at the airport. After few months I used to visit bhabhi’s place for masti with his children and other reason was to improve the relation with bhabhi. As months passed we both became very comfortable and frank enough to chit chat for at least 15mins whenever v meet.


Many times when she visited my house I was wearing only boxer without any T-shirt and bhabhi used to check me out in a seductive way with a naughty smile. One day she told me.

Bhabhi- Tshirt toh pehen le (all chat in marathi)

Me- Haha kya hua


Bhabhi- pura din nanga hi rehta hai

Me- meri body aapko pasand nahi…(in jokey mood)

Bhabhi- waise nahi thoda toh sharam kar mera

Me aap se kya sharmana, aap hamesha aati ho

Bhabhi Achaaa mujhse kya sharmana , mil tu badme…haha


N she went in kitchen to meet my mom.

I used to mastrubate after checking out her ass as she most of the times use to wear typical indian nighty from which underpants lines were clearly visible. Once i was talking to my gf on phone and was roaming around in hall while talking. Our main door eye hole glass was missing and suddenly i found bhabhi was sweeping her hall and her main door was open. I was peeping from that hole and her deep cleavage with white bra was clearly visible as she was wearing maxi which was folded upto knees as usually women do while working.


Suddenly she looked up caught me while peeping and i managed to hide from door site but she surely caught me which i got to know later.

I mastrubated that day 4 times imaging her boobs and sexy thighs. But had fear that will she complaint my mom about this.


But thank god she never complaint about the incident. After this incident i avoided eye to eye contact with her as i was feeling awkward and shy.


Soon after a week i had preparation leave for engineering exams and my frnd used to come at my place to study in morning with tiffin for lunch as my mom was at my native.


Time was around 2.30pm and we completed our studies and came outside my main door to c off my friend. At that time I was only in boxer and wind was too fast as my flat was at 5th floor. Same time bhabhi opened the door as her husband was abt to go for a job (2nd shift) and his son for tution classes i got to knw wen enquired.


We both were waving (bye bye) to respective person from 5th-floor lobby to ground floor lobby entrance. Suddenly my door banged with a flow of wind and got locked. I was out of my house only on boxer without extra keys in my pocket. Thank god i was having my mobile in hand.


I called my mom and enquired when is she coming and she told me that she will come by 7pm.


I was like shit now what to do and bhabhi told me dont worry come at my place anyways m alone and getting bored. I got sigh of relief and went to bhabhi house. Bhabhi told me to sit in hall. Bhabhis house was too small 1BHK flat with kitchen in the passage area which was clearly visible from hall. Bhabhi sat beside me and turned on tv for timepass. We started chit chats and i was trying to go for naughty talks. We started talking about the affairs of other aunties in society and i was creating the mood simultaneously.


As I was in boxer my tool was ready to grow after such chats but I was controlling and hiding it with a pillow. Bhabhi should I give you uncles tshirt or your comfortable bare tshirt.


I- m ok bare if your not having any problem.

B- chalo iss bahane mujhe teri body ache se dekhne milegi…hamesha ghai ghai mein aati hu tere ghar (in naughty manner)

I- Bohot tym hai aaj zoom karke dekh lo har ek part…..haha

B- After blushing ek ankh maari and boli chai piyoge?

I- yes y not.


And she went in the kitchen for making tea closing her main door. While preparing tea she lifted her nighty and folded up to her knees making her bit of thighs open. My eyes attracted towards the bare legs leaving tv beside. Again she caught me looking at her and i was trying to divert my attention.


B- kya dekh rahe ho mujhe mein kabse? bohot dino se observe kar rahi hu

I- Nahi aunty kuch nahi dekh raha…(daar gaya tha mein)

B- Acha ….. toh uss din darwaje mein se kya dekh raha tha (while talking she brought tea for me and again went to clean utensils in kitchen of lunch)


I- (avoiding eye contact and siping tea) Bas jo dekhna chahiye wahi dekh raha tha…(shivering)

B- Aisa kya acha hai mujh mein…. Teri koi gf nahi hai kya…??

I- Gf kaha mere naseeb mein aunty(i lied her)

B- Mein tujhe aunty lagti hu?

I- nahi toh your beautiful and gorgeous

B- toh mujhe aunty maat kaho…. Bhabhi bolo nahj toh mere naam se bolo.

I ok bhabhi


B- bolo uss din kya dekh rahe the aur kya dekha.

I- aapki sundar jagah ko dekha badi mast thi(cleavage)

Bohot himmat karke ye bol paya daar daar k

B- Kaise hai woh? you liked it?

I- Offcourse i loved your boobs blushingly

B- bhabhi shocked wen i said….BOOBS


Ab itni himaat aa gayi thi ki mann mein jo tha sab bolne ka mann kar diya….. and mein bolte gaya


I- bhabhi i liked your ass very much and your sexy thighs also….

Bhabhi was shocked and started blushing cleaning utensils.

B- dekhne k baad kya karte ho…..sirf dekhne mein kya maja hai.

After this sentence i got green signal and meri himaat aur badh gayi

I- kabhi aisa chance mila hi nahi ki aapko touch karu sharmate hue

B- himaat chahiye (rohan)myself uske liye jo har mard mein nahi hoti..

I finished my tea and went to kitchen… i was walking behind her as i told already that kitchen was too small and within passage towards bedroom.

I smoothly touched her ass while passing due to space concern. Wow, it was awesome feeling touching bhabhi’s ass it was so soft. The first time ever i touched her ass. Bhabhi had no reaction on her face and i think she enjoyed d touch.


I kept the cup beside and was standing beside her.

B- bohot harami hai tu…smiling

I- Harami pan hona chahiye har ek mein..haha.. bhabhi aapki thighs badi mast hai moti moti looking at her legs. I kept one hand on her ass.

B she turned her face at me.


I pressed her ass it was so soft wow and both looking at each others eyes.

B- ye sab galat hai rohan….dnt do this

I- isme kya galat hai….mein jawan hu aap bhi kuch kaam jawan nahi….mauka aacha hai bas aap aur mein aur koi nahi..

B- i love my husband i cant cheat him


I- your not cheating him…ur exploring your beauty and aap bhi mujhe pasand karti ho i know dat…


While talking…..Mein apna haath ghuma raha tha bhabhi ki gaand par and pressing it…. She was getting seduced …. Bhabhi bhi garam hone lagi aur kuch boli nahi….


Dheere dheere meine apna haath bhabhi k nighty ke andar daal diya niche se aur panty k upaar haath ghumne laga.


Kya time tha woh shit aaj bhi yaad karke mein hila leta hu…


Slowly i kneeled down making her panty down.

Bhabhi started making noise ahhhhaaaaahhaaaahaaa….rohan ye kya rahe ho

I- aap bas kuch maat bolo and maja lo kuch nahi hoga and kisi ko pata nahi chalega.

Mein bhabhi ki gaand ko chaatne laga wow huge ass in front of my face and i licked like mad.


I fully removed her panty and after 15mins of licking i got up.

We both faced each other and started kissing so deeply that bhabhi hold my tongue. Full tongue penetrating deep kissing was gong on for approx 10mins and we moved towards bed room in kissing mode.

Bhabhi was on me and we were kissing using my one hand I lifted the maxi(nighty) to make her nude. After kissing she was sitting on me and i removed her nighty fully and d beauty was in front of me only on bra.

My dick was hard and long(7”) on which she was sitting.


Bhabhi puri tarah se garam hogayi thi and duniya ko bhul gayi thi. She removed my pant along with undies and holded my tight penis

B- ye toh mere husband se bhi bada hai wow

N slowly touched her lips to my top portion of penis and started sucking. Within few minutes she took my full penis inside her mouth and i was jumping on bed moaning with excitement.


While sucking i was pressing her boobs which wer not too big but were sufficient for love.. (34D-32-38). Her nipples were erect and boobs were hard enough. She kept on sucking and i unhooked her bra while pressing her boobs.. finally after 20mins of sucking i cummed out totally in her mouth.


N she loved my cum and swallowed all of it. Bhabhi was now sucking my testicals..(gote). Now we both were completely nude and i got up and started sucking her boobs. I was sucking her right boob and pressing left one with hand fingering her nipple tip round and round.


After 10mins Bhabhi got aroused a lot and she caught my face. She diverted my mouth towards her vagina which was cleaned shaved and too wet by now.


First tym kisi bhabhi ki chut dekh kar maja aagaya tha. Bhabhi pushed my face inside it and i started licking it.


I started inserting my tongue while kissing and biting her near vagina. After that i asked for condom but she told me to insert it without any fear.


I lifted her both legs and spread dem on bed touching my tool on her vagina. She was making soft voice ahhhhhhh……aaaahhhhhhh……jaldi daalo control nahi ho raha hai….. and she guided my tool for penetration. Wat an feeling fucking bhabhi which i use to mastrubate imagining her. Kept on fucking her for approx 20-25 mins and i cummed outside her vagina. After some kissing


v changed the position for back shot. Again i started pushing my penis into vagina and banging her ass… chaaappppp chaaaappppp chaaaapppp…..n bhabhi started moaning…..uhhhhhhhhhhhh….aahhhhhhhhh.


After completing this shot we took 69 position and she started sucking my tool and i was licking her vagina……superb moment of my life.


At last we slept nude for 45mins and dressed up. Meanwhile her son returned from tutions and all was fine and normal.

I hope you liked my story and enjoyed with your tool.