Romance With Prajkta

Hii friends this is Abhi

This is my first story on this platform.

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So without wasting your time I would like to begin the story

This story is about me and my friend prajakta with whom I had a lot of fun…And fulfilled my all sex fantasies….

I was in engineering second year when we met online through wechat…About prajakta she has a voluptuous figure…After seeing her anyone would love to have her in bed…Her vital stats are 34-28-36…An ass which no one could resist….

We started chatting on wechat and then on WhatsApp…

Initially, I had never thought I would ever get a chance with her….Our friendship started to grow since we used to chat day and night….Once during a late night chat I was feeling quite horny so thought of trying my luck out on a sex chat with her…So I asked her whether she had any bf in the past….She responded by saying that she had 4-5 bfs but no one lasted more than 3 months.So listening to her I asked her whether she had sex with anyone of them …To which she quite openly admitted that she had sex with her first bf quite often …..And with other two of the rest …So I was quite shocked listening to this. ….So out of curiosity, I asked what you like most ….The foreplay or the main action …To which she said she loves the main action…And likes to have fun directly…I was getting an instant hard-on ….Then she asked me whether I had any experience…To which I said yes…..

So she also asked what do you like the most…..I replied I like the foreplay then the main action …This way our chat was getting hotter ….As it was winter …So we both were out of control and had a wonderful sex chat that night….This continued for a week.One day I asked her out for a movie..(lunch box) so that we can have some fun …We reached the theater. It was empty hardly any seat occupied …We went to the corner seat ….As the movie began I was getting impatient. So I was touching her hand ..To which she did not object… Then slowly from her hands, my hand went near her boobs and started to grab her boob on her top.She looked at me and came forward and we started kissing…Her juicy lips were awesome I started entering my tongue in her mouth and she was also responding properly ..We were all lost in the kiss …And my hand was moving on her dress grabbing her boobs …And then inside her bra to touch her bare boobs it was so soft. I was just enjoying the feel of caressing her boobs….. Then I put my hand inside her jeans and started to move it on her pussy …She was already wet there and now moaning in my ears…

Saying not here. She cant control any more… I took her hand and placed it on my dick and asked her for a handjob… She was quite awesome ……As it was a public place we could not move any further.After the movie got over the fire to have each other was growing ….At last, we decided that its high time now…So I asked when can we begin with the actual action ….She was also getting excited and she said next week when her parents will be out of the station as they had some family function to attend she will stay behind and then we will have fun ….I was quite excited and was waiting anxiously for the day to come….

Finally, the day arrived .Her parents left for the function .She called me and asked me to reach her place by 11….I got all ready with all the necessary stuff and reached her place on time…Once I reached her place I entered her house …She was looking ravishing in a red one piece….I went close to her and started feeling her body…She was smelling so wonderful…My dick was out of control…I placed my hands on her waist and pulled her closer…She was all ready for the action…I was able to see the lust in her eyes…

I moved closer and started to smooch her …She closed her eyes and was all lost in the moment.She was licking my upper lip till I was working on her upper lip..Then we had a long french kiss which went on for 5mins meanwhile my hands were on her voluptuous ass..Squeezing them …..She was also moving very close to me my dick was touching her and she was enjoying the feel…I stopped for a sec and moved towards her neck …And started licking her neck slowly…I untied her one piece and there she was on a black bra and panty ….What a sight it was….I lifted her and moved to her bedroom…

As soon as I put her on the bed she went wild and started unbuttoning my shirt..And removed it in a flash..And then removed my jeans with her hand.I pushed her on the bed and started kissing her lovely lips again and pressing her boobs roughly ….Then slowly kissing her neck licking her cleavage I reached near her boobs….I unhooked the bra and started sucking the right boob while vigorously squeezing the left boob she started moaning ..I was all lost in sucking the boob her erect brownish nipples were very hard to resist…I used to bite the nipples and she used to moan loudly ..This continued for 10 mins and then I moved towards her pussy.While removing her panty I was licking her navel region and she was all shivering ..Then I moved towards her pussy which was well-shaved and already wet….I moved my tongue over her pussy lips, She was moaning heavily I started licking her pussy slowly gaining momentum…

And then slowly entered my finger in her pussy she got excited and after licking and fingering for some time she was unable to hold any longer and she started squirting…I licked all the flowing cum from her pussy and moved up words and again kissed her..Now it was her turn to enjoy my dick so without wasting any time she took my dick in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob she was taking it deep in her throat and I was on cloud nine…She was moving her tongue so swiftly on my dick.She was enjoying it like a lollipop for almost ten minutes ….I was about to cum and I told her so…She increased her speed and finally I unloaded in her mouth and she gulped it without dropping anything down….

So friends this was the first part of my story….What happened next I will post in the next part..Depending on the feedback…..Hope you all like my story….If any girl or aunt wishes to contact me can mail me on [email protected]