Fun At Friends Marriage With Girlfriend

My name’s Ricky (changed)and I’m from Mumbai and I’m 24 years old. My height is 5 feet 7 inches. I’m not so fair and of average build. I’m engaged to my fiance Reshma (Name change) since college days. She’s my classmate. She’s from Mumbai and she’s a fair girl of 5 feet 6 inches in height, slim, having dimensions of 32 26 36. Since we lost our virginities to each other in our college days and we have been very active sexually.We have been fucking almost every weekend. I’ve been lucky enough to find a girl who has been bold enough to allow me to experiment different sexual positions with her.She’s been very supportive and so open-minded that at times she has allowed me to have one-night stands with other girls too.Her only condition is that I should not have sex with any other girl except her and after we get married.She herself has explored her sexuality as a lesbian girl even before I came into her life. The last time when we had managed to have sex was at her working women’s hostel 5 months back.You can imagine how much we were longing for each other our busy working schedules had somehow allowed us to talk with each other but we were not able to spend a day or two with each other since that day in June.As she’s officially engaged to me and we don’t care to hang out with each other anywhere everybody knows that about us. One of our common friends, Sneha was getting married and both of us were invited. So we managed to take leave and directly meet at our friend Sneha’s house. I just couldn’t admire my girlfriend’s dressing sense.She was wearing some traditional dress.It was sleeve-less and most of her upper back was exposed in it some of the dress lines getting crisscrossed over her bare skin.

The top of her dress ended just a little above her navel. If she was not careful you could see her navel.The lowers of her dress were made of matching coloured leggings on top of it and she had a odhni to conceal her beauty. We had reached there just one night before the wedding after our usual chit-chat with all the others was over. She came and sat beside me.Since we were surrounded by only youngsters.The couples there were in a cosy mood when she kept her head on my shoulder and I asked her why she dressed a little explicitly.She told me that she was willing to let everyone understand that how attractive she was. I don’t know what the girl’s mentality is but dressed in that way or not and I knew she was absolutely gorgeous after everybody talked till their hearts content and we all decided to go to sleep even though most of us couples had been fucking our partners it was understood.That all the girls would be sleeping in a different section of the house and so were the boys.The house was a typically big one as in Southern India. I tried to sleep but I could not my girlfriend’s revealing dress,her smell when she had kept her head over my shoulder her touch when I took my arm and kept it on her waist some time before,the twinkle in her eyes all kept getting back to me. I knew she must not have changed her dress as we were not gone long away. I knew she always kept her cellphone with her.I messaged her to come to the roof top of that house where there was no one around after some time.She agreed and we had guessed what was about to happen but it’s always very passionate and beautiful for us every time at around 1 am or so when we had guessed that every one was asleep and we went towards the roof. Stars were twinkling as she found me standing by her side.She had not changed her dress.This time.

I stared at her as much as I could picking up the details her tiny ear rings were twinkling in the moon light even though it was cold we were not feeling that.She had deliberately removed her odhni and was exposing her bare navel to me and her body odour was maddening me.The small hints of eyeliner which surrounded her eyes was making me see her face even beautiful. Most of our friends had guessed that we would be having a private meeting some time so there was no danger of anybody following us.We could never be seen from anywhere.Previously when we had gone on trips in our college days,we couples used to take responsibility of each other’s privacy.So everybody was in support for us still I had locked the door behind me so that no one could catch us even though it was also a little funny,the thrill factor made the experience even more passionate for us.The only real and unavoidable danger were the elder people but Triveni,my girlfriend’s best friend was wide awake and at the smallest hint of any problem.She was going to call us on our cellphones my girlfriend faced me and let me see in her eyes which were swimming with tears which she was unable to hide.I took both her hands into mine and before I knew what was going to happen, she hugged me tightly,keeping her head on my shoulder. No one spoke anything for a minute. We both were standing in the starlight.I motioned her to sit down on a little piece of stone made to hold a water tank.The surface was smooth and plastered with cement.There was enough room for us to lie down on the side of the tank there when she did sit down first she gently wiped her tears.Then i came closer to her and removed my shirt. I also removed my vest now i was half-naked putting my lips on her mouth,we started kissing passionate,which also involved our tongues.We smooched till our saliva got mixed with each other.Till we didn’t understand which tongue was whose.

The cold in the atmosphere was making our lust even brighter.She had put on some make up everywhere on her face, I could taste it with my tongue but both of us had passed the moment to care for it when we had finished kissing I removed her ear rings.Then she helped me to carefully remove her top as we were removing it. I sucked on her neck and shoulders for some time giving her love bites. I took care to give enough pressure to cause marks which would only give her pleasure not strong enough to hurt her.I also kissed her arms all the way from the shoulder to her fingers, on my opinion that every female body part has to be given equal attention. She had trimmed her nails because I liked her that way. She had put on silver coloured nail paint. There was also mehendi on our hands right from half of her forearms to the palm. She had put her other arm inside my hair.She was wearing silver coloured thin bangles in a set of 4 or 5 on each hand. She removed them with a smile as they were making a sexy twinkling noise.Most of the top was already removed from her body but technically it was still on her upper body. I saw her navel and when I came closer to her and she came forward and bent her body towards me so that I could kiss her there nicely. I spat in her navel and she told me that she liked it as the cold was making her feel my spit even colder. She was getting hotter as my lips smooch her belly button hard and deep small hissing noises were escaping her mouth.Then I asked her to stand up and took her to a corner of the roof which was closed from three sides by tin sheets. She compliments me that she felt very romantic making love to me in such starlight. All the building surrounding us was too low and the closest high building was so far that we could not make out its details.We were standing with a wall behind my girlfriend.I removed her top entirely and now she was just wearing a pink bra. I bent against her shoulder and removed the strap at the back smiling she removed the shoulder straps and her bra fell on the ground. Now she was half-naked just like me. I went closer and took one of her boobs into my mouth.I started squeezing her another breast with my arm.I started pressing the outermost areas of her mounds first and later on I would suck her nipple once when this was over.

I would switch to her other breast and would hungrily give her nipple a lick with my tongue. Moans were escaping her mouth and also periodically mine.The pleasure we were deriving from this activity was simply divine. I was literally feeling thirsty as most of my saliva was spent in sucking and licking her melons this way when I finished playing with her melons as much as I could I got up and asked her to suck my cock. I went and stood against the wall taking her position.She came closer and first of all french kissed me for quite a few seconds. Then she went down and gently kissed my neck and chest. She removed my trousers and I helped her remove my briefs in one go and I was completely nude. She closed her eyes and sat on her knees first she took my cock in her mouth as much as she could.This was to spread her saliva on it.Then she took it out and gave it a lick from it’s tip,which she squeezed in between her fingers gently to my groin.She sucked my testes and massaged my cock for some time. My cock was growing in size every second. Then she took it into her mouth and started giving me a blow job. She would gently take it inside her mouth slide it deep till she choked and then she would remove it almost in entirely and repeat the motion both of us had closed our eyes and our breathing and heart beats had become faster once she had to ask me to be a little shy when a loudly cry of pleasure escaped my mouth.She was not too quiet either as the moment when she had become completely naked her momentary hisses had been long before replaced by periodical moans. She sucked me like this almost for a quarter of an hour when I knew that I was fully aroused and I motioned her to get up gently I held her shoulders into my hands and held her body against the wall. We were standing opposite each other.I asked removed her leggings and her panty very hurriedly. So much that she started laughing. I pulled out a condom from my wallet and I rolled it into my dip stick. I took one of her hands into mine while I put my other hand over her slender waist. She held my cock and put it inside her pussy brushing aside her facial hair. I pushed my cock deep into her pussy and she embraced me passionately.We both put our lips on each other’s mouths and started french kissing in the beginning I was a gentle lover.

I gave full attention to penetration and making it deep and gentle.She told me that she was trying to feel every second of that process every millimetre of our sexual organs which was ramming tight against each other. Then she asked me to be a little rough so i increased my speed to the point when she asked me to slow down a little. I could feel the energy with which our genitals were rubbing against each other.Then I gave her a surprise by putting on of my fingers inside her ass hole.She welcomed my finger with a moan while I started moving it in and out of her anal hole very gently. I continued it till I was about to cum. I asked her whether she had an orgasm and she told me that she had cummed twice before.Once while I had sucked her melons like a crazy person and the other just after I started fucking her. I exploded with my cum all out of my cock. Though it was covered by the condom and I really longed for that day when I could cum inside her pussy and we could have babies.I enjoyed my ejaculation so much that i kissed my girlfriend hard for a few seconds after that.Then I finished fucking her by taking my sperm juice out of the condom and spreading it all over her face. She smiled and told to me that she loved it all. My sperm juice’s taste was getting better and better with every time and she said licking the surroundings of her mouth and drinking and swallowing my cock juice with an audible gulp making the hair on my naked body stand up on its end.She reciprocated by kissing even more passionately but also said that next time don’t forget to adore my lower half. I never left her genitals and her thighs away from being sucked by me but this time it was a sort of quickie. However we compensated the next time which was in a private bus on our way back at night from the wedding. Don’t forget to send your valuable mails and hot chat requests to [email protected]