Lust With My Wifes Best Friend

hello friends. i am a regular reader of ISS. here i am writing my first story which involves me and my wifes best friend. lets call her as suman , the queen of my can post your feedback to / /


Before going into the story, let me give a brief background about myself. I am 26 year old virgin Rajeev. After finishing my college, i was searching for a good job for nearly two and half years. Nothing worked out. After seeing my frustrations, my parents advised me to look after our family business. Even though the income is mediocre, i finally settled with the business. The main reason being the support given by my wife. Yes, we got engaged about one year back. She is our family friend. We have been delaying our marriage due to the financial reasons. Being a graduate, she got a job as a teacher in a higher secondary school. And our marriage took place.


I forgot to tell you about my body. I am fair, tall, average looking guy with a muscular body. Being unemployed for quiet some time, I did my workouts everyday, which resulted in a six pack abs too and still maintaining it. Regarding the size of my tool, my wife used to say that satisfying women does not depend on the size of the dick. So, I leave my tool size and thickness to the readers guess.

Coming to the vitals of my wife, she is 22 years old, fair, neither slender nor plump 34 28 36 with a typical hour glass structure. She started wearing only saris after joining as a school teacher. I too started admiring her perfect curve after that. Even though she avoids wearing the sari below the waist line, her stunning round ass which sways with every step she walks will make you mad. For your imagination, you can think her as your favorite sexy teacher during your school days to whom you have spilled your white fluid multiple times.


As soon as she reaches home, she drops her sari below her waist line, exposing her deep round navel. She adjusts her pallu to give glimpses of her firm, bulging boobs to tease me.The end result as you know, her blouse hooks tear off and her sari and petticoat will be blown up. Our sex journey continued wildly with new experimentations for about a year till she got pregnant. Right now, our son is one and half year old and she is still my sex goddess.


Coming to the heroine of my story, Suman, sexy, bitchy suman. she is my wifes best and closest friend right from her school days. I remember my first meeting with her in a coffee shop when I and my wife got engaged. We both met her along with her boyfriend, Prakash. At very first sight, I hardly took a notice of her. The reason being she was very slender, tall, with non-attractive upper and lower body. Even-though she was wearing a tight T-shirt and jeans, I cant visualize any bulges in her body. I was avoiding any eye contact with her.But she was talkative inquiring many details about me and making fun of me in-front of my wife.


My lust towards suman progressed gradually with many real life events. About 6 months after my first meeting with suman, I got to know from my wife that suman and Prakash had tied their knot in a registrar office as their parents were against their marriage. I was unable to attend their party as I was out of the station, in search of a job. All that I imagined was, Prakash is going to miss a great tit-fucking from his lady love. And his life would be monotonous, fucking a single hole throughout, as her ass was not that much impressive. Sooner, I received the pics of their marriage party through whats app, send by my wife. To my delight, the pics of Suman in a single piece white gown was very much appealing. She had put some weight into her essential body parts. Her black nipples were poking through the well-fitting gown.I started noticing two things in suman which I missed earlier. The first being her thick, wide, red lips which can accommodate two big cocks in a single go. The second being her dark, dense, silky and lengthy hairs reaching up to her ass cracks.


My next meeting with Suman was about one year later, in my marriage function.I got ready and wore my newly stitched designer blazer. Meanwhile, my wife was getting her make up done in a nearby beauty parlor. My in-laws asked me to pick my wife from the parlor.So, I reached the parlor and entered into my wifes room and got completely mesmerized to look my wife in a grand wedding sari. As I was about to kiss the forehead of my cute wife, I heard a voice coming from the nearby cubicle,” Hello Hero, cant you wait till tonight?” in a naughty tone. I just turned and had an anxious look into the cubicle and witnessed hot, steamy Suman in pink colored sleeveless kurta applying arm length Mehandi. As she just lifted her arms to say ‘Hi to me, I spot her provocative, clean shaven arm pits. She was wearing a tight, white leggings in the lower half. Her buttock was seated over the edge of the sofa, with her legs over a foot stool on the front.The parlor women just raised the sumans leggings up to her knee, thus exposing her seductive, waxed, shining legs. I could make out the fleshy, glaring thighs through those semi-transparent leggings.


One thing was more clear- cut, she had put some more weight. After all, I deviated my attention towards her breasts.Her stunning, voluptuous jugs have progressed to 34D size. Even though little plumpy, those were apt for her height. I developed a big hard-on inside my underwear and as my penis was about making a tent in my pant, my wife interrupted saying, ‘ Suman, we getting late. Hurry up. I just regained my senses.


My next meeting with her was around six months later. My wife asked me to get a taxi, saying that we have to go to sumans house. I got some sort of excitement and was eager to meet suman as I havent visited her post marriage. On the way to her home, my wife elaborated that both suman and Prakash had gone for a short vacation to nearby resort. There, they have played in the swimming pool for hours. As a result of which, both of them had developed a chest infection. Oops, its going to be decent visit. My excitement subsided and as it was happened to be a Sunday, I started inquiring the taxi driver about any hospital which would be open nearby. We reached her home and Suman opened the door and welcomed us with her sneezing. She was quiet dull, wearing loose nightdress and cant talk much because of her nose block. I inquired about Prakash and entered into his room, meanwhile both the girls went into the dressing room. Prakash was sicker and was having high-grade fever. So, I took a towel and went to the kitchen to collect some cold water with an idea of giving cold sponging to him.This made him little easy and asked me to get something to drink.


So, I again went to the kitchen and started to boil some milk. Hearing a laughing sound of both the girls,I turned my attention towards the dressing room. Yes, the kitchen was exactly opposite to dressing room, separated by the living room in between. The door of the dressing room was half open and I could get the glimpses of suman. She has changed into red colored tops and black colored pajama and her loosely tied hair were hanging up to her bottom. She looked quiet fresh after washing her face and applying bindhi. She finally got seated on a small stool with her back facing towards me and started applying Vicks vapor rub over the front of her neck and inserted her hand into the tops to apply it over her chest. Suddenly, my wife raised her top above and helped her applying it to her back. In an instant, I caught a sight of sumans bare back.She was not wearing a bra inside the top.Her wheatish, smooth and even toned back ended with a small, seductive side belly. The milk has begun to boil and I switched off the gas stove.


Suman stood up and adjusted her top and both the girls started getting out of the dressing room. As I transferred some hot milk into a glass,I promptly spotted sumans upper body. I was struck and my dick erupted at once.Two of the three front buttons of the sumans top were still open.I caught the sight of half of her naked melons till her dark brown areola, in a flash, before she fastened her buttons. Her jugs were firm, much fairer, standing erect without the help of a bra.Both the girls walked into the prakashs room, completely unaware of me standing inside the kitchen.


Hearing the voice of my wife, my tool slowly regressed in size. I turned around facing the wall and was busy cooling the hot boiled milk. My wife entered the kitchen and began to laugh.I was nervous whether she had noticed me while I was staring the sumans body.I asked the reason for her laugh, in a tensed tone. After some hesitancy, my wife opened up saying that suman is really a bitch.In the resorts public swimming pool, she had asked Prakash to eat her cunt underneath the water.She, in turn, sucked his dick and made him ejaculate under the water.This has made both of them develop a chest infection.Hearing this, my penis again started to bulge.By this time, the taxi driver started blowing the horn. As Prakash and suman entered into the living room, my wife served them milk along with some snacks.


I was not able to control my bulge and hence asked about the restroom. Suman, pointing her finger, showed the one which was inside the dressing room. I reached there quickly and within seconds, I was rocking my full grown manhood to and froth, recalling the image of sumans back and boobs. To my delight, I noticed sumans night dress, which she was wearing sometime before, hanging inside the rest room. I immediately grabbed them and smelled the aroma and felt as if I am hugging suman. Along with the night dress, her black colored bra and black colored panty were also there.Her panty was little wet and was stained with a whitish tinge of her vaginal fluid along with few of her labial hairs.As I sniffed and licked her panty, my body was thrown into shivers. My dick began to enlarge much more and as I tried to control it by tying sumans bra around my shaft, I released all my cum.