Sex With My Neighbour

This is a story of my sexual experience with neighbor with whom I had recently. She is bengali and her age is 45. But she doesn’t look like 45 as she maintains herself a lot. She goes to gym and a perfect body with spectacular boobs of size 36-c. And a fleshy ass.
As she is my neighbor we used to be closed and frank and I used to often talk with her. Then one fine sunday I went to her home and was talking with her casually and then she told me to seat on her sofa and went to kitchen to bring some snacks and drink for me. In the meantime her son came and I opened the door for him and he started chatting with me about the latest pc games in the market and he wanted to have some of them free from internet. I told him fine and then she came back tp sofa with snacks and drink and place them over the table and told me to have some.

She was wearing a velvet gown with straps around her waist with a knot. Her son have come from outside and he took the snacks from the plate and she told him to go and get fresh then eat but he was in no mood as he was hungry. In this he started to take the plate from her hand and by mistake his hands got hold to the strap knot and it got opened. Her gown was loosed and it open in 2 parts giving me a view of her yellow bra and white panty that she was wearing partially. I closed my eyes and she too shouted her son and then firstly put the knot back of her gown. She was shy too and told me sorry and I told her back its ok and had my snacks. During our conversation she was keeping her eye away from me and me too as she was shy of what I saw. I finished my snacks and drink and came to my house back. Few days passed by and we didn’t talked with one another.

Then one day she called me at her home and I asked her what happened and she told me that her husband had went to office and her son went to school and she was getting bored at home. I told her hmmm and looked at her. That day she was searing a maxi and was looking beautiful. We had a chat and she started the topic of previous time when I saw her partial nude body. I told her its fine and she started complaining me about her son and told me that once when he in nursery standard he have birthday and that time his son pulled her sari down and his friends got the view of her deep cleavage and so on she started to say all things.

I was thinking how lucky her son was in mind and kept chatting with her and then I told her softly yellow suits you and she looked first at me and then blushed. I then added that don’t worry it will be a forever secret. By the way your body is really fit I guess. She told me please stop as she was feeling much shy and then I told her ok fine. Finally after few hours I went back to my home. After that day whenever I used to see her I used to give her a smile and pass by. Then comes one day when her husband came to my house and told my parents that he was going abroad for week for some meeting and so to help her wife if she need anything and my parents told him fine. After he left for abroad I used to go to her house in day time after she comes from gym to give her company.

One fine day she was late from gym and she was in her gym dress and sweaty. I was looking at her firm body after she opened her jacket. She was still wearing her gym dress. She told me to wait and went for shower. After some time she called my name and told me that she forgot her dress and towel on her bed and so she requested me to give to her. I went to her bed and picked her towel and knocked her bathroom door and she extended her hand out from the bathroom and took the towel. After few minutes she came out and again called me and asked me to bring the dress from the balcony as she forgot picking it up at night. I brought her dress and as I gave it to her the towel which she has wrapped over her body fell down and she was unable to hold it. This time I had a full view of her naked shining body as she had just completed her shower. She was in a shocking moment that time as I saw her nude full. I took the towel from ground and gave it to her and moved to drawing room back.

After sometime she came to the living room dressed and sat next to me in her wet hairs and kept silent and then told me sorry and I asked her for what?

She kept her hand on my lap and told me that what happened now and I told her its fine and smiled at her and told her that her body is pretty sexy and hot and felt ashamed. Don’t know what happened to me that moment and I kissed her cheeks in sudden. She got shocked and turned her face towards me and stared at me. I kept smiling at her and told your skin is warm and soft like a baby. She understood that I wanted her as I have saw her nude full and I may say to someone about her. I could feel the fear and the lust in her eyes that moment. Then I again moved my face towards her and kissed her cheeks and then pulled her towards me and smooched her lips. She resisted a bit but I pressed her lips on mine for some time and then release her. She was breathing heavy and she stood up.

I hold her hand and pull her towards me and made her seat back on sofa. She tried to stand again but I hold her hand and this time kissed her face and lick her ear lobes making her hot and pressed her boobs over her nighty. After some time I put my hand on her between her legs and rub over her pussy area over her dress. She was bit wet. I whispered her I would like to feast a gym body and bite her ear lobes. Se softly told me to go bedroom as she was not feeling comfortable here. I then stood up and take her to her bed room. As we enter bedroom I pulled her dress down and she was full nude as she was not wearing any sort of lingerie. Then I made her lay on bed on her back and kissed her whole body from top to bottom fast and pressed her boobs several times. She was saying to do fast as it was afternoon time and her son will come from school.

I saw the watch and then pushed my cock in her cunt that was already wet and start fucking her and I kept fucking her for some time around 10 minutes in that position and cummed on her tummy. She woke up and cleaned and told me to get clean and dressed up. Then she asked me that are you happy now and I told her that not much as she was so hurry. She told me later as his son will come. I asked her what about tomorrow and she looked in to my eyes and told no…. And I asked her what’s matter and she told me she will let me know soon. Then she kissed my lips and told me to go and she too dressed up and I came to my house.

After some time her son came too and I rest in my house. Later in the evening I rang her door bell and she opened her door and welcomed in with sleepy eyes. I asked her that did I disturb you and she told me that no she just had a nap and woke few minutes earlier as she was tired. Then I went inside her house and she told me to close the door and don’t make noise as her son was sleeping too. I closed the door and followed her as she went to kitchen. I stood there and saw her putting the tea pan on her gas and put tea leaves and let it boil. I went from back and hugged her by putting my hands on her waist. She told me to leave as her son may wake and come and I kissed and left her. I asked her what’s her plan for evening and she told me that she would go to market. I asked her may I join and she told yes you can and then I told her that do any relatives stay here in the city and she told yes and then she asked why? I told her drop your son in their house as I want her with me for some time. She told me hmm… I requested her please and she told that she will drop her son at her friend’s house as her son also study in same call where her son study.

I smiled and told her that’s good idea and told her to ring me when she was ready. After some time she called me and I came out from my house and sat on my car. She was looking pretty in her shirt and jeans. I looked at her for a sometime and told her that you don’t look like a mother as you are looking like a college student fit and strong and dressed awesome. She blushed and told me to ride. Soon we went to the area where she have to drop her son and told me to park bit away from house so that no one notice me and then came back soon. Then I asked her where she like to go and what she want to buy. She told me to market nearby and she did some shopping and I drove the car back. I took her towards the highway and then she told me that we would be late and I told her just no late and it was dark by then. I then slow my car in the narrow lane of highway and put my hand on her thighs and started to press them softly and drive car. She told me to drive properly or accident and I asked her to kiss me. She told me no first and then I told her please and she told me no again and I told her please me soon and we can reach home soon else it will get late. She looked at me and told me that you are very clever and naughty. I told her please and she kissed my cheeks.

I told her show me her boobs as I want to touch them. She told its public place and I closed my black window. Ten I told her that no one will see now you can show. She told hmmmm and opened her top 3 buttons and shown me her boobs inside her bra. I put my hands over them and pressed them and then she removed my hand and told me to drive. I asked her when next and she asked what? I told her shower? She understood what I wanted now and she told me she will let me know and I told her tomorrow I want and then drove my car and picked her son and reached home.
Next day at morning after her son went to school I went to her house and she opened the door and asked me so early and I told her that I was waiting for this time and I don’t want to loose time and kissed her lips straight. She was in her night gown. She told me that she will go to gym now and I told her that you can do your exercise today at home and she replied back as your uncle can’t buy all those gym stuff for me at home. I hugged her and kiss her lips again after she completed her sentence and smooched her lips and told I want you and I am so excited after watching your hot look.

She again told me with a smiling face control but I was in no mood. My hands were on her shoulder and I pushed her back and then made her seat on her sofa. Then I sat next to her holding her and start kissing her madly on her face followed by licking her ear lobes making her horny after her son went school. She too responded to my kisses and then opened her night gown knot and made it down from her shoulder. She was nude at top and her boobs were getting pressed over my chest but to her down she was wearing her panty. I pushed her aside and then made her stand and took her to her bed room. I hugged her tight again making her boobs pressed more on my chest and she was moaning. Then I made her seat on the edge and pull down my shorts and my erect dick was pointing her. She hold it and moved my cock fore skin and I then told her to suck.

She rejected my proposal and told me that she never did with her husband and I convinced her for some time and finally she got convinced. She first lick the tip of my cock then suck the cock head and then took half of it in her mouth and then finally the full. I made her suck my cock for more than 15 minutes. She was sucking fine and I was feeling like I was at heaven that moment. I kept folding her boobs and playing with her nipples. I was pinching her nipples often to make them erect. Then I removed my cock from her mouth and removed my t shirt and boxer both and got completely nude. I pushed her on bed and she got laid and I pulled down her panty and made her too full nude. After that I sat on my knees on the floor and made her legs apart. Her brownish pink pussy was in front of me which was wet already and clear to me. I kissed her thighs and hold them and put my face between her thighs end near her pussy.

I kissed her pussy and she was holding the bead sheet with both her hands. Then I started licking the outer wall of her pussy with my tongue and then tickled her g spot with my tongue. After that I kept pushing my tongue inside her cunt and licked the inner muscles of her cunt and she started to moan as she was unable to resist and it lead to her first orgasm by bursting out the juices on my face. I wipe my face and again sucked her cunt. It was licking all her juices which was dripping down from her bed. I bite her pussy muscles softly and she moaned again in pain. She said me softly but I was in no mood. Then I hold her legs more apart and inserted my fingers inside it. I fingered her 5 to 10 minutes vigorously and she started to piss and I slapped her pussy side and then climbed over her kissed her lips and hold my erect cock and positioned inside her wet pussy and pushed it in. I pushed deep and deeper in every next strokes. And kept sucking her pussy for several minutes around 20 minutes in that position.

Then I told her to get into 69 position and again licked her pussy from her back and made her suck my cock that was now mixed with her juices and my pre cum. She was sucking my cock like a hungry dog and soon I slapped her ass and told her to seat on my cock positioning her cunt on my cock. She sat and I told her to bounce. I hold her waist and made her jump for next 5 minutes and then made her on her four in doggy style and fucked her pussy from back again and in mean time I hold her hairs and pulled towards me and ride her like horse on her bed. I kept pumping harder and harder and her boobs were shaking like a pendulum and making sounds. She was continuously moaning and moaning as I was fucking her vigorously and finally made her kneel on bed and I stood and cummed inside her mouth by inserting my cock deep in her mouth.
Then I fall down on her bed and got laid on my back sweating. She too laid on her back sweating.

After some time I put my hand over her tummy and whispered her in her ears that how was your morning exercise and kissed her ears. She smiled and kissed me back. She told then her husband never fucked her like I fucked her. I kissed her again and told her that if you have not shown me your sexy figure then how I could have fucked you so nice. She thanked me and then asked me that shall we go to shower and I told her yes and then I told her you go I will wipe as I will shower at my home. She told me are you shy now after this time and I told ok lets go and went with her to her washroom. Then we both showered and she cleaned me and herself with soap and shampoo and then we hugged one another in shower and kissed and came out wet. We both got dry with her towel and we wore our dress. I requested her not to wear her lingerie as I would wish to have sex soon. She blushed and accepted my proposal and just wore her maxi. Then she made tea and breakfast and told me to have it as we had lost lots of calories and then we had it together. Later I came to my house and slept as I was full tired.

We had sex till her husband came daily at morning as her son used to go school and then later husband came and her mom and dad too came so it was hard for us but later after few years she went to orissa as her husband was been transferred there.

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