Gay Warden And Hostel Inmate

Hey my name is James. I am from kerala..I am a bisexual guy who likes to get it going with both guys and gurls.. So any girls or guys interested in anything do contact me in / /

So this happened to me when I was doing my repeaters course in an institution in kerala.. We were staying in a hostel.. Things were going very normally.. Then one day our hostel warden who was an old person passed away.. So after a few days a new hostel warden came and took charge.. He was a guy in his early 30s.. Lets call him Sanjay. He was around 5 feet 7inches and had ana athletic body.. He was a bit dark complexioned.. We were all looking forward to meeting him and finding out what sort of person he was.. Well he seemed like a pleasant person to us.. He would come to our rooms and talk to us and all.
One day when I went to pay the hostel rent for the month he told me that there was some descripancy in the about paid in the previous month. He opened the record book and asked me to come to his side oft the table to check it out. He was seated and so when I went and stood next to him my crotch was at the level of the table. I didnt notice it and while I was looking at the record his hand gently moved and rested on the table touching my dick. I had a sudden wave of excitement and I moved back. He just looked at me and smiled innocently asking what happened.. I said nothing. I corrected the monetary problem in the record and quickly got out of the room.
That night I kept thinking about the excitement I had when he touched my dick. He used to stare at me like he was feasting upon me for the next couple of weeks.
One fine day our institute gave us a weeks holiday to prepare for a coming exam. Almost everyone in our hostel went home including my roommate. My block was empty as I was the only one who decided to stay in the hostel and study. That night while I went to have dinner our warden asked if its ok to sleep in my room since almost the whole hostel was empty especially my block which was completely empty. I told him that its fine..
Me and my roommate had put our beds together.. So when the warden came we slept together.. It was around 11pm.. I was drifting off into sleep then I felt something on my waist. I was wearing shorts.. I realised it was my wardens hand.. I was kind of expecting this.. And I was eager to find out what was gonna happen next. I got excited.. His hand rested there for a while.. Then after making sure that I didnt react he moved his hand underneath my shorts.. I wasnt wearing an underwear.. So he then grabbed my dick and started stroking it gently.. I got really excited.. My dick became hard.. I opened my eyes and smiled at him.. He asked “Do you like it baby?”.

I said ” please continue”.. He pulled down my shorts and took my dick in his mouth.. He started sucking it like a pro in those porn movies.. I was in heaven.. He then removed his dothi and showed me his 8inch monster.. I just stared at the size of that thing. He asked me to suck it.. I sucked him.. First his tip and then the whole dick. He moaned in pleasure.. I sucked him for some 10 minutes. He thenmade me lie on my back and asked me to spread my legs. He startef licking my hairy ass and my balls.. I was on cloud 9 that I started moaning.. He hen took some coconut oil from my room and applied it on my asshole.. He then gently started fingering my ass.. I stroked my dick.

After making my virgin ass loose he applied oil on his monster.. Then he entered me slowly. It hurt at first but once he was completely in there was no more pain.. He the gently started moving in and out of me.. I was on cloud nine. He fucked me in that position for at least 15 minutes.. Then he took out his dick and gave me a taste of my ass as he fucked my mouth. By then he was about to cum. I was so horny by then that I asked him to cum in my mouth.. He shot his load into my mouth.. He was not done by that. He then made me stand in doggy style and entered me from my back. He rammed me very hard that I started screaming.. He came again after 15 minutes of ramming in my ass..
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