Fantasy Came True

Hi ISS readers and its me Charlie back with surprisingly unexpected erotic encounter briefly myself 6 feet horny handsomely built hunk with Asian fair looks and after posting previous story of my real time experience with Raj

I got plenty of mails asking me to hook up. Well I was going through some very good looking guys with their pictures attached, but I made up my mind and reserved my ass only for Raj though there is no chance of regaining him

One morning as usual I was going through my inbox found a new mail from unknown contact contents thank god at last I found you my crazy love!
Its from Rajesh yes it is him

My suspicious mind asked him for a proof to keep out cheaters and I think he figured out whats going in my mind. He attached his pictures as an authentication in his reply

I enquired him how did he get my email. He said that he have gone through our story posted in ISS thanks a lot to ISS for getting us together. He is glad to found me again in such a horny way

Wow I jumped on bed out of uncontrollable rejoices and said in reply and I am bursting out with joy to see you again and I need to talk to you asap about our unanswered love can you please make out to come on skype tonight and my id is waiting for hours is like I am waiting for years

Finally its night after along gap I am going to see Raj though not in person. I dressed in tight jeans enhancing my curves and tight white t-shirt when my gloomy Roomie felt asleep. I have gone online on Skype. I was surprised to see Raj waiting for me with a request

What an enchanted smile he got and he is just in his undergarments come on its really enough for my cock to stand still. I found that he is desperate as I am to have my company in his life and this time he is not drunk and fully in consciousness while saying I love you which made me much more attracted towards him now I am feeling like a girl

Now our passion towards each other is unstoppable and our raised erotic feeling need to be fulfilled. My lonely body is waiting for his touch. My lips needs to pair up with Rajs since we both stay at Bangalore and we planned to meet next morning

I dressed like a hot stud to seduce the one that I dream about every day and especially night. He came for me to pick up on his bike on which I lost my virginity to him. He is looking just like john Abraham in desi boys looking him in front of me for real made my thoughts refreshed and emphasized my feelings.

I jumped in back seat while we are keeping our emotions calm cause we were in public else we had grabbed our butts tight at our first look. What a manly scent he got which drives me crazy uncontrollably and I hugged him tight and placed a quick kiss on his cheeks and neck. He drove me to the pizza hut

Where we got into the conversation about the life after that night and our feelings toward each other aahhh his looks made me to rip off my shirt and get fucked but I put my senses down meanwhile we ordered chicken pizza with extra cheese. I took a bite and placed a piece back to plate my hardcore lover took the same piece and felt my lips with his on it

I did the same mmmm what an erotic feeling being desperate of each other we moved to washroom without creating a doubt where it seemed vacant our lust overflowed as he grabbed me into his arms and kissed me with full passion. We started exploring each others but we heard someone arriving and so we broke our kiss and moved out calmly.

We started to his house and he teased me about my lust towards in dark outdoors sex. I blushed like a sissy little girl and firmly held his dick for teasing me instead of pleading me he liked it and asked me to carryon as we reached his home which is very pretty one

He gave a weird naughty smile and I can see a big radish cock sticking out of his jeans, a full length boner on display and moving towards his room I simply followed. He took his shirt off in his hall way and kept moving towards his bedroom I can feel whats going on his mind. His back is well defined and glistering in sweat.

His irresistible Adonis body brought my erection as we moved into his bed room and he lowered his pants and laid on bed like a Greek god. No more feel of forbidden love no more hesitation now with full lusty love I want to experience this with my handsome lover and I dropped my trousers and stripped my shirt off just like a gay slut

I leaned against his slender muscular body and he pulled me toward him and we are just in our boxers feeling each other hot bodies while we he is exploring my mouth with his tongue which is quite big that can count all my teeth with an everlasting passionate kiss. His right hand embraces my neck and other caressing my butt through my undies

How about a safe sex? I asked him and he smiled and replied sex is always safe baby added its virus that is dangerous. He got up the bed and got a extra large condom from his dresser pulled his undies off and asked me to place it on his cock since I am new to use a condom as he advised. I just placed the rubber ring on his dick and tried to roll it towards the pubes

Holding his manly rod in one hand feeling his thick massive meat made me nervous because I still remember the last encounters pain. My clever love caught my thought. He asked me to lay down on bed hunch forward resting my knees on bed, exposing myself in pornographic ways. I felt his head between my buttocks started licking my arse to lube my hole

His tongue feels so nice in my butt sending electric shivers through my spine which is awesome. He licked it till I felt its ready for his manhood and I dont want to make him wait anymore so gave him a signal and he is on his knees now pushing his dick head into my hole as my butt is extremely tight it took three longing tries to take it in aaah yes he is in me.

The unbearable pain started troubling me and tears started flowing out of my eyes. I am failing to provide complete comfort to my love and he asked me whether to stop. I said no I can handle it. He leaned towards me and planted a kiss on my cheek saying that he loves me a lot those words acted as an emphasize as well as a pain killer

Now the pain started to subside. He began to move in and out slowly and I am in ecstasy and I am felling pleasure asked him to fuck me hard holding me firmly with his left hand mean while jacking my dick with his other hand
He accelerated and making sounds out of erotica. We are fucking like there is no future, like there is no tomorrow

He was about to cum and I can feel his nerves getting tensed. I am horny like hell so does he and I asked him to come in my mouth and he took it out and un interruptedly took his condom off and brought it toward my mouth
and we changes to 69 position in his extra large bed. We both sucking like rabbits with lot of wildness we came in each others mouth he came up to my face and placed a kiss

What an extraordinary taste of our mixed cum and we collapsed and slept cuddling each other in the aroma of our sweet sweat and semen. Now from his computer and I am posting our last night experience. Raj ordered me to add lot more experiences are on the way grabbing me back to his hug going for one more sex session bye.

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