18 Year Old Destroyed By 2 Gym Trainers

Hello friends myself Rahul I am 19 years old Im cute looking 55 fair not that chubby and or slim and bottom boy

So there is this gym called walkers paradise where I had recently joined I got introduced to there two men from 35s their names are Varun and Tanmay both muscular and well built

Both indeed were in a secret relation which I came to know very later, since I had joined the gym initially these guys were very friendly and cooperating with me and we further became very good friends , further we used to even hit each other friendly and one fine day when I went to the gym , I do remember it was 8 in the eve and my session was till 30 mins, as I entered both varun and Tanmay said ” arey Rahul aaj gym nahi hai, hum log aaj daru pene ke mood me hai yar tu, pyega ?” then I replied I had to go home as my mom would be waiting , then they said “Arey bhet na thoda pi ke ja ” then I replied saying I would inform my mother saying ill stay at my friends house for tonight as I had study work, to which my mother got a bit angry but she did agree , then we went to varun bhayas room where he had set up disco type lights and room was dark so we sat together on his cot all three of us and started drinking varun bhayya poured vodka in my glass and made a strong peg which was hard for me to drink but they insisted saying ” re kuch nai hota ” to which I smiled and started drinking , and I do get high rather quick compared to a normal drinker , so eventually after the drink I got really really high , I lost my senses and was on total booze , so we started talking and laughing and after an hour I was feeling tired so I started lying on the cot not noticing that I was wearing real short boxers and lying with my ass facing varun and tanmay , which turned them on , and there was I lying showing them my curves as I was high I started realizing that I was feeling more then just high , I started to fear if m going to be sober or not then varun came and slept beside me

And all of a sudden he slapped my ass , o god that felt really good and I started smiling which made him even hornier he started pressing my ass and stomach I started laughing as I thought he was just playing but then tanmay also slept beside and started molesting me I got scared now then I wanted to get out of the cot and sit somewhere else but my efforts were all in vain then grabbed me by my stomach and neck now I realized that I was in trouble then they started cursing me both of them in pervert tone

Varun sed ”aaj teri saath hum log zabardasti karne ke mood me hai ” and started pulling my pants down both my boxers and underwear were removed by him in one instance

At the same time Tanmay grabbed me by my face and my lips were all frown then he kissed me so rough that his bite marks were all over my lips he started getting even more horny as I let out a girly moan his dick was thick pointed and poking my belly with him on his pant on , then both of them removed their pants and I swear to god those were really think dicks not that long though but enough to get scared , those monsters were dripping precum in no time did Tanmay lift me up like a small baby and forced my mouth on Varuns big black cock he was really brutal with me which did hurt me but I was too enjoying it as they had seen my small dick erected and there goes his cock in my mouth Varun fucked my mouth till 10 mins giving me blowjobs so brutal that my saliva was literally dripping down and at the same time was there another monster licking my ass tanmays tongue felt so good that I felt I was in heaven and did he lubricate my asshole real fine making ready for both of them , further Varun went and lied on bed on his back making position for me to sit on his dick and Tanmay grabbing me by me neck made me forcefully sit on his large monster at first he went real slow with me but I had already been fucked before so my asshole was not that tiny anymore then he started fucking me real hardcore as he was really built and had a lot of stamina and his dick inside me made me feel like this fuck should never end and I started moaning loudly meanwhile Tanmay decided to fuck me at the same time Varun did and they hold me tight I got scared and then without telling me Tanmay started putting his dick inside me as if one wasnt enough and I did literally cry out saying” nai bhaiya please nai bohot dard hoga please aisa mat karo” to which he didnt listen a bit and tried real hard to get his cock in and now it was not at all a pleasure world for me I was getting the feeling of being raped at finest both of them started fucking me aggressively biting my nipples and slapping my ass and chewing my lips like it was meat for them Varun wanted to cum so he pulled out and put his big monster in my mouth till it reaches in my mouth and in no time his huge load was all filled in my mouth which I didnt like it and though I didnt wanted I had to swallow his sperm den he slapped me like a bitch and one was over now Tanmay was on his way he started milking me while fucking den he pulled out saying he want me in 69 position to which he said that he would sit on top of me I had a bad feeling about this as they were both not handling me gently but nor was he in the state to listen to my pleading I just made innocent face and then he pushed his rod in my mouth just like Tanmay and the real bad thing is I was choking and he grabbed my nose making me stop breathing and I started pleading really bad so he let go of my nose
And without mercy he force fucked me for 10 mins and finally cum in my mouth and I thought he would finally let go of me but even after he cum in my mouth he started giving me deep throats making me swallow his cum and with no other option I did swallow his load and he finally let go of me with a slap on my ass calling me ”randi” and laughing

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