The Love Story Of Lakshmi Prasad Part -1

Hi I am Lakshmi, born to a bank employee couple in Delhi. My parents were from Tamilnadu and I grew up in Delhi. This is my first story of love and lust in my teens. I was always in love with men and had my first oral sex in high school with a guy in college in my colony. But about that later.


I completed school and got admission in a college in Bangalore. The college was on the outskirts of Bangalore, I began my life in the hostel there. Initial days were very suffocating as I wanted to meet guys and explore my love for men. However, soon I began exploring Yahoo!groups and Orkut. And began chatting with gay men.

A bit about myself I am a chubby non-Hairy guy. With a big butt and saggy chest (my little boobies), I was not very athletic and hence was a softie in every way. Moreover my cock was 3 inches long when standing and would always remain flaccid or semi erect.


During one of these chats I met Prasad. Prasad or Percy Sir, was a tamilian who had recently moved to Bangalore for work. He was a senior sales manager with a automotive lubricant company and used to travel frequently. He was 45 and was balding, dark, and a hard as a rock hairy body. His dick was one of the biggest I had seen at the time. It was a 6.5 inch long and 3 inch thick. His wife was in Chennai, and he had 2 boys who were in Chennai completing studies.

I met Prasad on Orkut, soon we began chatting on SMS and yahoo messenger. He would call me post 9 ‘oclock and I would tell my roommates that it was my girlfriend. Though my feminine habits were obvious, and they would make fun of how she would be unsatisfied and calls me every day to tell me this.

I loved the calls from Percy Sir he was caring and listened a lot. Whenever he spoke, the authority In his deep voice made me so weak in the knees that I would instantaneously get hard. After a month of our chats , Percy Sir began to tell me that he wanted to meet me. I would always make some excuse of college and studies and try to avoid this. Until one day he asked me if I had an issue in meeting him outside college. I was tensed nervous and said ‘Yes’ halteringly.


He said he would meet me in a Maruti zen outside the college, 4 days later. Four days later was a Sunday.


I was so nervous by Saturday, that I called him up and told him I had extra classes and that I could not meet him the next day. He said “Ok, Baby I understand. I love you and only and to meet you. “. “But I am so busy, I am so sorry. Lets meet next month may be?” I said. “Hmm ok lets see, bushkoo” he said. I could feel the disappointment, and somewhere I too was disappointed.


The next day the warden called me to the office, he said that ‘Mr.Prasad Sreenivas’ my ‘Guardian’ was here to meet me. I was shocked as I saw Percy Sir sitting in office. He was just like his photos( but only there he dint have clothes and here he did :-P) . He had also grown a French beard and was smelling of lemony perfume and cigarettes. “Hel-l-lo Sir” I said as I stammered “ I dint know you were coming”.


“What extra-class do you have Lakshman? “ Asked the warden. “The college is not working today “


“ It must have got canceled” said Prasad “Do you want to come home for the pooja?”


My head was spinning nervousness was too much to take. Were my hands cold “ PPPooja? Oh ok… pooja. Yes, of course, I will” I spoke very fast too hide the nervousness being overtaken by lust.

“You better pack then Lakshman, I understand you will be missing 2 days of college.” The warden said.


I looked at Percy Sir who smiled at me. He spoke” come quickly your aunt is waiting at home. She has been waiting, for her lucky to meet her for the past month. Once the Pooja will start she may not have time to talk to you properly.”


“ OK Mr. Prasad, you need to fill this guardian form. Since the boy seems to know you and you have given me your business card and details. Plus I had got a call from Mr.Iyer this morning about your arrival and the pooja” said the warden.


I was aghast; Percy Sir had managed to get my Hostel phone no. and faked a call from my dad too. But now I was lusty and ran back to my room. Quickly took a few clothes stashed it into my backpack. Told my roommates I am going to my guardians place. They made some lewd jokes about how I needed to go as my dissatisfied girlfriend was having an affair. I ignored it, I ignored everything. The test on Tuesday, the hunger I felt as I hadn’t had breakfast. I ran down the corridors to the staircase.


I reached down the stairs; I saw that the warden and Percy Sir were outside the hostel gates smoking a cigarette. I walked towards them.

“ He is a little shy, never broken any rules. A good boy. Only he doesn’t do any exercise sir,” I heard the warden speaking.

“ Oh! I will be taking him trekking with me every weekend. He will become better” Percy Sir replied.


“ Sir, can we leave, “ I said trying to restrain a giggle.

“ Sure! Sure! “ said Percy Sir, “ The warden says you need some physical exercise. Let’s ensure you do a lot of it, in the pooja. Lots of things to coordinate, no warden sir. Sir, I shall take leave now.” Percy Sir said turning to the warden.


I had gotten into the front seat of the car, the windows were black tinted. And saw three shopping bags from a retail store at the back. Also a medical store’s cover. Curious I opened the cover. The contents both made me curious and lusty. There were 2 packets of flavored condoms, 4 bottles of anne frenche hair removal cream and a jelly lubricant.


Percy Sir sat down in the drivers seat. “Why did you lie?” he said.

“ I am just nervous and tensed, “ I said “ and you are mad or what? What was this stunt? What if my parents call the hostel? Are you crazy” I began punching his arm, but those arms were rock hard and he didnt seem to feel a thing. I was aroused now, I immediately felt his crotch. His dick was hard.


“Hmmm wait till we get home.” He snapped.

“Cant bubuchoo, I want it now. Just wanna see it. And kiss it.” I tried to fake a little boy’s voice.


“You will get a lot more than that lucky. “ He laughed. I giggled.

“ Wait let me call my parents before they call the hostel,” I said.

I called home told them that I was going to a field trip to Mysore for 3 days.

We started.


“There is a plastic bag at the bag. It has something you need to wear now.” Said Percy sir.

I took the bag and looked inside here was a black cloth folded and stashed. I removed it. It was rather long and as I began unwrapping it, it struck me what it was. I was a burkha a black burkha. I looked at him with eyes that gave away my worry.


Put it on lucky, We are going to be home and I don’t want you being recognized by anyone. That was my first piece of womens apparel in my life and I have used it the most. I Put it on. The headpiece covered my face revealing only my eyes.

“ Now remove your shorts baby.” He said.


My hands were under some kind of mesmerizing magical tune. As I quickly removed both my shorts and my underwear. We stopped at the signal and he quickly put his hand on my crotch and squeezed my limp cock.

“I knew it,” he said “I was sure you shaved down there. Tell me Lakshman honestly, Do you like to be treated like a nice little good GIRL? “

“ NO … “I said “ Mad or what I …i…I am a boy who likes men and women.” I lied

He looked at me and said sarcastically “ really lucky?”

“ Ok, I like wearing my mom’s panties sometimes…but not always,” I said, trying to hide my deepest fantasy which was to be dressed in a nice salwar kameez and sucking cock.

“hahahaha…. “He laughed. “Take that other bag”


I opened it to see lingerie and other pieces of womens attire. “Am I supposed to wear this?” I asked him as we turned into a building complex called Grand Apartment complex.

He dint say a word. We parked the car and took the lift. He carried all the bags. Opened the door with a key. The house was a well-kept house with a kitchen and he led me straight to the bed room. He removed my burkha.


Saw my little erection. Turned me around, examined my arms and my face.

“Ok before I start,” he said unbuttoning his pants. “ your mouth and my cock have some unfinished business”


He dropped his pants to reveal a nice cut dark black cock with a pink head. I first touched it with my hands could feel it pulsing. It was coming alive, I kissed the head and immediately felt a moist pre-cum on it. I wiped it off. Got Down to my knees and slowly slid it into my mouth. Creating vacuum within the mouth I began to suck and lick his dick.


I looked up into his eyes and he looked down into mine. He pulled my face away from his cock and kissed me. My first long hard kiss. “ I love you, baby, your papa loves you,” he said “ can you take papa all the way in baby”


I nodded naively.

In it went down to the back of my mouth and touched my throat. I immediately began to gag and splutter tried to move my head away. But he held it firmly and pushed it in further. I pushed my hands against his muscular hairy legs, but I was no match for his brute strength.

“ You need to take a good breath before this goes in,” he said as he removed the cock from my mouth.


“ I think you are too big ya, I cant do this,” I said trying to turn away with tears I my eyes.


He slapped me. It stung. “ I have done all this so that we can finally be together and all you are doing is just not trying” he snapped “ Who the hell do you think you are? I love you lucky, I love you Lakshmi. “

This stunned me. I looked at him “ I will be your Lakshmi. I love you too, My bushki. Don’t stop slapping me papa, I am loving it.” I said with tears of joy and lust in my eyes. I took the cock put it back. Till the pubic hair was in my nostrils.


“ You weird kid, I love you da. Nee oru pakka Oor Thevidiya( you are a pakka prostitute)” he said impressed by my renewed efforts.

I began to enjoy it as he slowly developed a rhythm and my throat got used to the cock hitting it. A couple of times he would naughtily just gag me by pushing his cock deep and closing my nose. I would cough and splutter and tears would well up. He would stop look down at me kiss me and continue.


And then suddenly his whole body began to quiver the rhythm got faster. I knew what was coming.

“ aahhhh…you little bitch. Take it your bloody reward you fucking whore” he screamed as he convulsed.


I could feel a warm liquid entering my mouth and throat. It tasted minerally and left a bad aftertaste but I was so aroused I drank it sucking even more. As he tried to move my head away from his cock. I began sucking harder.


“ Ouch, its over you dumb bitch,” he said

“ But I want more” I squealed wiping away the tears in my eyes.

“Lets get you ready for more,” he said. He quickly removed the Anne French from the Plastic cover. And upturned another cover to revealed not only lingerie but also 2 wigs and dresses.