The Idiots Made Me Gay Prostute

This is Srikanth , I am a regular reader of ISS . My previous story got a huge response which made me share this true story of my friend.

This is the story of my friend and mine. I introduce my friend his name is Rajesh (name changed). And his age is 36. He got his own cosmetic shop in Hyderabad. He is one of my close friends.

As you know this is Srikanth . I usually go to his shop and gets timepass. As I am interested in marketing I know everything of materials, my friend seeks my help for marketing cosmetics.

We went for shopping for materials for his shop many times together and brought materials many times.

In Hyderabad, theres is a huge market of cosmetics often we will go for shopping at least once or twice in a month.

This happened an eight months ago,………..

Once one day Rajesh called me and said to go for shopping as the stock is a shortage and its festival season and he is not feeling well he asked me for help.

As my friend is not feeling well I decided for help and said him to give me two days time to go shopping on Friday.

The day came ………………….

I went shopping and gave him requirement list and sat in the shop, some material got and some material is in the godown .

The shop owner said worker to show me material in godown which is 500mtrs from the shop and it is big godown with the huge material. It is in a one-acre land with many shops of material underground the building.

First I got afraid to go inside that I know the shop owner who is a friend of Rajesh, so went following worker.

After 20 mins we go underground for material, the place is with dark lights, I asked the worker if anything will happen here then how, he smiled and said you sit in the office of our boss which has tv and seating area which his boss use rarely for rest. And I will bring material as it takes time and I said ok.

Which “Ok” changed my lifestyle and made me gay prostitute………….

I entered office room, I saw two persons, one is a gym toned body with 59″ height and fair with cigeratte sat there.
Another one almost age 42 but looks like Salman fit body is watching t.V.

I thought that they also customers,

As I entered we three sat there for 15mins, 59″ fellow called someone in the phone and said how much time should I wait for chicken, and had some conversation and said to another person ” hey Salman( name changed) anji his coming.”

They laughed smiled each other.

After 10mins Anji(shop owner, name changed) age almost 38 came and locked room and said you people not yet started enjoying chicken.

I didnt understand.

They saw I face and said ” if you cooperate with us you will go, or else you will be here for days”

I said what is that and tried to call Rajesh , they forcibly took my phone and switched off it.

I said what do you want, they said they want me to their bitch for 2hrs or permanent or else wont go out.

I understood the issue and said to leave me

They didnt leave me

Salman said“we should do something else,”

Anji said ”Aaj Teri saath hum log zabardasti karne ke mood me hai ” and started pulling my pants down.Both my pant and underwear were removed by him in one instance”

I felt so shy and requested them to leave

John said: come da. Don’t be scared. It will be fun.

Salman: don’t be shy. It’s ok. We won’t tell anyone, but you should have fun with us. (playfully)

Then I understood situation and said ok

Then, as I started removing my clothes my eyes were just curious to watch the big black dick coming out of the pants; the big dick that first time entered my ass. And oh my god what a feeling it was when I saw that one, my eyes just stopped. Happy was holding his big cock and rubbing it to make it stiff hard.

Anji was kissing, Salman was sucking my boobs and butts and finally, he sat on my chest and thrust the big dick in my mouth. I was sucking it madly and from the corner of my eyes, I can see john pulling his dick out of his pants and stroking it hard. I sucked Salmans dick for like 15 mins and then john made me doggy style and applied a good amount of hair oil on his dick.He came behind me and spread my ass cheeks and said to anji that he had made good use of my ass. Anji just smiled. John positioned his dick at my hole and very slowly inserted the dick head in my ass. Ohhhhh it was so nice. He again took it out, spread some oil from his dick to the dick head and again slowly inserted it in my ass.He asked me to relax my ass and poured some oil down my hole and-and slowly started inserting his dick in my ass…and it was doing down slowly and slowly down to the roots of my ass.I could feel his balls touching my balls and his small trimmed pubic hair pinching my butts. It was an awesome feeling and my ass meeting his dick as his dick was fully in my ass he just whispered “I am doing with you because my wife doesnt allow me to do this.

And I am crazy for the ass.” and then gave me a full in and out stroke. I was in the heaven and john was fucking me crazy, his big long dick and big long strokes. I was loving the pleasure and the pain. He was fucking my ass and beating my butts. His hands were pinching my boobs and he was doing all sort of BDSM things with me. The more powerful used to be his stroke.It used to be like completely taking the dick our and deep inside in fraction of a second.

As Salman and john were busy fucking, anji was getting erotic too; he positioned himself such that his dick was touching my lips.John commented on the size of anjis dick too.Anji just laughed and said, “Srikanth sucked and made it this size”.I too laughed. I opened my mouth and anji inserted his dick in my mouth. So now my both openings were having a dick in them. They both were fucking my holes as if they were fucking me for the first time. Anji was going balls deep down my throat.Seeing this john took out his dick and said that he too need a blowjob like that but his dick had got dirty now. He quickly went to the washroom and cleaned his dick nicely with a soap.He immediately asked me to be missionary style, anji lifted my legs on his shoulders and without any effort, his dick was in my ass. John was busy thrusting his big dick in my mouth which I could barely take that deep. John came on my face and with his dick inserted all his sperms to my mouth.I was licking each drop. Soon Anji came in my ass.

It repeated for an hour. All three of them enjoyed with me.

And after that, I became permanent bitch to them,

We kept laying holding each other for some time and then we all went to the washroom to clean ourselves. I mentioned to all the three that I enjoyed.

That was one of my experience. Please email me at / / and share your views about the story and also share how I can make my experiences more interesting and erotic. Your friendships are most welcome