The Story Of Lakshmi And Raj Kiran

I was living a dream through the week I was lakshman an average feminine looking science student. By the weekends I was living as lakshmi/lucky, mr.Prasad’s concubine. I would regularly visit his house and by now was quite used to it. Plus the sex was awesome and prasad was so mature and loving. He would spend endless hours in beautifying me and soon I began loving to get waxed (the skin shines better when you wax than with hair removal creams). My hair had grown to my shoulder, curling as it grew.

It was march 2003 and two problems struck together. Prasads family decided to move in with him and my roommates began noticing the lack of hair on my body.

“ saale baal hi nahi hain be? Waxing karate ho be chhakke?” said sunil my room mate
“ no who actually…..Actually” I stammered “ mere baal jaldi nahi ugte” I blurted.

“ teri girlfriend ke baal terese jyada hai kya? Hahahaha…” laughed snehal my other roommate.
“ saaley girlfriend se kab milayegaa? Akhir suhaag raat main humne hi toh roshan karna hai iyer ghar ka chirag?” sunil shouted.
“Bhaggo kuttey” I shouted

“rape session” snehal shouted, as both he and sunil leapt off the bed.
They easily over powered me and removed my track pant and ripped-off my tshirt.

“ saaley ki gand dekho” sunil laughed
“oye gulbadan” snehal shouted. And stepped outside the room and screamed “abbey hostel ki raand dekho”
As the entire floor trooped in to watch me in underwear crying and cowering in a corner.

“he seriously has no hair yaar” remarked one
“ abbey gaandu….. Gaand marwayega” shouted another
“ abbey iski chaddi kholte hain” shouted raunak our next room resident

“oh shit” I thought “I am screwed, now they will know I have shaved all my hair.”
“please noooo….Guys majak ki haddh hai.” I screamed “ kya gay ho tum log?” I resorted to taunts hoping they would relent
Snehal felt bad as he asked to leave “picture abhi baaki hai doston” he said as they all left.
I began to feel sad and very lonely.

Percy sir would often cut my calls as his family was here. Whenever we would meet it would only be rough sex for 2-3 hours and I would have to leave.

On orkut I met sai shakti a third year fashion technology student in my college who was also a bottom. He was living alone at a rented room outside of college and soon that became my place to hangout.
As the torture got worse every day at hostel, someone would pull down my shorts. Someone else would write ‘chikni gand’ on my luggage in the room etc. Distraught I would spend hours at sai’s place.
Sai told me about all the gay guys in college. There was devender thakur, a top, who acted like a straight guy but loved fucking gay boys. He had a girlfriend called nusrat whom he dated from the first year. He would come to sai’s house in the night and have sex with sai.

“he’s an animal ya…..What strong shoulders and amazing stamina” sai said “ try karegi re lakshmi”
“nooo mujhe ye ladke pasand nahi hai” I said
“ toh kya ladkiyan pasand hai” sai retorted

“nahi mard pasand hai” I said as I puckered my lips post applying lipstick on them.
Sai and I would spend many evenings dressing up and making out. Sucking each other.

Only one person sai described stayed in my mind professor raj-kiran. A professor of biotechnology, he was my department head. Sai said he was 100% gay. He said that raj kiran had kissed him and almost fucked him (sai) one night. After meeting him at ‘raja’ our local liquor bar. He offered to drop sai and once here at his house he began to kiss him (sai).

Raj sir seemed very straight to me, till sai narrated this incident. After that I wanted to have raj inside me.I began imagining him naked. He was a pot bellied dark man. Who had a moustache and long white hair. He was around 40-45 years old. I often saw him smoking near the teacher’s canteen.

Since he never taught the first year, I never interacted with him much.

“ hey can you introduce me to raj sir” I asked sai
“ what noooo…..He has been acting like nothing ever happened since that day” sai said.

“I met him alone in the café once, and he just smiled and began reading a book” sai continued.
“ohh…are you sure he was the one at the bar?” I asked him
“ 110% yaar, he even said that ‘ I love boys, little girly boys like you give me soo much trouble’.” said sai, with his hand on his hips” shit you are growing boobs”

“ ya, are they growing. I wanna have them bigger” I said as I adjusted the strap for my bra.

Soon we were joined by gk, sai’s boyfriend who was a 3rd year medical student.

Gk was tall skinny and dark. He had a 6 inch long but slim cock. We took turns sucking the dick. I was much better than sai and made gk groan.
“fuck bitch, that’s it baby. Take this cock. Thoda aur andar lo baby.” moaned gk as I tried to deep throat the monster.

Sai sat there looking at me, I could see the jealousy in his eyes.
“ gk lets go to the other room and fuck no” said sai
“ wait baby lucky is just killing me with her mouth” he said “ why don’t you eat my ass.”

And soon the two feminine bodies had a man between us, with me sucking his cock as he bent over and was fingering my butt. And sai was licking and biting his ass hole. Gk was just moaning in pleasure.
“ get up both of you…” he said
As we stood up and looked at him.

“ utaro utaro apni panty utaro…” he commanded
We did so immediately removed our panties.
“now kiss each other” he said

We began making out with each other. Sai had very little fat anywhere except her bum. I caressed it as we kissed and she had her hands all over my chubby body.
“ now bend over bitches, let a man show you what can be done. Phuddi kholo randiyon and uss bed par kutte banjao.”he shouted
Both of us assumed the doggy position on the bed and looked back at him. He was putting on a condom. And then, rubbed some lotion on his dick. He began fucking sai. She began squealing in pleasure
“ owwww…ouch yes baby. Mujhe apni kuttiya bana de. Hmphhh” she growled.

“ yeah baby …I love you ugghh. Teri gaand badi pyari hai re sai” he said and kissed her ass.
“ hmmmppphh, baby thoda pyar se. Jal raha hai.” she said as I saw lust in her eyes.
“ baby pyar main no control…… ab tu bas leti jaa” he growled as his pace got faster
I sat looking at the lustful love making happening and kissed sai and gk from time to time.
“sai chusegi? Lucky baby get your cock sucked” he said.
Sai began sucking my cock as she was being fucked by gk.
Sweat was pouring off us as we were in a trance of lust.
“ fuck lucky for sometime” said sai as she panted and was trying to catch her breath.

I bent over and gks cock slid in. It wasn’t as big as percy’s and so I was relieved.
I began riding it back and forth. Up and down .
“ oh shit! Oh shit! I am gonna fucking cum “ shouted gk
“you bitch I am gonna cum” before he could remove his cock, I tightened my hole and held his thighs with my hands
“cum inside me you cutie. Cum inside me as your silly cross-dressing girlfriend watches” I thought smiling.

He began to convulse as his hot semen filled the condom.
“ fucking hell…….Teri gaand toh awesome hai baby.” gk exclaimed as he pulled his dick away.
“ tharki randi hai yeh” sai laughed asshe kissed me and then kissed her boyfriend.
“chal bhagg hostel ka time ho gaya hai” sai said.
I quickly changed and went back to the hostel feeling happy, recharged and loved.
To my surprise I ran into raj sir the next morning at the college canteen. It was early morning and the canteen was empty except for the tea vendor at one end.

“good morning sir” I barely managed to coo
“ hmmmpf” he said “ first year?” he asked
“yes sir” I said
“ engineering?” he asked
“ no sir bsc biotech” I replied

“ oh ho ……” I could see his interest was stirred
“ how are you finding it?” he asked as both he and I walked to the empty seats reserved for staff at the students cafeteria.
“ hard sir….Very difficult” I sighed as I carefully tried to take the conversation to a more casual direction.

“ arrey what is so hard ? Are you not interested in biotech” he asked
“ I am sir. But its just that hostel n studies etc are all so new. I am unable to concentrate on my studies” I said
“how much did you score in the semester 1 exams ?” he asked
“overall 56% “ I said

He immediately crinkled his face “ only 56% why are you wasting your parents money and your time?” he remarked
“ I want to study sir but…” I began to choke back tears. His remarks about my parents made me emotional. I began to cry.
“no point crying. You need to work harder. What is your name?” he asked
“lakshman” I said “you can call me lucky”

“what issues are you facing lucky?” he asked me as he put an arm around me .
“ sir …I ….I …” I stammered thinking if I should utter the next few words

“ arey boss itna roega toh kabhi nahi jitega” he said
“ sir I am a homosexual. I am in love with men and I am being harassed at my hostel” I said and waited for him to react.
He stared blankly “ its ok lucky, I have seen many boys like you in many batches. But always remember you need to fight”. He got up.
I had played my ace but he did not fall, maybe he was not gay. I was a fool a fool in love.

“you can come to my home in the evenings to study. I stay alone and I can help you with tuitions too” he said as he looked back.
“ I would love to sir” I was elated.

“ my gurudakshina will also be your results” he said and walked away.

Again I was confused whether he is my going to be a guiding teacher or my lusty lover.

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