Got Close With Smaller Cousin Brother

Hi, friends. This is my 1st story. Hope you all like it. Now let’s start, this experience is when I and my cousin priyansh were of 19, 18 years respectively. I am 5.5 inches tall and am not much of sporty or fit, while priyansh a younger cousin of mine is fairly tall, good complexion and an excellent football player with sexy legs and muscles.

Coming to the story, I and priyansh had to attend a dinner function at some relative’s place we didn’t even know much and so we met after a month maybe. I was in t-shirt and jeans and he had worn dark blue shorts, fluorescent yellow tee on top and his legs were as always muscular and hot. I and priyansh met at many functions and so knowing each other fairly well, we slipped off the boring function to the lawn downstairs and were sitting there talking randomly when suddenly priyansh slipped due to the wet lawn and fell down. I went to him and asked if he was fine, he was not looking fine although.

I asked him to relax and started lightly massaging his legs and told him that he will feel nice. Then he felt good later as the jerk he got subsided. Then he was all wet so I told him to remove his tee, bit reluctant he removed it and then I complimented him on his muscles and asked if he had a girlfriend? He said no, shyly. Then, he asked if I had one? I said no. Slowly we opened up and we asked each other about masturbation and all and I finally got him agreed to have mutual jerking. So we both took off our clothes and I was amazed by his dick, fair as milk, fresh as a flower, he looked so hot! He also looked at me. 5 inches, uncut, blackish as I was. We then started jerking each other and as he touched me I felt currents flowing through me and was in heaven. I asked him then if he knew about blowjobs. Shocked, he said ya but, I have never got one.

I then without saying a word pounced on his dick like a hungry slut and started sucking his dick. Firstly he tried to move me away but as he saw that I was really into it, he started enjoying it and made moaning sounds. I was 6 inches and he was around 4-5 and I took his entire dick in my mouth just as a five-year-old licking a lollipop. He then suddenly became stiff and I sensed he was about to cum, so like a straw I sucked hard on his dick and he then released a good over a load of sizzling hot cum into my mouth. He was so horny that his eyes had a lust in them now, eager to get more. So I asked him that did he like it. He nodded yes bhai.

For me it was like a dream come true, only for priyansh had I ever felt this that I want to suck him all the time. Seeing his sexy sporty body, I instantly get turned on. Then I told him that give me a foot job with your sexy legs. Horny as he was he instantly agreed and then we both got in position and he wrapped his muscular hot legs on my dick and slowly started going up and down, then as he increased his speed I felt as if I was going to stay like this forever and suddenly I splashed a big load of cum onto his chest and I then licked my cum up from his chest thus making him all wet in my saliva from chest to legs. Then I told him that have u ever fucked a boy/girl? He said no bhai. I then turned over and bent in position. He must have understood what my intentions were and so he told bhai!?

I told I am not your bhai today, think of me as your slave and fuck me priyansh. I told him to spit and finger my ass first which he did then slowly he started putting his dick but as he was younger, it was not much painful for me, however, it was both f our first time so we went slow and careful. Slowly his throbbing cock between my ass cheeks made me so horny that I almost begged him to do faster and he was fucking me with all the might he had and we both were all together in a different world of ecstasy and pleasure. Then he released his cum in my ass only and his wet hot cum felt so good in my ass that I could let him fuck me all night. Then we both lay nude and exhausted on the lawn thinking of our experience when suddenly a different power came in me and leaving all other thoughts I grabbed priyansh and put my dick in his mouth.

Now he felt awkward as he was yet small but at that time I just didn’t fucking care and was so hard that I almost gagged him and pushed his head to engulf my hard dick and he also now obeyed sucking my dick like a nice boy. When I thought that I am about to cum I quickly removed my dick and then put my dick at the opening of his dick almost like exchanging my cum into his and he also felt a bit dazed to see me as even he hadn’t expected this from my side. Then I put my middle finger in his small round ass and almost like a toy dragged him by my finger still in his ass and my the movements of my finger in his virgin cute ass he moaned as loudly as if I were fucking him, and he has also guessed what was to come next. But to his surprise, I let go of him and instead laid him down and got in a 69 position and licked his tasty cum for the 2nd time and now he also sucked me. Now for the part of me fucking him, wait a bit guys, hope u liked this part. Do comment, like.