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Hi Guys,

Back again with another experience. My name is Kabir, I am 26 yrs old and have shared a bunch of my stories here at ISS from my massage experience to the story called metro to the bedroom.

Those of you who have read my earlier experiences know that I am a pure bottom, submissive and girly and love to CD at times. Im 5″5 in height, fair and have a nice round butt.

The story I am about to narrate happened a few weeks ago. I usually meet a lot of people through Skype while having some fun. I usually spend my weekdays looking for people to Skype with through online chat room. This one evening I was really horny and was looking for someone to Skype with. After 20 mins of searching, I get a message from this guy who lives in Jaipur. He told me he is about 40 yrs old and is really into CD bottoms. We started chatting and he said why dont we move this conversation to Skype. I said sure and we exchanged our Skype ids to chat there.

He added me on Skype and we started chatting there. First, it was just general questions and then slowly we got into having fun. He told me he loves girly bottoms and that he wanted to see me in a girly dress. I obliged and within two mins put on this sexy red nightgown and came on cam. He had a big cock and I was super horny for him. We both got horny and were shaking our cocks on cam. After some time he asked me where I lived and I said Gurgaon. He asked me if I would be willing to come to Jaipur as he really wanted to fuck me. I thought it was a joke and started laughing, but he was serious about it. He wanted us to meet. The thought of meeting a stranger was making me even hornier. I kept changing the topic as I was just looking for Skype fun and I didnt know the guy at all to meet him.

Anyways, we spoke that night for 2 hours and after that said we will talk later.

The next evening he pinged me again saying “did you think about what I said?” I said the same thing that I didnt know him. We spoke that day again for 1 hour where I got to know more about him. He was one of those typical desi men who like to talk dirty and abuse and that really turns me on. We spoke and after a while, he asked me again ” please come to Jaipur”. This time around I started thinking that it might not be that bad. After talking a few more times on Skype he convinced me to come to Jaipur. He told me he stayed alone and if I did end up coming to Jaipur I can stay with him.

A few days later, I was sitting at home looking at train tickets and how awesome would be to meet this older dude and stay with him. I got excited and booked myself on a train to Jaipur the following weekend. In the evening, I met the guy again online and I told him I am coming to Jaipur Next weekend. He didnt believe me at first but then I showed him my ticket. He got super excited and so was I. While talking on Skype we made plans of what we would do on this trip.

Anyways, the weekend came and I was packing and put in all my panties, dresses etc and took a cab to the train station. The guy was constantly messaging me to ask if I had boarded the train and if I had left. He had told me he would pick me up from the station. After a short train journey, I had reached Jaipur. He messaged me saying hes waiting for me at the platform. When I got off the train I started looking for him. After 5 mins of searching, I saw him and he saw me. He was a tall, slightly old dude wearing a red t-shirt and shorts. When we saw each other we exchanged a courteous hug and started to move to his car.

He kept smiling while we were walking to the car and so I asked him why are you grinning and he replied promptly saying ” I cant believe youre here, I cant wait to fuck that ass”. I just smiled and said “acha”?.

We reached the parking lot where his car was parked and I put in my bags and sat in the front seat. As soon as I got in, he unzipped his pants and took out his cock and asked me to suck him while he drove. I was a little surprised but I was horny as well and slowly wrapped my fingers around his cock and started to jerk him. I told him I wont suck him in the car as people can see. He was polite enough to agree and not force himself on me. I kept stroking his cock and after about 15 mins we reached his house.

I picked up my bags and he escorted me to his apartment. It was a nice small cozy apartment and had one bedroom there. As soon as we got in, I kept my bags and he got me a glass of water. Before I could even finish drinking it he asked me to strip down
And get naked. I was confused but went ahead with it. He was touching me everywhere. I slowly dropped all my clothes and was not standing naked in front of this man.

He ran his fingers along my body and then slapped my ass hard. He told me “I would fuck you like a slut tonight”. I was turned on but still nervous. After touching me everywhere he asked me to wear a bra, panty, and a dress. I did so and after changing came out of the bathroom and saw him completely naked on the bed.

His eyes were filled with lust when he saw me and he asked me to come sit next to him. I did sit and put my hand on his cock. He was already hard and I started to stroke it. He asked me if I could suck him now, I looked at him and then moved towards his crotch. I first liked the tip once and he got super aroused.

I then slowly took all his 7 inches in my mouth and slowly started to suck on him. First I went slow then start to deep throat him hard. After 5 mins of sucking him, he asked me to get into 69 position. My ass was now on his face with his tongue up my hole rimming me. My mouth was still full Of his cock and I was loving every bit of it. We were in 69 position for about 10 mins before he asked me to take off all my clothes and sit on his lap and grind with his cock. I was just doing whatever he wanted and in a second I jumped from being rimmed to now sitting completely naked on his cock. He rubbed his cock in between my ass cheeks and teased me with it. His hands were caressing my boobs and his tongue exploring my mouth.

After rubbing against me for a while he pushed me forward and asked me to bend forward. I was now in a doggy position with my ass facing his cock. He slapped my ass a few times hard before slowly penetrating my hole. It felt amazing. His throbbing hot cock was now slowly entering me. We put some lube as I was tight and couldnt accommodate his monster. After putting some lube his cock entered my asshole smoothly.

He was holding me by my waist while slowly pounding my ass from behind. He went from slow to hard with his thrusts and after about 2-3 mins was drilling my hole proper. He kept abusing me and calling me his slut which was making me extremely horny.

He pounded me hard for 5-7 mins after which he asked me to come and sit on his cock.

He turned me around got onto the bed and asked me to come sit on him so he could fuck me that way. I did that as well and now was riding his cock hard. He fucked me good in that position for about 10 mins before which he said he wants to cum in my mouth.

He took out his cock and got me on my knees and mouth fucked me. He was deep throating me while moaning hard that hes about to cum. After 2-3 mins he came in my mouth. I could feel a hot sticky load inside my mouth and was dripping onto my boobs. He shot a big load and I was covered in cum. He asked me to go wash nad have a bath if I wanted to.

I rushed to the bathroom as I was dripping with cum. I was still horny as I hadnt cum as yet. I was showering and suddenly I see him behind me rubbing my ass again. While one his caressed and spanked my ass cheeks his other hand was jerking my cock. My ass was pushing on him as I was getting close to cum. Within minutes I burst my load in his hand.

After that, we both kissed and made out while in the shower. We came out of the bathroom in just our towels and lay on the bed. I was tired and exhausted as I had been fucked good and just needed to relax now. I ended up spending two nights with him and had one of the best experiences.

So guys that was that. Like I told you I stayed with him for two more nights and both nights we only fucked all the time.

Hope you guys liked it. It was an awesome experience and hope you guys enjoy reading it. Please please send in your comments and get in touch with me on the below Id:

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Id love to hear from you boys. I wont bite :)