Its My Destiny

Hi friends I am harry again with my new experience …friend if u have liked my previous stories plz message me on planet Romeo Id harry_brar120 and plz leave a feedback for this story as well in the comment section as well as on PR ….one thing I want to tell u I dont write any fake story and am always looking for new experiences so that can write a story on it …..its a hard task and only ur comments will encourage me to grow …

Now coming on to the story …as u all know I am a slutty bottom gay and by now I am not at all hesitant to admit it but since I am married now so I am dont accept it socially ……I am basically from Punjab ..but have to work in Various cities due to my professional constrains ….so one day I took leave from my job and went to Punjab ( Jalandhar) for holidays along with my wife ..I have been married now for more than 6 months and havent had the pleasure of company of any man since then …so my asshole was itching badly and I was longing for a dick I finally decided to try something out in Jalandhar …there were many guys on planet Romeo but fed up with all of them wanted to try something thing unplanned ….but didnt get lucky so ..ohad to enjoy with my wife only till then day as I was going on a walk with my wife I say that there is an orchestra centre near my place and its a shady shop and opens only in evening ..these are basically dancers who dance in marriages and functions but their main job is generally prostitution..

seeing that I went back along with my wife and told her will go outside to buy some ice cream and will be back soon …ice cream was just an excuse actually wanted to explore this orchestra center ….I was not afraid as some known person will recognise me or not ..I was curious about whats happening behind the scenes I entered this duplex shop …to my shop k there was a hizara who was running the shop …just by seeing him there I got an instant erection and blood flow to my ass hole … remembering all my earlier experience s …he was very friendly and his name is Raju .

Raju: aao ji ki haal chaal hai tuhada( how r u dear)
Me: vadhiyaa ji( me good)
Raju : ki chahida( what do u want)
Me : tusi ( I want u )

Raju gave me a seductive smile and said . …main taan raat nu 12 vajey ton baad mil sakdaa..par main deni nahi leni hai( I can only meet after midnight and I am a top not bottom ) ….
Me: okay main vi leni nahi deni hi si( I am a bottom and winked at him)

Raju fully thrilled held my hand and took me upstairs to show his rooms and I also went along with him …on his way upstairs he kept on touching my ass and caressing it
Raju : chuttad bade tight hain tere taan ( ur ass is good and tight)
Me : mas meharbaani tuhadi

The moment I reached the top floor of shop I was shocked to see the scene …there were 4 other hizaras ..who were dancers of his group and they were having sex with 2 guys ..they all were bottom and these guys were fucking those hizaras ..and there were no rooms or any partition was all in open

Not that I have ever done it in front of anyone ..but I dont know these guys and they might know my family …so I was hesitant …quickly sensing that raju told me to follow him to the terrace …it was an open Terrance with no asking building …as soon as we reached terrace ..raju asked me ” ethey theek hai” ( r u comfortable here) …I nodded my head in affirmation ..and went back into my sissy mode …..raju grabbed me by my ass and pulled me closer and lip locked me ..I was in seventh heaven as I was waiting for it ..he inserted his tongue I side me and explored my mouth and I resiprocate the gesture .. meanwhile raju said : nanga ho jaa( get nude) ..I said not here someone will see .at which he said ” hundaa hain ke nicheyoon bands bulaa ke Teri bund padwaa dawaange”( either u get nude or will call everyone from below and get ur asshole torn) …

Afraid of the threatening ..I started removing my clothes I removed my t shirt first and then my shorts was in my undies and raju was exploring my. body …since I have been bottom gay for around 15 years now .I had bitch tits its like of a 8-9 yrs old girl …he was amazed at seeing that …and came closer to me and started touching those and I moaned instantly ( tits r my weak point) ..aaah …
Raju : mumme taan tere bade some hain …bahut wadda bundal lagdaa hain tu menu ( u tits r really u good and u look like a very desperate bottom)

I just smiled and kept my face down as if I am shy
Raju dropped my panties ( yes I was wearing my wifes panties)and started pressing my ass hard

Raju: kinne Ku bandeyaan nu ditti hai ajj tak( how many guys have u enjoyed with till date)
Me : many ..I dont event know how many …

at which he kissed me hard and pressed my tits with one hand and circling my ass hole with other I was also now enjoying fully and was pressing passionately at his groin area …

Raju :: badi jaldi lagdi hai tenu bund marwaaun di …tu ik number di gashti wargaa hain …( Ur in a hurry to get fucked …u r just like a very cheap slut )
I was thrilled to hear those words ..I then hesitantly removed his t shirt and shorts …he also had pointing nipples and had a big cock …I was looking surprisingly at his body at which he said ” chal ho ja shuru meri kanjariyee ..chup mera lunch ” ( get started u whore start sucking my dick)…

And I obliged happily …took the full dick in my mouth like a hungry whore ..and started sucking …he was moaning and abusing me in Punjabi …” Kyaa lunch choosdi hai eh behan di laudi …tenu taan main top di gashti banaungaa…aaahhhhh..tu Hun meri ban ke raheingi”

Now he took his dick out and it was really very tasty ..and believe me I have tasted many till date .

He told me to turn around and I took support with the terrace railing and became doggy style opening my ass wide for him ..he smiled at my desperation and experience and spat on my ass hole to lubricate ..I love it when some on fucks me like this in a raw manner …then he inserted one finger in my hole ..which went easily and started circling inside my ass hole to lubricate it fully and I was moaning like a bitch …
“Ohhhh raju ..meri bund phad de yaar( raju plz tear my ass apart )”
He spanked me and kept his dick head near my hole and I stopped him plz wear a condom which he said ..let it be like this only as he likes to fuck bareback …but I insisted that I will not get fucked without condom …so finally he got angry and angrily rushed to down floor saying.” Huney condom leyaana saaliye kanjariyee tu esey Taran hi reh main huney aaya” ( will get a condom for u whore ..u maintain ur position) ….

I thought he has gone to get condoms and I was happy and maintained my doggy position awaiting raju … Within 2 mins I heard sound off foot steps on stairs and was happy that raju is back and action will commence now …as he entered I came back to my position …and like a bitch I wanted him to fuck me …but to my surprise ..he got along with him all 6 people who were fucking down below ….and as I turned around I saw them and tried to cover my assets with hands and was ashamed of my plight at which raju told them

Raju : dekho is kanjari nu nu condom chaidaa maharani nu chudan lai..( look at this whore she needs a condom to get fucked )
Raju: ajj es saali di bund maar ke es u poori Taran ik kharaab ban deyoo saare ( today u all fuck him and make him an eunuch like us)

I was horrified to hear that and wanted to go back now …was also thinking about my wife whole I have promised that will come back soon ..and also was afraid that what they will do to me now …and will they harm me .and what a mistake I made by making Raju angry ….to be continued and everyone please comment on this