Boy Made Cross Dresser

Hi, I am a male of 32 years, but I like to cross dress. I used to work as a techie in a company in Bangalore but my love for a cross dress made me leave it. My parents broke relation with me when they caught me with my bf in college days and from then I am living alone. They dont know even that I am alive or dead. This is my story of why I left my job. I used to work in this it company in Bangalore and my team leader was an arrogant person. I never used to get along with him. I liked to cross dress and due to that, I used to wear bra and panty beneath my regular clothes. There was a dress code in our company as we were dealing with overseas, we had to wear a black suit with white shirt and red tie to it. I used to fight with my boss every now and then. He was a strong build up 6 feet long person and I am 5 feet, 4-inch short chubby man. I still do not have facial hairs.

This happened about 4 yrs before. There was a progress meet and my boss shouted on me for some reason in which I was not at fault. So I too quarreled with him in the conference room. I got frustrated and went out to the loo to freshen up. The meeting was stopped. I was peeing when my boss also came in the loo. I ignored him and went to wash my hands. I opened the tap and the water came with full force that it hit the sink and spilled on my shirt. The shirt became transparent and my bra was easily seen. I quickly turned to my boss and he too saw that what I didnt want him to see. I hurriedly took my coat and rushed to the door but he pulled my to one of the toilets and shut the door. He made me sit on the toilet seat and-and was standing at the door in front of me. His crotch was at my mouth level. He took his cell phone started shooting, I tried to stop him but he pushed me down on the seat. I told boss please dont tell anyone, please. He replied laughing dont worry I wont.

I got some relief but he continued, you like to shout a lot no? Now open your mouth. Saying this he unzipped his pant and took out his dick and placed it on my lips. I took his dick and started sucking it. He laughed you bitch didnt need to tell anything. Good. I gave him a blow job and he was filming this. He pulled my hair and pushed his dick further into my mouth. After some minutes he started fucking my mouth. I was not able to control him he was drilling my mouth and was about to cum when he took it out and spread all his load on my face.

He shot all this on his phone and told me to go back on my desk. I went back he too came out and I received a video on Whatsapp. It was his and mine. I replied sir please delete it. He said give me your resignation or I will show it to all. I had no option than to do as he said. I typed my resignation and within 2 days I got relieved of my job. The last day when I was leaving my office and was about to take the bus to my flat, the boss came in his car and told me to sit in it. I did as he still had the video. He asked me now what will you do, I told I will work somewhere else.

Boss: but I wont let you work.
Me: why? Please dont harass me.
Boss: I have some job for you.
He pointed to his dick and moved to his dick and started giving him blowjob. He was driving the car. He told me to eat all the cum this time so I was gently pushing my head towards his dick and when he unloaded I took all in my mouth. I sat back on my seat and saw he had taken me somewhere else. It was an apartment. He told me to follow him, I obeyed. We entered a closed flat. When we went in it was a 2 bhk posh flat.

Boss: this is my flat. The other one. You will live here from now on.
Me: why?

Boss: from now on you are my mistress and will live as Neha.
I said boss please dont do this. He told me I dont have any other option and he knows that my parents have broken all contact with me so I had to do as he said.

Boss: go into bedroom there are some clothes wear it and come out as Neha.

I went in and saw a red nightie and lingerie on the bed. I wore it and came out. He saw me and all hell went loose he stood up came near me and pushed to the wall and started smooching me. He was pressing my man boobs and biting my lips, it was too hard but I was getting wet with that. He then slowly moved to my dick and pressed there I screamed. He slapped me and said only feminine voice. He made me bent and went for my asshole. I was not virgin in my ass so he was easily able to penetrate he tore the nightie and made me on all four. He started pumping me drilling me, I started moaning ah ah ahh ahhh… He pulled my hair and was going further in my ass. I was saying slowly but he said bitch you have no command and slapped my ass he pinched my boobs and pulled my hair. This went on for 10 min and he finally cummed in my ass.He went and sat on the sofa and told me to go and dress up. I wore a gown and came he ordered me to make food for him. I did and then he left for his home. That was the day my boss became my real boss and I started living a crossdresser Nehas life.