Weekend With A Young Indian Sex Stories Reader

Hello, friends this Sharik from Delhi once again with his 8-inch dick came here to tell you about the recent incident in which I fucked a hot Indian Sex Stories dot net reader.

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I got so many appreciations by likes and hangout message for my last sex story. I also got a message from a girl named April (named changed for obvious reasons) she told that she really liked my sex story and I made her too wet and she is currently living in Delhi. So, friends, this was an invitation for a casual sex relationship.

I replied her saying thanks then she said before we start she wants to assure her privacy as first consent. Obviously, every girl would want this and I agreed to her and we started chatting on the hangout. The first day, we chat about ourselves that where we live and what do we do.

She told that she is a 23yrs old working woman and work in an MNC and lives with her sister in South Delhi. I told her I am 22yrs old, so she said, “I m too young” but she knew that I can satisfy her holes completely. While talking in the night, I seduced her and we went into sex chat.

Then, we had a video call on the hangout and also had cam sex there. This is the first time when I saw her and when she revealed her inner beauty. She had a huge pair of melons with pink nipples and she was pressing it while murmuring my name. She opens her black panty on cam and revealed her cleaned shaved vagina to me.

She is having a very nice and cute pink pussy and she was rubbing her pussy harder. I also jerked my penis in front of her. We were now very comfortable with each other. So, we planned to meet at her place so that she feels safe (girl often hesitate to go at boys place).

On Saturday morning, I reached at her place by 11 oclock. I pressed the bell and after 2 minutes she opened the door. She was in shorts and pink tops. Her hairs were tied behind her head with a rubber band. We greeted each other with a smile and then she showed me the way to the drawing room. She asked me for coffee. “Sure” I replied and after few minutes she came back with coffee and some sandwich.

We talked about the last night and I appreciated her figure. I loved her boobs which are perfectly shaped and huge. I have fucked many girls but very rare of them had such boobs. She already appreciated my dick which was saluting at her while we were talking. She smiled while looking at it.

After finishing our breakfast, some sauce was left on our lips. I came closer to her grabbed her waist with my right hand and firmly placed my lips over her lips and sensually started kissing her. I guess she was already seduced because she was warm and she was breathing heavily.



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She started supporting me and went into deep smooch and I moved my left hand on her right boob and slightly pressed her and started massaging it. Then, I placed my hand on her top and unhooked her bra and took the, off and released her boobs.

She also took my shirt away from my body and hugged me and we were feeling our heat and then I kissed on her neck and also bit her there. She was biting my ears and neck, we were acting crazy. I moved below her neck and started kissing at her boobs.

I was sucking her nipple and smashing her other boobs, she was pressing my head in her boobs just like she wants to tell me that dont stop and keep sucking. She was making noises like ahh ahh ahh ahh and pressing my head on her boobs.

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I unbuttoned her shorts and inserted my hand in her shorts and what a feeling it was! I had put my hand in a tub filled with jelly. She was too wet that my hand became totally wet with her juice. I licked my finger and also inserted in her mouth, she licked her own juice.

Then, I removed my pants and also removed her panty. I ask her to lean over the couch and I looked at her pussy from behind and started kissing her and eating her cum, it was salty at first but later, I started liking it. I opened her vaginal lips and sucked her hole and clitoris.

I took her clitoris between my lips and started sucking it and she started screaming and laughing at the same time and then bummed in my mouth in few minutes. I sat on the couch and asked her to give me a blowjob and without any hesitation, she took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it like a lollypop.

I was a pro in this, I must say. I inserted my finger in her ass and pussy and seduced her G-spot. She was seduced and then she said lets have real fun, she cant wait now. She leaned over the couch and I took a position in doggy style and in a single stroke, my dick penetrated half of her vagina and she screamed and said little slowly your dick is big and its hurting.

I pulled it and pushed it again with a little less thrust and again she screamed with ah but I think this time she endured it and within 5 or 6 strokes, she took my dick completely and started moving her ass too and fro. I increased the pace and started hanging her, she was moaning with ah uh and also saying that dont stop, yes fuck me, keep fucking me like this.

This was almost 15 minutes that she came and her speed was getting slower. I pulled my dick out and tried to insert it in her ass, my penis was covered in her cum, so it acted as a lubricant and it slipped into her ass.

I think she had taken dick in ass earlier, so I pushed roughly and slowly started fucking her ass, she was enjoying it her ass which was too tight and it was squeezing my dick from every inch.

I pressed her boobs from behind and kissed her back and took her hairs and started fucking her at full pace and almost after 20 minutes, I came in her ass. And she again gave me a nice blowjob and this was the end of this session.

I stayed at her place that night and fucked her five times, both her pussy and ass.

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