My Real Life Story, Part 1

Hello, Im N (I am not going to reveal my name for privacy ). From the first day, I remember that I liked aunties more than any actress. This sex story describes my desperate attempt to seduce a number of aunties, finally, I succeeded.

This first incident happened when I was in high school, I live with my parents, Im their only son. The place I live is a bit remote, not the city, so it was kind of village. There was my heroin, her name was Suma.

She was not that good looking, bit dark in color, her boobs were very small, she is from poor family background. Her husband is a drinker. So condition in their house was not so good. She had a daughter named Laxmi, she is elder to me. Her age at that time may be 26.

She was married and she used to come to meet and help out her mom. One day, there was some problem with the water supply unit. Since we had well in our house Suma Aunty and Laxmi akka came to our house to get some water.

Laxmi akka was bitten on the healthier side, she had huge boobs, considerably much flesh on her chest for her age. Guess, she was having a good time in the bed with her husband. Nevertheless, my mom was busy in household works and my mom instructed me to help them. I was not happy because I was watching TV. Well, this event turned out to be good.

I was in 18 during this time. So Laxmi akka tied her nighty up and started pulling water from the well. I was helping her to get the bucket and empty it and giving her back. Suma Aunty was also wearing nighty but she didnt tie up her nighty. In my region, ladies wearing jeans is considered to be indecent. But ladies wear nighty tucked up and display their thighs, they do that while working at home while washing clothes etc.

Even my mom does that, and Laxmi aunty tucked up her nighty above knee level and I was watching her juicy thighs. Since Suma aunty was also there she caught me watching at her daughters thighs. Well, she didnt say anything to me but asked her daughter not to tuck her nighty. That was embarrassing, but at that time I was not aware of the situation.

Since I was small, Laxmi akka didnt say anything. So, she tucked off her nighty. This was just the beginning, I didnt notice then but if I remember properly Laxmi akka was kind of teasing me. But nothing happened then.


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One day, my mom was not home and it was having half day class, since I didnt tell my mom, she was not having any idea about my early return to home, so that afternoon, I had to stay for brief period of time with Suma aunty, I was kinda hoping that I could see Laxmi akka, but she had been to her husbands house.

But I tried my luck on Suma aunty. When I reached home, I saw the door was closed, Suma aunty saw me and called me to stay with her till my mom returns. So I went, there was some casual talk. After that, she asked me to wash my hands and legs so that I can have lunch, so I went to the bathroom, it was away from the house by a few meters.

I tried to seduce her. I didnt zip myself, I went in front of her, she saw my penis and said nothing, her husband was sleeping in other room, he is drunk. After few minutes, she told me to sit down on the floor and served me food, while serving she bent and I could see her small boobs, she doesnt wear a bra and it was fully visible.

I started touching myself while eating, she didnt say anything, I actually came on the floor, she got angry and told me to get up and clean myself, and she told not to do that again, she served me new meal, since my cum fell on the food, I was scared a bit. She noticed that and tried to be nice to me.

She told that if I wanted to touch myself she said to do it alone in the bathroom. I said ok, later I said sorry and said not to tell my mom. She said ok. Later when my mom returned, she came to my mom and was talking about something, I was scared a lot. But she didnt tell the incident happened.

My mom told me that I was well behaved and Suma aunty told her that I am a very good boy. So I didnt get anything, she never said anything like that before but today she was different. So I thought she liked it but acted as if she didnt like it. So I started testing her, whenever I found her alone doing her household works, I used to spy on her, I got an idea about her everyday schedule.

So on Sundays, I used to play outside the home since her house was close to my house, I was waiting for her to come outside and I used to put my penis out and used to talk with her casually. This happened for several months. So when I got summer holidays, I was happy because I can seduce her.

But Laxmi akka came to stay along with her since she gave birth to a girl child. I was disappointed because if Suma aunty was alone I could have seduced her, but now Laxmi akka was along with her. But this was not bad after all because she was breastfeeding her child.

As I told she has got big boobs, now the boobs got even bigger. I and my mom went to their home to see that baby. The baby was very cute. When we went, the baby was sleeping, I was looking after the baby and my mom, aunty and akka were talking. Then, we went back of our home. I asked my mom that I wanted to see the baby and play with the baby, she said ok.

All I wanted is to see was my akka breastfeeding. I slowly went to their home, I called akka and she answered, and told me to enter and asked me what I wanted, I said I wanted to play with the baby, she said that the baby was sleeping. I said, “I will come later” to which she said, “I will call u when the baby is awake”.

So in the evening, she called me to play with the baby. But when I went to her house, she told me to sit along with the baby, after few minutes, she started feeding her baby, she took her boobs out, it was so huge, I noticed that she didnt wear a bra. But before pregnancy, she used to wear a bra. I started staring at her boobs, she noticed that but didnt say anything.

Her one boob was inside her nighty. At the same time, Suma aunty entered the room, she was a bit surprised that Laxmi akka is breastfeeding in front of me as ladies usually cover during breastfeeding. But back then, I thought she wanted sex, but she is kind of the lady who seeks attention.

But I was not aware of it. It was fun for me too. This time Suma aunty didnt say anything, she also sat there and we talked casually, and they were flirting with me. She was telling me that I grew some mustache, and Im growing up. I was blushing. I made sure that Suma aunty didnt catch me watching Laxmi akkas boobs.

So, when she was there, I didnt even dare to watch. Akka noticed that and told Suma aunty, she was laughing. Suma aunty told me it was fine because Im growing child and this happens to everyone, in the conversation she suddenly mentioned about me putting my penis out while playing outside, I was shocked because akka was sitting in front, but I guess she already knew about that. Her expression was normal.

I said nothing, and acted like nothing happened, seeing my uneasiness akka asked me to put some powder on ur penis so that it wont itch u, I said ok ( they made it up, because I was young and they knew what I was doing, they tried to talk to me but since I was scared and not feeling up to it, they made an excuse for my acts, but all 3 of us know what was happening).

Well, from that day onwards I was scared to even talk to them. I was so naive. So nothing happened after that. Days went on, this was my first attempt seducing aunties. Part 2 of the sex story is going to be more interesting, please read it.