Milky Cross Dresser (Part 1)

This is my sex story how I started exploring myself as a guy who always loves to wear women attire and explore myself from a man. I started crossdressing from the age of 16 years.

After my 12th standard exams, I went to Delhi from my graduation. I used to stay in Noida alone in a flat. Slowly I started doing part time jobs. So, that I can buy my women attires and can live the dream I want to. I started with a bra, panty, and nighty. Later I moved towards salwar kameez. Blouse, Saree, and cosmetics.

Day by day my urge of being a female started growing up. My body hormones started changing drastically. My chests were growing into breasts. I used to wear two three t-shirts inside so, that nobody can notice my boobs in college. I used to stay in a flat and my owner used to stay on the ground floor. He was around 50 years old but very masculine person. His wife and son stay in Dehradun as his son is studying there. One day I was alone at home doing my household work. I was wearing a kurta and tight skinny jeans. Inside I was wearing a red padded bra 36c and a panty.

Suddenly the door bell rang and I was shocked who was it. I opened the door it was my landlord. He came to collect the rent. I invited him inside and told him to sit. I gave him a glass of water and the rent. He was staring at my kurta in a very horny way. Later when he left I went to the mirror and noticed that my bra was fully visible as my kurta got wet because of the household activities I was doing.

I was so tensed now what if he knows about my crossdressing activities and my boobs. Then one day I was having shower removing my body hair. The doorbell rang again. I wrapped the towel around my waist and ran towards the door but I forgot that I dont have a chest anymore. I have two hanging melons. I opened the door and it was my landlord again with a bottle of wine and some snacks.

I invited him inside and told him to sit. He was staring at my boobs and I was hiding. He told me that he was alone at home and wanted to have some good time along with some wine and music with me. I knew his intentions and I was full happy from inside. I told him to sit down and relax and let me go and change myself. I wore a tight t-shirt and a short. I played some music and sat next to him. We started exchanging our life stories.

After half bottle down, we both were quite tipsy and started exploring our sex lives. He said its more than 5 years he didnt have sex with anyone. I was quite happy how about me exploring myself and also satisfying his lust. Suddenly he asked me about that day incident me wearing a bra. Then maybe because of the wine, I started telling him about my crossdressing life and how I wanted to explore myself as women to a man. Then slowly he came close to me and kissed me on my lips.

That was the first kiss with a man. He said he wants to fulfill my dream and also satisfy his lust. I agreed to continue but he stopped in between and told me to change into beautiful women. I ran to my room and closed the door. First I took a red padded bra and panty. I hooked the bra from behind and pulled out my breasts so, that it can give a good and big cleavage. Then I took a red deep neck cut blouse and wore it.

After that, I took a petticoat and then I started dropping a red transparent saree. I applied some kajal, red glossy lipstick, red bindi, earnings, some red bangles, and sindoor on my forehead. I looked myself in the mirror. And I was stunned to see myself as women. There it was me a newly married wife waiting for his husbands friend to get fucked in absence of his husband.

Then I invited him to my room and he was shocked to see the change in me. He hugged me and started kissing me wildly. I too responded him back. While kissing each other my saree pallu dropped and grabbed my boobs from the blouse and started kissing my cleavage. I was getting hornier and moaning. He opened the hook of my bra and started caressing my melons without removing my bra. I was so happy that those were my own melons not the fake one and I am satisfying a man with those melons.

Then he removed my saree and threw me on the bed. I was there lying in red bra and petticoat. He told me to kneel down on the bed and he brought his pants near my face. I knew it whats gonna happen next. This is me as women who is going to suck a cock for the first time. He opened his pant and he standing near my face in his undies. I grabbed his cock without removing his undies. My gosh, it was big and hard. I liked the smell of his dick. I immediately took out his undies and took his meat in my hand and started pulling up and down. He was enjoying a lot.

Then I took his meat in my mouth and started giving him a blowjob. (guys there is n taste in sucking a dick but its pleasure you are giving to your partner while having sex). I sucked him for around 20 mins and spread his sperms in my face. I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself. In fact, my dick was still hard on. I came back and he hugged me from behind and started kissing my neck. Thats my turn on point. I again grabbed his dick and started his pulling in and out while he was kissing me. I dont know and from where it came out but I whispered in ears (please fuck me, baby).

He got excited threw me in my bed lifted my petticoat and placed his dick with some gel in front of a virgin pussy asshole. I again told him babe get that rod him inside me. I want your meat to be deep inside me. He got horny by my words and started inserting his dick slowly. First, it was hurting badly then slowly when I relaxed, I started enjoying and moaning a lot. While fucking me in missionary position he played me on and started unhooking my bra and threw it away. He was sucking my boobs and I was moaning heavily. Ohh, babe!! Ahhhh!!! Ahhh!! Babe…Fuck me… More deeply… Make me your women… I am loving it. Ahhh..

Then I told him to change the position. My favorite position riding on top of your partner. I told him to lay down. I sat on his dick and adjusted and slowly it went deep inside me. It almost hit my g spot. And trust me I was so fully satisfied and moaning heavily. After 15 mins of the fucking session, he said he was about to cum. I told him to come inside and left his sperms deep inside me. I went to the bathroom and threw all my sperms in the floor. I took a shower and cleaned myself. I went to the back room.

He was about to leave and promised me he will come back to his wife and son comes back. I went closed kissed him on his lips and thanked me for satisfying me and helping me to explore the women inside me, which I was waiting for a long long time. So, guys, this is the first session of my sex story. Next will be uploaded soon. To be in touch with me. My planet Romeo ID is: anxiety and my email address are: [email protected] Thanks and love you all.