Another Business Trip- Part I

Hi all,

As most of you know I am a bisexual male and I like to cd (crossdress). I am quite fair, 5ft10 and quite hairless all over. Am also a bit of a nudist. I love to cd and expose myself which always results in making me hard and I cumm a lot.

This happened a few years ago( about the time when camera mobiles were just launched in India). I had to attend a CPL of meetings with some clients in South India. I packed my stuff and since my trip was to be almost a week long. The thought of being alone and in a town where no one knew me, I decided to buy some lingerie to take along so I could dress when alone in my hotel.

My train was in the evening so I went out to a market around 30 mins drive from my place and found a shop run by an uncle selling some nice lingerie. I bought my size bra, panty and lace leggings. It was street market day in that area and I saw a guy selling some nice floral skirts. I selected one with red flowers and small bells on it. My shopping complete I stopped over at the local general store and bought a fresh razor, paste, brush etc.. And of course some condoms, and on the way back for the long journey ahead I bought some whiskey.

So finally I reached my apartment all excited to try my new lingerie before I go the railway station. I took a quick shower, cleaned my pubes and wore my panty. Ohhhh what a feeling I get every time I wear lingerie. Well I tried on the bra, and put some spare cloth pads in it and I was looking my self in the mirror and getting a hands free hard on.

It was getting time to leave for the station. I opened my bra and packed my girly stuff in a plastic bag and put in on top of my clothes in suitcase. I checked my stuff, locked my apartment and moved to the station.

I reached my platform and boarded the train and got onto my first class cabin feeling relieved to be in the comfort of air conditioning away from the humid heat of the early monsoon season in north india. I placed my bags under the seat and sat there cooling off. The attendant came and welcomed me and asked me if I wanted anything. I asked his name ” swaminathan” ( lets call him swami). I asked for some cold water and asked him if the there was any one joining me in the cabin. He replied I am only passenger till bhopal where two passengers will board. The girl in me was getting excited. Train was scheduled to reach bhopal at midnight. I had a good 7 hours to do what I liked( if I am lucky I thought).
The train left the station on time and the tt came in to check my ticket and went away. I went out and the attendant was reading a news paper. He saw me and got up. I signaled I wanted to smoke, he motioned to wards the door. I opened the door and lit a smoke and was making casual talk and I asked him to get me some ice cold water and a spare glass after some time. He understood and making a hand signal ( pointing his thumb to his mouth) asking if I wanted to drink. He said ok no problem. I finished smoke and I asked him what time the food will be served. Around 8 30pm he said.

Well I went back to my cabin and since I was alone, the gurl in me got excited. I opened my bag and got out my stuff lay out on the cabin table ( bra,panty, skirt and a t-shirt, rolled up my spare cloth to make boobie pads). I opened all my guy clothes and lay on the berth nude for a few minutes, thinking where or not to seduce this guy of expose or not, I decided to play safe for the moment.
I wore my t-shirt ,panty, and shorts over it. The bra n skirt I hung in the closet in the cabin.

After an hour I went out for another smoke and asked him to get me cold water and a glass. Well he went to get it as I already gave him a tip. I finished my smoke and went back to cabin. He got my cold water and I asked him if he wanted some whiskey. He denied saying he doesnt drink. I poured one for my self and went on reading my magazine. After 3 pegs and reading a cpl of sexy stories in my “Debonair” magazine I was quite horny. I adjusted my hard on and went out for another smoke to calm down. This time he asked me for a smoke and we both smoked. I was getting high and horny but I controlled myself. I asked him to get food. He said he will get in 20 mins.
I went back to the cabin and poured another peg before the food comes then decided to dress up as Sheila after food.

Within a few minutes my door opened and in comes a man in mid forties with a small bag wearing a khakhi shirt and jeans. Hi he says. Hi. I reply and ask if he has a reservation for this cabin. He replies that he is ramvilas ( lets call him ram)the senior train driver and is allowed 2nd class ac travel but that is full and he will get off at bhopal. Ok so I asked if wants to have a drink. He said yes. I was on my 4th peg so I gave him one and he had 2 pegs before swami got the food, I finished my last peg and ate my food. I was now a bit tipsy and getting hornier. I rang the bell to clear the dishes. I went out and washed up and came back to my cabin. The train was slowing down and stopped after a few minutes. I went and asked swami which station it was and duration of stop. It was a 5 min stop. I got down to stretch my legs and came back to my cabin just as the train moved.
I entered and ram was hanging his shirt in the closet and it struck me that I have my girly stuff there. He hung his shirt and was fiddling with my stuff and saw and said ” some lady left her clothes here”. Well I was a bit high from the whiskey and I said ” actually I like to wear that when I sleep, it makes feel good and I sleep nicely”. “Ok no problem” he said.

I was feeling very nervous after saying that and thinking how he will react, if good can I seduce him or will he refuse me to change into my girly clothes. After 2 minutes he said ” lets sleep now as I have to get off at Bhopal !”. “Is it ok if I change into girly dress ?” , sure no problem he replied.

I thought he must have seen lot of different king of passengers during his travels. So I opened my t-shirt and shorts. Now I was nude except for my lace panty in front of ram and then I wore my skirt, next came the bra. I thought to ask ram to hook it up and if he is ok then will try if we can have some fun. ” can you close the hooks of bra from behind ?” I asked. “Yes yes sure ” he said.
I turned around and stood facing the mirror and he was closing the hooks. Due to motion of the train my butt hit him and I could feel something getting hard there. I smiled to my self. He hooked up the bra and I opened the closet, put in the boobie pads and adjusted them. Then I wore my tight top on it.

Well, I picked up my water bottle and drank some water. Turned around and his hard on was clearly visible.

“You take the upper berth,” I said. “Lets sit and talk for a while, ” he said.

Ok I said. I sensed he wanted more than talk and I was also quite horny. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. It was swami. I quicly lay on the berth and pulled a bedsheet over me. Ram understood, he opened the door just a wee bit and asked what was the matter. Swami said” am going for food and will be back in half hour, does sir need anything before he goes” ram looked back and asked me and I said no thanks.

So Swami went and ram locked the door. Suddenly an idea struck me and I asked Ram to go and check if anyone else was there in coach or attendant cabin as I wanted to smoke. He went out and said, ” we are alone”. I got up and dressed as Sheila I went out and stood in the door and lit a smoke. Ram was on guard if any one comes. We chit chatted there and then it happened.

Ram made some small joke and put his hand on my shoulder. He was standing behind me and came closer. I could feel his hard on, on my bums. I was halfway through my smoke and he came closer, now he was rubbing his hard-on on my bums deliberately making it seem as if it is happening due to train jerks. The train was slowing down, I looked out and it was passing through a station on the middle track. It was quite slow and there I was standing dressed as a busty girl in the door smoking and ram behind me.

I couldnt hold my self I was also getting horny. I lit another smoke and asked ” ram. Do you want to do it with me?”, ” do what?” he asked. I took his hand and put on my boob and rubbed his dick over his pant once. We were in the door with his hand on my boob and I was smoking. ” finish your cigarette then let us go in cabin” he said.

We came back to the cabin a few mins later and he quickly locked it. And drew the curtain. Now neither of us said anything. His hands were all over me. I opened his zip and rubbed his tool which was already fully hard. ” I hope you dont mind I am a guy ?” I asked. ” you look so sexy !!!! ” he said. Then he just opened his undershirt and pants. His dick was making a tent in his underwear. I teased him to a little dance as I slip down my skirt. He started squeezing my bums and running his finger along the crack of my bums. His other hand was on my boobs squeezing them one by one. I took his right hand and slid it in the seam of my panty. He squeezed my bums while his left hand went under my t shirt and fondling my boobs as though real ones. A cpl of mins of his hands all over my ass,boobs, belly and a few kisses on my shoulders, he put both his hands on my side and pulled up my t shirt. Now I was standing there in front of him in a my padded bra n panty, feeling shy, nervous, horny excited all at the same time.

Then …….. He opened his underwear and out sprung a 6inch shaved dick hard as steel. He put his hands in my panty and slid it down and out sprang my own shaved dick which was a bit longer than his but right now I was sheila, so my hard on didnt matter. He turned me around and made me bend over towards the berth. I realised he wanted to get down to business, so I opened my pouch and gave him a condom to wear. ” no need for this, no worry for you na? ” he said. ” I dont dont do without condom, wear it quickly !!” I replied.

He wasnt used to condoms I guess so I helped him roll it onto his steel rod. Now again he turned me around but his rod was a dark brown sausage waiting to be tasted. I told him
Me ” you lie down”

Ram no no… I will do to you. I dont want you to do with me.
Me- relax…. You lie down I will come and sit on you

He was quite surprised at this now position. He lay on the berth and I put some cream on my hole. I started rubbing his body with my hands and boobs and without telling him I took his rod in my lips. He froze, closed his eyes and started to moan. He shot his load in the condom in just a minute.

I was a bit disappointed, but ram got up, removed the condom and cleaned his dick with a towel.
Me- you already cummed now how to do

Ram- dont worry. You are so smooth and sexy, I will be hard again
(( the actual words were tum bahut chikne aur sexy ho, mere abhi fir khada ho jayega ))

This time I was on the bed and his hands were all over me, 2 minutes of massaging my ass n boobs his finger found my hole. He put in one finger and it slid right in helped by the lube cream.

Sure enough hid tool was starting to grow. 2 fingers pumping my hole and one hand all over my belly n boobs and he was getting hard again.

I helped him wear a condom again he said ” can you do it again “, he wanted me to suck him again. I did and he was hard in a few seconds.

This time he turned me doggy style on the berth, came behind me and positioned his tool on my hole. One push and he were half in due the lube and his fingers. Second push and he were fully in. Now he started his strokes, his hands were massaging my bums and he was pumping my hole.

I was loosing balance due to the jerks of the train. I lay down on my side and he came behind me. I positioned his tool and he entered in one stroke.

He increased his speed but he was not slowing down. He was enjoying and taking his time. He pumped me from the side till we both got tired then it was position change. My ankles on his shoulders and pillow under my ass. In went his tool again and I was squeezing my boobs and moaning. I couldnt stop myself from moaning. Now he was pumping full speed. He pumped me with my ankles on his shoulders for at least 5 mins non stop.

Suddenly he withdrew his cock and turned me over on my belly. He spread my ass cheeks and fingered me. I moaned loudly . ” dont be so loud swami might hear” he said. Then he entered me from behind and was doing full long strokes. I was lying face down and I pulled the bed sheet over my mouth to muffle my moaning. I noticed on my wrist watch he had been pumping me for a good more than 20 mins . Then he started hard strokes hitting his balls on my bums and started moaning a bit. I realised he is bout to cumm. Then he pushed hard into me and dropped on me moaning and I could feel the warm fluid fill the condom.

He lay on top for a CPL of mins till we both caught our breath. Then we got up, he cleaned his dick and I cleaned my hole. I wore my t-shirt again and shorts and motioned for a smoke. He pointed to my boobs and I understood. I took out the pads and we went out. Swami was there lying on his berth and I had my smoke and we came back to our cabin and I wore my boobie pads again with a skirt. No one said anything.

I checked time and Bhopal was just half an hour away. We sat on the lower berth till the station came. He kissed me on my cheek and said bye bye.

I locked the door, I was too tired from the humping to go out again. I tidied the berth and lay down to sleep.
I woke up early morning to go to the loo. It was around 6 am. Swami was up and saw me and said ” good morning” and he was smiling. I thought it was just a normal smile. I went inside toilet and then I realised I was in shorts and padded bra( big boobies). I did my natures call and washed. I peeped out the door to check if Swami was there. There was no one so I just dashed to my room and locked up. I removed my pads and bra and lay there very nervous. I think I dozed off again.

Around 7 30 I was woken up by knocking on the door and it was Swami with the morning tea.

He said good morning again and this time he had a broader smile.

Thanks. I said. ” which is the next station and when?” I asked just to see his reaction.

” just finish your tea and I will come, ” he said and went away……

He came around 8 with breakfast and came straight in to my cabin …….

Rest in part ii folks
Love you all