Real Experience With Business Man

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I am a well settled 30-year-old guy with the slim and smooth physique and spent most my life in concentrating on education and getting settled in Singapore. I always used to get attracted towards hairy and chubby uncles with a thick mustache but never had guts to approach anyone.

It happened after meeting an awesome and good looking manly uncle in the business class lounge of Chennai airport, who was around 50 years old with a thick moustache. He was 5.5 height, 90+ kg weight hairy chest guy with brown skin looked like perfect South Indian manly stud. From the very first glance, I was so attracted towards him and I couldnt take my eyes off him. I went and sat on the sofa next to him and I picked up beer and just looking at my phone, he was alone and busy talking to someone over the phone and I could see that he was not happy and using harsh words while he was talking. I was kind of scared at the same time I was trying to look at his hair peeping out of his chest, his belly. Moustache and his crouch area. I was trying my very best to get every possible glance of him.

After around 10 mins he finished his call and I could see few lounge people asking him whether he would like to have anything and from the way they were treating I noticed he is a big shot. So I just smiled at him and said hi to him and introduced ourselves.

I was surprised after listening to his name and I knew his name since he is a very big real estate building company owner in the Indian market. He was asked water and I just asked him where he is going and luckily we both are on a same flight to Singapore and I was so happy for no reason. I asked him whether he like to have a beer and he said he dont drink and smoke. I said sorry and kept my beer aside, he laughed and said me to carry on and I said its ok. So we continued talking for about 15 mins and he mentioned that he will be in a hotel for 5 days and he gave details and asked his number if it is ok for him to share. He was ok with it and we shared our number. After a while I said I am going to rest room and he said he will also go so we were chatting while walking to the toilet and he placed his hand on my shoulder while walking and I moved closer to him. I could feel his body and hairy sometimes his hairy touching my neck area and I was so aroused. We both went and pissed in different areas and while coming out of rest room I opened the restroom main door and I placed my hand on his hip said after you and looked into his eyes and he smiled. And while he was exiting out I tool liberty of placing my hand on his belly and pulled back when since
Another person was coming inside a restroom at the same time.

We both came back to the lounge and boarded our flight and during immigration, at Singapore, I was standing behind him and we talked till we come out. He asked me to come to his hotel after my office every day if I am free and I said I will be very happy to hangout with him.

That day evening I finished my work at office around 5 and I called his number and he said he is free and asked me to come to his hotel and told the room number. I went to his room and opened the door and he was in lungi without shirt while closing door I had a chance to touch his belly. I was stunned to seed his hairy chest and sexy body, he asked me to sit and folded his lungi upto his thighs. And bent to open the door of fridge and pulled a beer and gave it to me and I said no, he laughed again and asked me to be feel free. I took it and he sat in a char opposite to me with lungi folded and I could see almost everything including his inner wear. I asked him what he likes to see in singapore and he said he is happy to see everything that I can show. I said I know different kind of places and asked for his likings.

So I asked him whether he likes to go for adult fun kind of places. And he mentioned he dont like to go with prostitutes and I said I also dont like to pay for fun, and our intimate discussions started and after couple of beers I was kind of horny and I said he looks very manly and sexy and anyone will come to sleep with him if he wants, as a reply he said I look very cute and he got up from char and sat on bed next to me he was pressing his legs and I asked whether he is having leg pains and started pressing with my hands and he immediately pulled my hands and said not to press and took me closer to him. And I placed my hands around his hairy waist and we were almost hugging each other I could feel the musky smell with nice perfume from his hairy body, I said thank you so much for becoming so close friend in no time and he smile holding my cheeks, and I immediately hugged him and kissed him on his cheeks. And he didnt say anything and I kept on kissing in between our conversations about business money and all and he never said anything and continued talking very casually.

Finally ended up sleeping next to each other hugging him sleeping in his arms and placed my leg on his thigh almost near his bulge, and he suddenly pulled me over him started kissing my lips and said he also likes me very much. I was literally sleeping on him over his belly and my dick was placed over his dick. And he continued kissing me deeper and deeper. I removed my shirt sitting on his belly and slept on top of him, now I could feel his hairy warm body and then removed my pants and inner wear and I also removed his lungi and inner wear. We kissed each other for almost 10 mins holding each others dick. I said I wanted to suck him and ended up 69 position. I started sucking his cut and very thick dick with 6 inch length. And started sucking his balls also. After few minutes he also started sucking mine. And sucked kissed licked each other for almost 20 mins, and I said I was about to cum.

He stopped sucking and asked me to sit on his belly and cum on his chest which I did and he started rubbing my cum on his hairy chest. He hugged me kissed deep for some more time and then started sucking again I could sense that he was about to cum he asked me stop sucking and made me to sit on bed. He stood up on bed and started shaking his dick and sprayed on my face.

We both washed in the bathroom and he suddenly sat down and caught my hip and started licking my ass. With his mustache tickling near my hole I welt so horny I said I was about to cum again, he took my dick in his mouth asked me to cum and released my cum in mouth and spit it after I finished. Then we took shower together and went to a restaurant, had dinner and I went to my room and he went to his hotel room.

This was the first-day experience and we have been having since last 2 years. A lot more to come based on the response I get.
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