Made Arrangement For My Stuff

Hello, people, this is Rajesh from Hyderabad. Once I met this guy through online we chatted for some days exchanged our interests, hobbies etc… And finally, on a fine day, we met each other at some private place. He texted me the details of the place and I was waiting there for him. After some time a car came and stopped there the guy lowered the window and said Rajesh? By looking at me. I said yes then he opened the door and called me inside the car we greeted each other.

He: shall we have some fun
Me: sure, but where is the place
He: Dont worry about the place I will arrange it
Me: well I think you could help me out in arranging stuff for dressing
He: sure I will. Hope you remember the terms and conditions.
(he told me about terms and conditions when we were planning for a meet)
Me: yeah I remember.
Then he said can you show some sample of what can you do. I felt shy then he said dont feel shy come on show me what you can do.

I placed my hand on his thigh and started moving my hand on his thigh I can feel his dick got hard and it was touching my hand. I placed my hand on his dick and started rubbing it over his pant. He unbuttoned his jeans pulled his underwear down and his rock hard chocolate dick was nude in front of me. My hand automatically went onto it I hold his dick and started stroking his chocolaty dick with my hands. While I was busy giving him a handjob he holds my neck and pulled me towards him and planted a kiss on my lips.
I felt very horny I closed my eyes and started responding to his kiss he was kissing me madly and I was stroking his dick.

He finally released his load on my hand now he set his dick inside his pants then he gave me a money cover and I got out of the car and he left. I ordered some western stuff from online with the money he gave me. As you all know online delivery takes 3-4 days time so in this time he fucked me and enjoyed me in chat. After the order got delivered I informed him he told me the address of his place and said me to come there by evening.

I went there by evening and the door was locked he said he kept the keys in shows. I opened the door went in got dressed and sat on the sofa by the time he came. He opened the door and was happy to see me there in properly dressed condition. He closed the door and I moved towards the wall. He came to me hold my hands back and pressed me to the wall and said what u gonna do for me.

Me: I know I owe you and am gonna pay you back with my ass.
Listening to this he lifted my skirt up pulled my panties down and started spanking my butts. He spanked my butts very hard and made them completely red.

He opened his pant spread my legs and applied his spit on my ass hole and also on his dick and directly inserted his dick my hole and started fucking me and I was shouting oh my god its soo big. The room was filled with sounds coming from the collision of my ass and his thighs thap thap thapppppppp thapp thappp…..Ohhh yes fuck my ass fuck me fuck me

He was fucking me very hard and he was a dominant and also was spanking my ass cheeks and this made me go crazy for his fucking. He then lifted my legs in the air and my hands were on the wall and he was fucking me I totally liked it. He fucked me very hard and now he made me kneel in front of his dick and put his dick in my mouth. He holds my hair and fucked my mouth deep into throat. His dick got wet with my saliva and he tried to push even deep in my mouth.

He then lifted me and put me on the couch and again fucked me this time his eyes came on to my nipples. He was fucking my ass and was pressing my little boobs he made my boobs red with his pressing and was also pinching my nipples and made them hard. Now he pulled his dick out hold my legs and spread them spat on my ass hole and again inserted his dick and he was busy fucking and I was stroking my dick.

Now he reversed me slept on my back and put his dick in my hole and fucked me. While fucking he was kissing on my neck and biting it. His balls were hitting with mine now for a moment he lowered his fucking speed I thought his stamina was finished but he again started fucking. He fucked me with a deep thrust he gave little pause and pushed his dick deep into my hole. He placed his hands on my butts and spread them more and spanked them very hard I was almost crying in pain due to his deep fucking and his hard spanking and I started begging him to lower his speed but he did not listen to me and increased his speed even more which I was not able to resist and cried out in pain.

He stopped spanking and shifted his hands to my navel area he holds my waist and gave me fucking by pushing his dick deep into my hole. Now he pulled his dick out and started fucking with his fingers first he put his two fingers in and fucked for some time then he used his 3 fingers it was very hard for me to take it but I had no other option left and after some time I started enjoying it and was moaning ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhha hhhhhhhhhhahh ahhhhhhhh ahahahhhhhhhh fuck me fuck me deep fuck my ass.

His dick again got hard and was ready for another round this time he fucked to me to the core. He pulled his dick out and fell on the couch and ordered me to kneel in front of him now he holds my hair and brought his dick to my mouth and fucked my mouth. I was sucking his dick like an obedient sissy and when I was sucking his dick he was slapping my butts. I stroked his dick made his dick wet by spitting oh it and was sucking it by stroking it. I also licked his balls and he holds his dick and rubbed on my lips and again gave it in my mouth to suck it.

I was like give me your fucking cum. Cum on my face give your load on my face finally he released his load on my face and ordered me to clean his dick by sucking it….

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