Friends With Benefits, Real Story

Hello, Everyone, My name is Rohit. I am an engineer by profession and struggling to be well settled. This sex story goes back when I was 18, and I lived in a small town in West Bengal.

Our family moved to this town for our business. The colony we were living into had a bunch of rich families from a business background and since our family was new there everyone treated us with love and respect.

I got admitted to a school where I did not have any friends. In our neighborhood, there was a family who was the richest in that colony. They owned a big mansion where anybody will get lost if they are going there for the first time.

This family had great respect in the society as well as in the town. They had three sons, and the youngest son Subham was a year elder than me. He studied in the same school I was in and was my senior.

We used to play cricket in the evening, after that we spent some time on the field. Surprisingly, Subhams elder brothers always used to fight with him during the match and he was always left alone.

I did not use to take interest in their fights and I was more focused on the cricket. They always wanted me to take a side for which I always chose Subham as he was my Senior in the school and he could help me to overcome the ragging I was facing in the school.

Our friendship grew, we started to go school together, and he introduced me to a lot of girls. He said he liked my simplicity. I was the kind of guy who just wanted to live peacefully with everyone.

One day, I was returning from my tuition classes around 7 pm in the evening when I met Subham outside the colony. He invited me to his house for playing PlayStation games he recently bought. I was in his house for the first time and it was large.

We went to his room, it was a big room with all the facilities middle-class kids cant get. As I was exploring his new PlayStation, I noticed that he undressed, he was only wearing a boxer. He was not that fair but had a pleasing personality, slim with long hair, you could easily see his dick in the boxers. It seemed strong.

He told me to be comfortable and there was no interference from his family members or anyone from the house(rich kids are really lucky I thought). We played for an hour and then I went home after that.

The very next day was Sunday and we were playing in the field in the morning, it was around 10 a.m when we stopped playing. I and Subham went to his room, washed and sat on the bed.It felt really nice cause his room was air conditioned and I was sweating badly. He suddenly said u wanna watch something interesting? I said what?

He said let me show you. He then started playing a DVD and sat by my side. When it started, I was shocked. It was a porn movie and I was looking at him. He said dont be uncomfortable, enjoy. After watching a porn movie obviously, my dick got hard and it could be seen as I was wearing shorts. He said, “look even your dick loves it.”

After that, I went home and jerked off in the bathroom as I felt awkward to do it in his room. After that day, we used to watch porn together on daily basis and I was getting addicted to it. On Sundays, we almost spent all the day watching porn together.

One day, it was 6.30pm in the evening, he called me saying there was no one in his house. I went there and saw he was watching porn with his door open and was having a beer.

He asked me for a beer and I accepted. It was a hot climax scene where the guy was having anal sex with the girl and she was moaning. Subham said to me “you dont need to go to your house to jerk off, you can do it here”, and just after a moment, he pulled off his shorts and started jerking off.

I just had two sips of my beer and I was watching him masturbate in front of me. He all of a sudden said, “why cant we enjoy together, it will be between us only?” I asked, “How?” He came and put my shorts down. I was on my t-shirt and half naked in front of him. He came and kissed me deeply. I felt aroused of deep feeling which was enough to turn me on.

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I then put my beer on the table and pushed him on the bed. I kissed him intensely, it felt really nice sucking his tongue. Then, he grabbed my dick and said I want it, I said its yours. He started sucking it and it felt heavenly. He said, ” I had a long wait for it”. I wanted this long ago. I wanted you. I was breathing heavily.

I was going to cum, but I could not stop him, so I had to cum in his mouth. He drank every bit of it. He then told me to clean myself in the bathroom and I saw that he wasnt happy. I sat for ten minutes and then I said let me see your dick…

He showed me his dick, it was strong but the foreskin could not be pulled back. I sucked his dick on the skin and we did 69 but he did not cum in my mouth. After that, he said that his parents will be coming at 9 pm and also wanted me to fuck him.

He stood in front of the bed and I tried to push my dick in his asshole, it was not going in and he was in pain..he then took me to the bathroom and then applied some soap on my dick. And then he slept on the bed and told me to push my dick in.

I wanted to make him feel good so I kissed his asshole and then I sucked it for a while, he was in immense pleasure and was moaning ” Oh, Rohit you make me feel so special” aah-hh hmmm mmm. After that, I kissed him and applied some saliva on his hole and then I pushed my dick inside.

In a second, my dick was inside him and he shouted aaa. As I was in his front I put a hand on his mouth..and started stroking slowly. I kissed his nipples and started biting it slowly and he moaned intensely uffffffff, I could see he was in tears and I kissed him.

He said, “I feel good now and told me to stroke with force”. I then increased my speed and he was like ahh, I love you Rohit and I could feel the tightness of his ass, and it felt really good. When I was ready to cum, he asked me to cum inside.

So, I came in his ass and he said he could feel my hot cum. After this, we slept in together for while kissing and teasing each other and after that, I washed and went home.

After this event, it became an addiction for us whenever we got time, we used to have fun, sometimes oral for hours and sometimes all day kissing and teasing and playing with each other.

After a year, I went for Engineering course and it all stopped, I was in a relationship with a girl and Subham Didnt contact me after that.

Even today, I am 24 years old and I envy every bit of it. But that guy changed, maybe I changed too. Even today, when we see each other, I feel he is not the same. Maybe, he thinks that I was selfish. He is getting married and I think I should forget it all. But that sensation just doesnt go away.

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Its my first sex story and I tried to describe what I felt and if you think I can make progress in writing, kindly take the time to let me know your valuable comments. Thank You all. Peace.