Home Sweet Home

Hello, Indian Sex Story readers, this is my real sex story. It was already afternoon and I was very tired, so after cleaning the kitchen I went to have a bath while Rajeev was doing some work.I took a shower and then wore a pink bra and matching panty and red satin gown.I wore small ear rings and light makeup.Just the lipstick and some eye makeup.

I told Rajeev that I am going to sleep and would he like to join.He said he would be there in few minutes. I went to the bed and started to think what all has happened in last 24 hrs.

24 hrs back, I was just a guy who likes to dress up as a girl and had girly feelings.And now, after 24 hours here, I am in my husbands home as his wife.Something I always wanted.A Suhagraat to remember.And it was a lovely feeling of making him happy.Cooking for him.Soon, I slept.I was half sleepy when Rajeev joined me on the bed and I just leaned my head on his hairy chest.

I dont know how long I slept but when I woke up, I was in the same position with Rajeevs hand on my waist and my head on his chest.My manicured hands with red nails and Mehendi with bridal bangles were looking so lovely when I was caressing his chest.

Though we had sex for around 6 times since last night, I was in slight pain too.While playing with his chest, I started to get horny.I whispered in Rajeevs ears, “honey, I love u so much.”His eyes were closed but I knew he was awake.He smiled and I hugged him tightly.I bit his ear lobe and started kissing his neck.He also started to caress my back.

Soon, I was kissing his chest and nipples and started to kiss him on his lips.He opened his mouth and soon we were kissing passionately.He turned me over and removed the straps and pulled my nighty down.And started to kiss my boobs.

Now, my boobs were real red after what they got in the night and were hurting but I was really enjoying.Rajeev was on top of me and I was moaning.Rajeev then removed his shorts and came over my face with his missile.


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I adjusted the pillow and just opened my mouth.Its a different angle to what we girls usually get when we suck.He just pushed his dick inside my mouth.I gagged but soon adjusted myself.He mouth fucked me for some time.Till tears started to come from my eyes.He stopped and asked, “what happened sweety am I hurting you.”

I told him no darling these are tears of love.It feels like a dream.To which he winked and said that he will bring you to the reality when he will fuck me.I just nodded and begged him to fuck me now.He said lets try different and asked me to half lie on the bed and half on the floor with my ass in middle.

He fingered me but I was very loose so he just rubbed his dick on my opening and asked if I want him to lube.I told her, “darling, just fuck me without anything” and he just pushed it all with force.Ohhhhhhhh it hurt.I thought I could take it but was very big and I was ruing my decision.Soon, he was thrusting it and I was crying in pain.After 10 mins he said, baby, I m coming and just filled me with his cum.

After he emptied it in my ass, I licked it and cleaned it with my tongue.I told him, darling, only tonight is left and I have to leave in the morning.He asked me that can I move in with him and he wants me to come to his village in Kerala and meet his mother as his wife.

I asked him are you sure.As moving in and letting your family know about it.To which he just kissed me softly on the forehead and then my lips and said he just cant let go d woman who has made him happiest and his mother will understand that.I started to cry.And we both hugged each other.

Rajeev told me to move in with him as his wife and if possible take a break from my job.I told him its not possible as its too early.He said he will take me to doctors and help me in my SRS and I can start hormones. And also to get breasts implants.After that, he will take me to his mother as a woman and we will get married.

I told him that I need time to think.And we just kept looking into each other eyes.I then got up and told him to let get naughty tonight and decided to wear a skimpy short dress and we will play strip poker and will do whatever the other one says.He got up and said let me make drinks and put some porn and we will have sex like in d movies.

I forced him out of the room.And decided to wear a micro mini lace blue baby doll dress.Stockings and heels.I decided to wear a brunette wig and dark eye makeup with cherry red lipstick.I choose to wear black push up bra and a g string satin black panty.As I was getting ready Rajeev was making drinks and asked me to join him in the living room.

When I opened the door, I saw him putting a Sarina Valentina film on TV and said wow, from now on I am his fav porn actress.I lusty came close to him, he grabbed me as turned me all over as if checking me out.Caressing me and then just kissed me deeply.

I seductively pushed him and bite my own lips, he got the message and just pushed me to the wall and started playing with me.He said he has something for me and went to the bedroom.When he came out it was a dog collar.

Friends, next part of the sex story will be in continuation to it and my days ahead with Rajeevs wife and what happened after that.Do email me at [email protected] and keep reading hope you all will have a nice time reading my thoughts.