My Best Friend

Hello, guys and all mallus, this is jake and I am writing stories for the first time here so if there are any mistakes please forgive me and I am not good at telling stories also.

About myself, I am jake I have a 6.5inch penis I am tall and slim and brown in color. I live in Kerala and now I am 19 yrs. Old and doing engineering in a good college. If u want me to write stories in Manglish and want to give feed back you can comment below or email me at [email protected]

Coming to the story this happened when I was in my 10th std (this is a true story). At that time, I used to watch a lot of porn and used to masturbate 2-3 times a day. One day at school it was maths period and I and my best friend Nikhil. About Nikhil is good looking and white in color, we were of a same height and he said he has a 7inch penis. Were talking as the class was boring. We were talking about porn and how we would have fucked the pornstars and our gf and future wives. Suddenly I said to Nikhil “What it would be like to suck a dick and what would be its taste”. Nikhil replied, “I dont what it would be like but I think it would taste salty”. Then I said, “I am curious to find out”. Then Nikhil laughed and said, “You can suck my dick and find out”. Then I also laughed. Then that day passed by and I reached home

At home, I was in my room and started to watch porn and my penis got hard and I started masturbating. I usually masturbate with my right hand moving my skin forward and backward. Suddenly a scene of blowjob came and I remembered what happened in the school I started to think what Nikhil said to me and my penis was getting even harder and I was not able to cum that night. I said to myself I should suck Nikhils dick”.

The next day was Saturday and we have only half day class on Saturday. I was sitting with Nikhil and I asked him “Do you remember what you said yesterday”. He said “Yes” with a confused face. I said “I want to try it…. I want to suck your dick”. He laughed and said, “Are you gay”. I said “No I am not I just want to find out what it feels like to suck dick”. Then he said, “I just said it for fun dont take it seriously”. I replied “Please, just do it one time nobody will know and you will also get know how it feels like to get a blowjob. By hearing the last sentence, he got excited and said: “Ok then but only one time and you will not say it to anyone”. I got very happy and gave him a handshake and said: “Thank you, we will do it today itself you wait for me in the toilet after the class”.

I was waiting for class to get over and eventually it became 1 pm and classes got over and everybody went but I and Nikhil remained in class we went to the toilet. We went into the toilet with English style seat so that Nikhil can sit. The space in toilet room was small that two people can just fit inside in it. I closed the toilet door and locked it from inside. We stood there for some time and I asked him “How should I start I had no idea what to do” he said, “It was your idea you do something I am not even getting an erection.”

I bent down and started to touch the area where his penis was and felt that it was getting warm and hard. I started removing his pants. I was very excited and curious and my penis was also becoming hard inside my pants. First, I unbuckled his belt then unbuttoned the pant buttons and slowly pull down his zip and I could see a mountain being formed in his underwear. After removing his pants, he was wearing only shirt and underwear and I could see his thighs which were very sexy. I started to touch his thighs and way up to his underwear and touched between thighs and underwear and he was shivering. I pulled his underwear down and there, I was seeing someone else’s cock for the first time it was longer and thicker than mine it was nearly 7-inch long it was white in color and very fleshy to see. I said to Nikhil “you have a huge penis and looks beautiful”. (we both did not have a lot of pubic hair as we are 10th std and of age 16) he smiled with happiness then I started my work but first I took my cock out because it was hard and paining inside my pants.

I first held his penis with my right hand it was amazing to touch it was warm, hard and fleshy I started to move my hand forward and backward and started to give a handjob but soon it became difficult as there was no lubricant and it was paining for him so I started to lick his long penis. I held his penis in right hand and started to lick it from balls to the top of his penis. Nikhil was fully aroused and was in heaven. I pulled back his skin and started to lick the top portion and tasted his precum which was sweet in taste and was like paste. He started moaning and saying “ahh…. That feels nice…ahh” I did that for some more time and then took the whole penis into my mouth. That was the best movement I had in that time my mouth was filled with his cock inside and also his 7-inch cock did not completely enter into my mouth. I started to move my head back and forward and his cock was fully soaked with my saliva and saliva was dripping out from my mouth. I placed my hands on his butt cheeks which were very soft and I started squeezing them.

Then suddenly Nikhil sat on the toilet and I again started to blow him.As I was sucking his cock he grabbed my head and started to move my head back and forward and stopped and pressed my head against him when his cock was fully inside my mouth and I was choking but at the same time I was feeling good and erotic. After some more time of sucking his dick he said “I am going to cum what to do now” I did not reply to him and continued sucking his cock and suddenly he cummed inside my mouth that was very tasty and was like paste there was a huge load of cum inside my mouth it was very sticky and slowly I swallowed it completely and smiled looking at him. Nikhil was breathing heavily and we were looking each other and was very happy we were feeling loved and we knew that we were not gay but just wanted an experience of sex. Nikhil said, “we should do that again “. I was happy to hear that but it was getting late so we went home.

That night he messaged me saying he was alone at home tomorrow (Sunday) and would I come to his house so that we could have fun. What happened to on Sunday will be in next part of my story. Until then thank you for reading my experience and please comment and give me feed back