Meeting A Gay Stranger In Citybus

Lets start with the sex story without wasting any time. So, here I was riding the city bus to get to work. I am 25 years old, working for a corporate office. I preferred a bus over the local trains.

So here I went around on my usual routine, plugged with good music to kick off my day. The bus came around and I got a place to sit. The seat next to me was empty, and as usual, I opted the window seat to partake in the crowded citys chaotic visuals to accompany my music.

After few stops, a slim young guy in his late teens stepped in and took the seat next to me. He was Asian looking, so my bet was that he was either from Manipur or Nepal.

He was dressed fancily, with slight blonde streaks at the front of his hair.

He was wearing a black t-shirt and tight skinny jeans. I continued with getting lost outside the window with my music still on with the occasional in-bus noises to divert my attention inwards, in one such instance, he looked at me and smiled.

He asked, “fan of The Beatles?

I was taken back, wondering why he would ask me that.

He saw my reaction & said, “I peeped into your phone, the earlier track was The Beatles!”

“Ohh!..” I smiled, “Yes, I love them. Do you?”

He replied, “Of course! I am Shiv by the way.”


“You travel at this time often.” He asked me

“Yes, I take this bus to work, you?”

“Sometimes, rarely though, I dont have a fixed schedule. So where do you work?”

“Santa Cruz! What about you, where are you headed?” I replied

“College,” He Said.

“Oh, nice.” I was now finding the conversation awkward and felt I had nothing much to ask or answer.

But he seemed interested in talking a bit more, he asked: “So you stay in Andheri?”

“Yes, and you?”

“Me too!” He said, “Do you mind, we can exchange numbers and maybe catch up to exchange music or something sometimes.”

I was taken aback, but he seemed really sweet and didnt want to be rude. So we exchanged numbers and after a while, he got off to his college.

So let me tell you a bit about the guy, he seemed feminine in his ways and talk. His dressing style seemed a bit feminine too.

A few days later, I got a “Hi!” message from him on WhatsApp.
We chatted a bit and it was fun, He was smart and funny. A bit too matured for his age too. We started talking about our love life. I was a single straight guy. And he was experimenting with his sexuality. He had an active gay sex life.

After a while of chatting, he was flirting with me. I was finding it amusing and entertained him by not being rude. But I did remind him every now and then that I was straight. Then he messaged me that he wanted to eat me up. I did find that statement a bit of a turn on. I responded with a “lol”.

A few minutes later I got a pic from him, it was him in a black lacy panty and bra, he tagged it with a message saying “is this girly enough to get your straight juices to start flowing?”

It was a hot selfie, with him posing in a girly manner, he was slim.

I responded with a shocked emoji.

He replied saying he wants to see my actual reaction and not a fake emoji reaction. I then told him I am shocked. He asked me “shocked, in what manner?”

I replied by saying that it was hot. He asked me if I was hard.

I said a little bit, he asked me to show. I denied saying I dont send nude pics.

He then asked to meet. I replied “Now?”

He said, “yes, now!”

I asked, “Why?”

He said, “to have some fun”

I replied “lol” I didnt know how else to react.

He then messaged “So? are you in?”

I asked, “where do you want to meet?”

He said, “I have a place.”

I went blank for a while. I gave it a deep thought. I was horny as fuck. And the guy was damn cute.

I agreed. It was 12:30 am. He called me over to his place. He lived in a 2 BHK flat, His parents were asleep in their room. He sneaked me inside quickly.

He had a room to himself. He had an elder sister who he shared the room with, but she was now abroad for studies.

He took me in and asked if I wanted anything to drink. I didnt want anything to drink. I was nervous. We then smoked a bit near his window, Then we sat on the bed. He was sitting beside me.

He then kept his hand on my thigh and started rubbing it. He then moved his lips to my neck and started biting and kissing me. He then pushed me on the bed. He was now staring into my eyes. We then started kissing. I was expecting it to be awkward to kiss another guy, but it wasnt. He was better at kissing than any girl I had kissed so far.

His tongue was deep in my mouth. Our mouths were wet in each others saliva. I was turned on. He was on top of me. Our crotches were rubbing against each other. I was really hard. he then took off his t-shirt and pants. He was in a red ladies lacey panty. It was hot. His figure was great. He stripped me too. I was completely naked.

We kept kissing. he then went down to bite my nipple while pinching the other one.

Then slowly he moved to my crotch and started licking my cock. I was moaning a bit, he was teasing me. He sucked me for few minutes then he climbed on top of me. He took out the lubricating gel and applied it on his ass. He then sat on my cock slowly.

He started grinding my cock. We both were moaning. We went for a long time till I came.

He then made me give him a handjob. He both cleaned ourselves and sat on the bed talking. We were also making out in between. After an hour, we started another session.

This time it was just our naked dicks rubbing against each other. He both wet each other with our cum and then we sneaked into the bathroom to have a bath together. We kissed a lot while bathing.

After a while, I left for home. I experimented a lot with him later and his friends too.

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