Boarding School Humiliation

This story is loosely based on a real incident happened to me in my school days. A story of how desperate we boys (we all were 18 a or above 18 at that point )get for sex where no porn or a female body is available and how power turns someone into something they never even imagined.

I was an introvert and suddenly getting an admission in a hostel really changed me now I didn’t have any alone time, after all, I use to watch porn a lot and by a lot I really mean a lot but now with no phone strict checking and all that I really began to lose my only escape from my horrible life. At that point Raghu started showing interest in me he was a school bully with a really tough guy attitude he was a jumbo man with muscles he was two years older than me but he failed 2 times so we were still in the same class from the past few days he started hanging out with me I also enjoyed his company since I never really had any friends.

Our bond became stronger and we started talking more freely about our personal life like masturbation and about our fantasies he then invited me to his room and offered me something very interesting I discovered that it was porn magazines I asked him can I take it he allowed me to take them with me to my room soon we started sitting together in the class and talking about sex one day I became very horny talking about sex that I got a rock hard boner raghu showed me a photo from the porn magazine in his pocket and asked me lets go to the toilet during the gap between two periods when there is no teacher we rushed to the toiler together and locked it from inside it was a western style pot so we closed the lit of the pot kept the picture on the toilet seat and started masturbating together I could have waited to go to my rooms toilet but there was a thrill to this one while masturbating Raghu hold my dick and started jerking it off it felt really good so I didn’t resist and enjoyed the feeling then Raghu asked me t do the same for him too I was blinded in pleasure and started jerking him too it was new to me at least so the thrill really turned me on.

We really enjoyed each other at that point and wanted to do something, even more, Raghu got on his knees and put his one hand on my mouth so that I wouldn’t scream he started licking my dick and put his another hand inside my asshole it really felt like heaven but I was really in the heaven. I removed his hand and pulled him towards me and started kissing him he really was bigger and more muscular than me he holds me up and started kissing me really violently he even bit my lips.
Then I got down and tried to end the session and go to class but then he pushed me and hold me tightly I was on my knees and he said it’s my turn now bitch his sudden change in his attitude really made me worry I said that I didn’t want to but he started pulling my hairs I was having no choice of my own plus I wanted to do it myself so I started licking his dick he had a really big dick that my mouth really couldn’t fit in he started pulling my head to and fro roughly and after 15 minutes or so he came in my mouth was full of his sticky cum I swallowed as much as I could of it but dropped some of it on the floor I came u and tried to kiss him but he pushed me back on the floor he ordered me to lick the cum off the floor I refused then he slapped me I was pretty scared so I licked it off it then suddenly I saw a flash and realized that Raghu had took a picture of me he then said that now you will do whatever I say to you or the picture will be leaked of you licking cum off the toilet floor I got scared and started crying he then pulled up his clothes and got away I wore my clothes back on too and got out of there

Then at night at around 12 pm I hear a knock on my room’s door I opened it and saw Raghu with 2 watchman of the hostel he said to them that this is it do whatever you want to do with her I started resisting when Raghu told me to remember the photos I started begging them but that laughed and started removing their clothes they came to me and started removing mine too I was sobbing first man pulled his dick out and kept it inside my mouth it really stink and smelled that guy hadn’t took a bath for around 2 weeks I guess and started fuck fucking me other one took applied some oil on my ass and started fucking me in my ass they after some time they switched their places the dick that was in my ass was now in my mouth it tasted like shit and I almost vomited the guys we even kissing themselves while they were fucking me after a while they switched from position to position like doggie style hanging up they even chocked me I was exhausted and Raghu recorded the whole incident on his phone then after a while they finally came inside my ass and my mouth my ass was dripping cum and blood I was feeling humiliated one of the watchmen then came to me and kissed me and licked cum off my face but then the other came and asked me to lick his ass

I followed all their orders but also hated myself for that after all that they all pissed on me and got out they also gave Raghu a 1000 rupee note for their fuck it was already 4 in the morning and I hardly got any sleep. Next day I was all sleep in the class I was barely able to sit because of my ass fuck.

This kept on going on for my years in the all boys boarding school for 3 years and I faced a lot of humiliation and fucked a lot of boys or I say got fucked by a lot of guys I even got gangbanged and bdsm fucked and not to mention cross-dressing Raghu made me do and putting butt plugs and making me his dog and asking me to lick his shoes clean I will tell you all about it in the next parts until then.
Thanks for reading.