Sex With Pervert Doctor

My name is Subin. This is the real sex story. This is my gay sex experience when I was studying the first year of the college. I was 19 years old at that time. My native was Kerala, average body, white color. I was living in the hostel in Pune.

I had a gay sex experience when I was in school.From that experience onwards, I use to jerk every day in my room. This is my second experience. When I was in the hostel, one day, I got little pain near my stomach in the night.So I went to the doctor near my hostel.

The doctor was around 50 years old. He asked me the problem. I explained him about the pain near the stomach. He told me that he needs to do some checks to understand the problem. He asked me where exactly the pain. I raised the shirt and adjusted my pants to show the lower abdomen. He pushed it gently around the abdomen and asked me to remove the shirt.

Now I was with only my banyan on.He touched my chest, stomach gently and asked me is it hurting. I told no.He turned me and checked my back side.Now, he was little nervous and asked about my studies and more information about me. I told him about me. While I am talking, he gently touched the nipples and he was checking all over the body. His hand was little shivering when moving the hand over my body.

I didnt understand why his hand was shivering.He gave me a small towel and asked me to wear it and remove all the other dresses. I was little shy. However, since a doctor requested, I did it. Once, I wore the towel, he asked me to lay in the bed. He gently pushed the abdomen and asked me is it hurting. I told no.Slowly he moved his hand and opened the towel and said I need to check your organs to find the cause of the pain. I am clueless, so I said ok. Now, I am nude and was lying on the bed.

My dick was partially in a raised state. He moved his hands towards the hairy area of the dick.Slowly, pulled the hairs. My dick is getting more stronger and now in full raised condition. He looked my eyes. I was little shy. He asked me to raise the legs. I raised the legs. He spread my legs apart.He kept his hand over my dick which is in full raised condition and shook it up and down.

I felt horny and moved the body. He is looking into my eyes closed while shaking. He stopped shaking and spread my legs apart and accessed my ass hole. He cannot see my ass hole clearly. He asked me to raise the legs to see the ass hole clearly. I raised my legs and spread the legs. Now he got full access to my ass hole. He gently rubbed it back and forth.

My ass hole was clear with no hairs in it. He took a small tube and very slowly inserted into the hole.I told it is hurting. He put a gel in my ass hole and the tube. Now again started inserting the small tube. Now it went smoothly inside without pain. I got little pleasure in it.He then moved it up and down. I raised my tits up and down as per his movement.He took the tube out of ass hole and left my legs. My dick was in raised condition. And I was feeling horny. I thought the check up is over. He went inside and came out with a small tablet and asked me to swallow.

I swallowed it. I was nude. As soon as I had that tablet, I felt little energized and my dick was very hard and I was feeling hornier and was almost in a semi conscious state. The doctor took me the next room and took inside the bathroom. He washed my full body with soap. While washing along with soap, he shook the dick. Dick is getting more harder.

Inserted his little finger inside my ass. Thoroughly, washed my ass. I was in a semi conscious state because of the tablet. Then, he cleaned the body with a towel and again moved to the room. Made me lie in the bed. He asked me are you ok. I said ok. Then, he asked me do you feel good. I said yes. Slowly, he moved his hands inside the towel. Gently started shaking the dick.

Then, he asked did any one sucked your penis. I said yes and narrated my first experience in the school camp.As I was talking to him, he raised the speed of shaking. I was totally out of control and started moaning heavily. He was looking into my eyes. At one point he came near to my face. His hand is still shaking the penis. He looked at me for few seconds. My mouth was moaning. He kissed my lips suddenly and started licking my lips deeply.

I was still moaning. He stopped everything and removed all his dresses. Then, came to me and removed the towel.I am fully nude now. He started licking my nipples harder. Then, came down and slowly picked the dick hairs inside the mouth and started licking it. All the hairs become wet with his mouth water. He moved down and gently started licking the dick.

I was shouting aaaaaaaaaaaaa. He now took the dick completely inside his mouth and tasted it with his tongue. I am trying to move my legs up and down. He started stroking with his mouth. I am mourning. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa. He now concentrating more in my ass hole. He took some sweet and applied in my ass hole. Started licking the ass hole along with the sweet together. While licking, he tried to insert his finger into my ass slowly.

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I told it is hurting. He gave me an injection in the hand and told to wait for two minutes, your pain in the ass will be over. As he said after two minutes, my pain in the ass was over and ass hole was loose to accommodate his fingers. Now, he started to put his fingers very hard into my asshole and started fucking. No pain and full of pleasure. I am moaning aaaa fuckkkk fucckkkk aaaaa I want more please insert once again. I am moaning very hard.

He took me from the table and asked me to stand in the doggy position to have full access for his tongue to my ass hole. Now he started licking more aggressively/ I am moaning aaa aaa aaaa fuck me fuck me. Aaa. He then slept in the bed and then put me on him. His dick is hitting my ass gently. He is kissing my lips hard. Slowly he moved me down and he came up.

Spread my two legs.My dick was in full erect condition. He licked it from top to bottom and started stroking with his mouth. I wanted to cum. But not able to cum. He told me you cannot cum because of the tablet I have given to you. So keep enjoying, after one hour your cum will come automatically with pleasure. My body was filled with pleasure all over.

Now, he put the condom and applied gel in my ass. Slowly, inserted his big dick in my ass hole. I spread my legs away to support him. Because of the gel and the tablet, it went inside the ass smoothly. He shook it for two minutes and then started kissing me. While kissing he again started stroking the dick inside the ass. His dick is hitting my ass like a thunder.

His two hands are holding my butts to push up and down. I again started moaning, aaaa aaaa aaaaaa aaaaaa aaaaa this goes for around five minutes. He did not stop his attack in my ass.My legs are in a spread condition. He is fucking like fucking a pussy. He stopped his attack in the ass and then asked me will you come to my home every day, I said yes.

Then, he kissed me, he said he has fucked more teen aged boys like me. He like fucking teen boys. He took some time rest. I thought sex is over. But he gently keeps moving his hands around my ass hole. My ass hole is full of gel, he is playing with the gel. Not even a single piece of dress is in my body. I am feeling so horny.He put me in doggy position and came behind me to put his dick in my ass. Dick went into my ass.

He moved it front and back. Suddenly, he moved fast.I am able to feel his sperm coming out of my ass. He mourned loudly with pleasure. After few minutes. He lied down. He came near to me and started stroking my dick very quickly. My legs are in a spread condition. His hands are moving fast.

After a few minutes, my sperms came out with full pressure and went it all over his face. I felt very happy and mourned for two minutes.I slept in that room for few hours and went to my hostel. From that day onwards I came there every day till my college is over to have sex with him. Please send me your feedback about this sex story to [email protected]