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Hi all, this is my first sex story, it might be slow but I am sure you will enjoy this.Please bear with me, if there are any mistakes and please do share your feedback at grannylove007 whether it is good or bad.

This was the story which happened a few years back when I had to move to Bangalore for a new job. I was new to the city I did not know the language as I am from Tamil speaking family but luckily I found a single bedroom house in a complex where all the flats are occupied by Tamil family. I was happy when I came to know this. Since my house owner is not in India, the house key was with the Brahmin family who lives in the same complex.

My house owner gave me the number of the Brahmin grandmother and asked them to stay in touch. Guys, I would like to say that this grandmother is my heroine in this sex story who was 72 years old that time but maintained good shape with wrinkles and saggy boobs. Initially, I just used to smile when I meet them hi and bye sorts but one day there was a fight with the Brahmin family and other Tamil so I had to get involved and solve that issue. This incident was the turning point of my life. Just because I went and supported this grandmother she liked me very much not in a sexual way yet.

Here starts the main sex story, since that whole complex is situated in a kind of deserted area, the terrace will be windy in the evening that used to be my spot for drinks every evening. During this time, Geetha uses to come for a walk and to do yoga, so I avoided and used to drink when she was there, she once saw me and asked me why I drink. I replied that I liked this climate, so drink one or two large, she advised me and left. One fine day, she said her computer is causing the problem, so she wanted my help in fixing this, she was worried because she was not able to see her grandchildren due to this issue.

So I went. Since that was not maintained properly, I started fixing it which made me become a regular visitor to the house. After few visits, I even stopped asking permissions whenever I feel like I go in and got all freedom in their house. One fine day, I did not feel like going to the office, so I took off and stayed, after lunch, I felt bored, so went to Geethas house where her husband was sleeping. I searched for her but she was missing, so I played the TV and was waiting for her.

Suddenly, I heard a loud door noise, so I went to check inside, to my surprise it was my angel Geetha, she just came out of the shower and was standing nude searching for her bra and panties. I was stunned by her look and did not move. I was looking everything of her, suddenly she noticed me, staring at her and got angry. She came furiously and slammed the door. I came back to my senses and came back to my house out of fear.

Then I did not go to her house for two days but all the time only her saggy boobs and hairy pussy was the thought that was running in my head. So in the evening, I went as usual to the terrace as usual for a drink, my angel came up and her face turned red out of anger. I got scared and didnt know how to react, I was standing there, she was doing her routine work. I was even scared to go there and talk finally with some courage and called her by name(Geetha).

Me: Geetha
Geetha: How dare you call me by name? I more like a grandmother to you.
Me: in comparison with the age you are but whenever I look at you, I feel like you are my angel
Whom I dont want to miss.
Geetha: this is not good, what you did was totally not acceptable?
Me: please Geetha. I will not say to anyone, please forgive me. But I have to be frank, you are an angel, if you dont have the white hairs, you will make lots of guys fall for you
Geetha: (giggled) dont make fun of me. I am grandmother, no one even will look.
Me: who said so? I am there if you agree, I am ready to marry you also.
Geetha: shut up(blushing)
Me: I started hugging her.
Geetha: Shankar this is not good. You are still young, you will get beautiful girls not the old lady like me. Even my husband does not like me.
Me: I got furious. I yelled at her (shut up). Just because that guy does not like you, it doesnt mean you are ugly.

I placed my lips on her lips, she was trying to push me, then we started gelling with each other, we started smooching for 15 min. She tried stopping me saying Shankar, please stop, someone will see us. I didnt leave her. I tore her nighty and made her stand in bra and panties on the terrace, my mouth was playing all around her body. I took her to the bean bag which was placed on the steps near the terrace and made her sit on it.

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I removed her bra, slowly sucking it one by one. She was moaning loudly, it was saggy but I loved it because I always loved 50 plus women, she started fondling with hair, she removed all my clothes and started enjoying my body, she came on top of me, she was like a wildcat, fully enjoying me like a pro.

I pushed her down, started sucking her pussy she was tripping all along and I was enjoying the taste of the juice, we were going on and on. I was not able to control. I made her suck my dick and balls to fulfill my blowjob dreams, we tried for some time but she didnt know who to do. I moved down to drink her juice. She was yelling my name, it was making me hornier but we didnt notice that our sound was echoing as we were enjoying in steps.

Since we both were horny and yelling, her husband heard and saw us enjoying. I initially did not notice, all of a sudden Geetha pushed me harder, then only I realized that her husband was standing there, we were shocked and nude in front of him with nothing to hide. I created some courage and hugged her to make her feel that I am there for her, her husband raised his hand to hit her.

I held his hand and said him, “she is mine, going forward, if you touch, I will twist it” and held his balls. He looked furious but did not react. I gave her t-shirt and asked her to leave. Before going, I called her by name and said, “if he does anything, call me”, she went with tears.

I went naked to my house. I was sleepless, suddenly I heard sound from her house, I went running, they both were fighting, she hugged me and was scolding him. She threw the thali, blamed him for not even respecting her and giggling at every woman in the world. She finally said the word that she loves me and she cannot live without me.

I was so happy to hear that word, so I kissed her right there, he did not know how to react she held my cock made me completely nude and said this is hers, if he doesnt like it, he could go out as this is her house. I was happy. I lifted her and started kissing and ripping her off, she held my cock, said, “rip my pussy which is not touched for a long time”, show him how to respect his wife. I made her lay flat on the sofa in front of him and started humping, she was always yelling “come on baby, you are my love, enjoy me completely”. I changed places. I took her to their bedroom and fucked her there also.

Will narrate our hardcore session in the next chapter of the sex story.

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