Foursome experience in Mt. Abu- Part 1

Hi, friends.
Let me tell you guys about myself first. I am Mansi (cd name) from Ahmedabad. 22 yrs old. Slim figure. Smooth hairless body, round ass, and curvy hips. I have been a private cd for about 5 yrs now and had few dick till now.

Its a quite a long story guys. Its in two parts. But believe me you wont be able to control yo18urself from fapping after reading this.

Coming to the story, I have a gay friend Rohit whom i met online. We had sex twice and he loved me a lot. One day he asked me to go on a trip with to Mt. Abu. Its a 5 hr drive from Ahmedabad. He said it will be a two day tour. We will live on Friday night. And be back on Monday morning. He told me that his one top friend Palash and his cd GF Priya (cd name) will join us. I instantly agreed to the plan.

Its Wednesday. I had few cd clothes so wanted some really special for the trip. I went online and bought two bras, pink and black, matching panties, a bob wig, shorts and mini skirt. In WhatsApp Rohit created the group. We exchanged our pics and started planning there. Palash was more hotter than Rohit. Well built and bigger dick. Priya was also beautiful. He was little chubbier than me. We started sex chat there and our fantasies. Guys asked us to pack all cd stuffs like clothes, wigs, makeups, heels etc. Since both Priya and I were private cds we agreed to cd only in private. But many more thing happened. You will get to know as story proceeds.

It was Friday. I was very excited about the tour. I went to bathroom. Cleaned whatever hairs left on my body. Not a single strand left except on my hair. Clean armpits, chest, navel, ass, dick and legs. My ordered had already arrived. I packed all my cd stuff. 2 bras , 2 panties, 1 shorts , 1 mini skirt, heels, wig, makeup, a black transparent saree, red blouse, a crop top. I wore a red bra and panty. And wore a jeans and t-shirt on top. I also masturbated as I was so horny thinking about the trip.

It was 4 pm and Rohit called me to come down. I took my bag and went down. I saw a red SUV. Rohit waved me from inside. I went in and sat behind with Rohit. Palash was driving and Priya was beside him. We greeted each other. Rohit gave me a kiss on lips and sat close to me. He felt my bra inside my t-shirt and gave me a naughty look. We started talking and music was playing in car.

As soon as we hit the highway palash asked us to change our clothes and wear something conformable as it was a long journey. I took my bag and took out my shorts and crop top. I removed my jeans. Rohit was looking at me like a hungry dog seeing my panty. Wore my hot pants and sleeveless crop top. By now Priya was in his shorts too. It was almost an hour past now.

Rohit hold me and started smuching me. We kissed and excahnged slaivas. His hand wason my thighs and sometimes on my navel. We kissed for about 10 min. I was rubbing his dick through his pants. When we broke kiss i saw priya giving a blowjob to palash while he was driving. Seeing that rohit also removed his pants. I sat on my kness like a dog on the seat and took his dick in mouth. I was just starting i heard palash moaning. He cummed in priyas mouth.

Rohit asked Priya to join us. She came back and we both started sucking rohits dick. We also smooched in between while sucking. We almost forgot people might be watching us. But since now it was night and was in highway we didnt bother. After 15 min of sucking vigorously, rohit also cummed. We CDs kissed each other and exchanged cum.

Palash said to me that he also wants me to suck him. So now rohit took the wheel and palash came back. Priya went on front. It was first time i was about so feel palash. He came close to me and said “u are very hot mansi. I want you as my gf” and plantes his mouth on my lips. He made me sit on his lap while facing him. I sat on his dick and satrted masaaging it witb my ass. While he was sucking my nipples.

Palash asked priya to go back. He said rohit to enjoy for an hour then they will swap. Priya cane back and rohit sat between both of us. After a few minutes he took out his cock. It was like 7 inch. Black and hairy. It was longer and thicker than any dick i had before. Palash saw lust in my eyes and forced my mouth in hia dick. I was in seventh heaven sucking that dick.since he cummed a while ego, it was lill wet and also now it took me around 20 min to made him cum. He cummed all in my mouth and i drank it like a obedient slut.

After this we got little exhausted. We halted for a while. Guys went something to eat and also we got freshened up in a Dhaba my washing our mouth. We had tea in a Dhaba. Palash was all over me. Now there was an hour drive up the hill so guys needed full attention on the road. Priya sat back with me and guys started driving up the hill. Music was on. Priya and I started feeling each others body. We both stripped naked and was touching each other. It was cold and we were warming each other up. We smooched and also gave each other handjob. It was almost time to reach. We dressed in boys clothes and around 9 we reached our booked hotel.

This is all about this story in part 1. There many more exciting and sexy moments to come. What we all did in the hotel. How we crossdressed in public and how our stay became naughtier and dirtier. Stay tuned. If u liked my story mail me on [email protected]