Fun With Sleeping Straight Friend

This is a true sex story that I recently had when I had gone to meet my friend in Pune. I am basically from Bangalore and it was an amazing experience.

Before we get on with the encounter, I will describe myself and my friend to you. I am now 26 years old and my friend is about 21 years old. About me, I am 6ft tall, very fair, smooth and athletically built with blue eyes and brown hair.

My friend, on the other hand, is slightly tanned, about 511 in height, skinny muscular guy broad shoulders and a nice body that could make anyone melt. Now, the sad part is that he is straight and has no clue that I have a huge crush on him, ever since I knew him through a workshop and ever since then we have been great friends.

He does not even know that I am gay cause I act like a typical straight guy. Now, one of these days, I had to go to Pune to attend my interview for a job that I am applying for and hence had the great opportunity for meeting him and since the company that I was attending the interview for is a pretty big company, they had organized for my stay and my transport.

Since I was going to be alone in my hotel room, I told him to come over to me as I was feeling extremely nervous because of the interview that I had the next day. Since both of us had got quite close, he obliged with no hesitation at all.

To tell you guys the truth, I have quite a few gay friends who are gaga over me and I am a strong dominant top and love both guys. I have quite a few guys who just love the way I look and love my dick. ( by the way, I have an 8-inch dick with a pink head which becomes slightly dark pink when I am about to cum and have cum dripping from the tip of my cut dick)

I especially love it when a guy licks the tip of my dick. It just makes me go wild. Mmmm I love that so much. Well anyways, getting back to my original story.

It was about 8 at night and my friend and I had some good food from a restaurant close by and then decided to head to the room. We both decided to change into our night clothes. Of course, he did not see me when I was changing my clothes but I was wearing quite a hot underwear which was red in color which hugged my dick and balls and my tight ass. I quickly changed into my night pajamas.

Now, I was just observing my friend, I am going to use names from now on. I am Aniketh and his name is Rishabh. I was looking at Rishabh, as he started to undress, he took off his jeans slowly and I could see a white colored underwear show as he continued to take off his jeans.

Mmmm the white colored underwear in contrast with his hot tan body was too much for me to take. I began to get a hard on watching him. Before he could notice what was happening inside my pants, I quickly ran to the bed and covered myself with the quilt. We had a single large bed with a single quilt.



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He too looking at me got into the bed and then we spoke for a while and he fell asleep and so did I. In the middle of the night, I suddenly woke up as he had rolled so close to me and had put his had on my chest which woke me up.

Looking at his body so close to mine, my heart began to race heavily and I started to breathe heavily. I mean I have had a crush on this guy for such a long time and now, I can feel his body next to mine oh the feeling was amazing.

I slowly touched his hand and put it back on him. Because of the movement, he turned a little to the side now his ass was facing me. I was too turned on by this that I instantly got a hard on and my dick started to rise. I slowly put my hand on his ass hoping that he is still sleeping. Oh, he had such a firm strong ass, the perfect bubble butt.

I could feel his ass and began to squeeze it still hoping that he is asleep. I began to squeeze it really hard. I then slowly took my hand and put it on his pajamas and into his underwear. I could now feel his bare ass in my hand and was squeezing it hard. My dick was throbbing but he was in deep sleep.

I slowly pulled down his underwear and then slowly turned towards him so that my dick was now touching his bare ass. I took off my pants and slowly put my dick on his ass and moved it. I did not enter his ass as I did not want to wake him up but the pleasure in having my dick rub against his ass was amazing.

I then slowly put my hand in front and took the underwear down from his front. I touched his sleeping dick with my hand. As I continued to move my dick on his ass crack, I went deep into his ass crack and then slowly started to press his dick into my hand. I took it all and my hand and started to stroke it gently.

To my luck, his dick started to wake up too. I had his hard dick in my hand and I was still pushing my dick in and out of his ass crack. And jerking his dick off. Suddenly I could feel his dick throbbing and pulsating I could not take it anymore and just came right on his ass. I began to shiver and my hand movement became faster and before anything, I could feel his dick throb so hard and feel it cum.

I was so amazing that he had just cum. I immediately took the cum in my hand and put on his underwear and I too put in on just in time to him suddenly waking up.

But he was in such deep sleep that he did not realize what has happened. He just looked at me for some time and went back to sleep. It was one of the best risky encounters that I ever had. Ever since then, I have never tried it again. We still are extremely close friends.

But having what was impossible to have especially him being a straight guy and know that I am the only guy that has ever touched his dick even till date, makes me cum at times even just thinking about it.

Hope you guys liked my sex story. I will share more.