Gay In College

Hi. Im Charan and this is my first story here. This incident happened in the 3rd year of college. Im a person of average height and weight and had never been interested in gay stuff before this. My friend Suraj is fair, of average height and cute looking.

It all started during the Maths period one day. We were sitting together and passing comments about the female teacher.
“Look at her boobs!” he whispered into my ear. I felt his mouth near my ear. “Look she is bending,” he continued. I felt a tingle in my pants. I thought it was because of the hot teacher and let it go.
As we were friends we used to talk about porn openly and once we were watching some in the back of our class on my cell phone. As we didnt want others to see he leaned close to me and we kept the phone on my thigh and watched. To change the video he grabbed the phone and his hand rubbed against my cock. I felt my penis become erect and I wanted more. I was very excited and after he had changed the video I took it and kept it on my thigh again. He leaned closer and said -“wow!, as the fucking in the video got intense. I could tell he was excited too but not in the way that I was.

Since it was our break we stopped watching once the faculty member came in.

I thought about it all night wanting to do things with him but I felt he might be upset if he hears this. In the next day, as we were talking, I intentionally brought up the topic of sex. I said,” you know how great that video was! I jerked off to it. My cock was so sore.” I looked at him hoping he might send any signal but if he did I missed it. I wanted him so badly. I looked at his sweet face and soft hands and I wanted him to stroke my cock. I even wondered how his mouth would feel sucking my dick. I was kind of guilty about this as we boarded the bus together. Within a few minutes, he had fallen asleep. His head fell on my shoulder. I leaned back a little letting his head slip slowly down my chest to my thigh. Oh! His face came gently to rest on my thigh. He turned slightly and his nose grazed against my cock and it felt heavenly. My cock became hard instantly and I pushed him slightly on my erection. I imagined him going down on me and me licking his chest and going down and eating his cock.

He suddenly opened his eyes and got back to his normal position and said -” sorry. I slept heavily. Thanks for not waking me up.” And that was when he noticed the bulge in my pants. He quickly turned away but I knew that he knew something wasnt right. I offered him chips and he took some. I kept it on my thigh and was eating it when he put his hands on the cover. He put his hands too deeply because it touched the bottom of the cover and grazed my erect cock. I was going crazy. I needed his to touch me! I started breathing heavily. He didnt seem to notice. Then he came back for more chips his hand was grasping inside the cover and then suddenly, he gripped my cock! A small moan escaped my lips.

The packet was almost empty. “Is there any chips in the corner?” He wondered tracing his hand over my cock. There was no mistaking it this time. Suddenly he withdrew his hand: his stop had come.
When we met the next day we acted as if nothing had happened and were in the middle of the class when I started thinking of him and grew uneasy. My cock grew and my breathing was short and rapid. He kept his hand on my thigh in a reassuring way and asked-“is everything ok?” I nodded not able to stop my wild fantasies. H kept his hand there and the class continued. I slowly moved my leg making his hand come closer to my erect cock. I moved a bit and his hand was resting on my ready to burst dick. His shoulder stiffened but he didnt move his hand. I saw him slightly smiling. I placed my hand over my pant reluctantly. He took our bags and kept it on both sides of us so no one could see our lower half.

That was the signal I was waiting for. I took hold on his cock and he took mine. I leaned over and slowly started rubbing his erect cock over the pant. He, however, was furiously rubbing me. I looked around anxious as he stopped. He stood up and said he was going to the toilet and left. I said I wanted water and followed him. We reached the bathroom and both entered. We stood there. It was new we didnt look each other in the eye. He then pointed at a stall and we went inside. I locked the stall, not knowing what to expect. Ow! It was Suraj on his knees unzipping me, He smiled and pulled the pant down. My dick fell out. He took it in his soft hand rubbing it gently. He then put it in his mouth! He looked surprised himself but he started to suck on it slowly. I pushed his head close and I moaned softly. This gave him confidence and his sucked harder. “STOP!” I said fearing I would cum in his mouth and scare him.

He slowly stood up and leaned over. I held him and kissed him full on the lips. I was so horny! He rubbed my dick as we kissed and I made my way down to his cute nipples. I pinched them and he smiled shyly. He turned me and told me to bend. I was curious and bent slowly when he spanked me! He proceeded to insert a finger in my asshole and my cock was getting ready to burst. “Im gonna fuck your ass,” he said. I wasnt gonna let him. He was my bitch! He turned and grabbed his cock. It was smaller than mine. “Suck it”, he said. I rubbed it and told him to turn. “What!!” he said with fake anxiety and turned. I pressed his buttocks together and his slightly trembled knowing what was going to happen. I kept my cock on his asshole and pushed! “Ah” I was for a moment worried about others but I forgot about it as I started fucking him. He placed a hand over his mouth. “You are a bad boy!” I said,” Im gonna punish you.” He closed his eyes as I rammed harder and faster. I felt my dick contract and knew I was going to cum. He sensed it too. He turned and took my cock in his mouth and my load of cum flew out. He made a face and spat some of it out. We zipped up and then went back to class at different times to not make anyone suspicious.

You do realize that he didnt cum in the story. That will be dealt with in later stories.!

Hope you enjoyed it!