Unexpected Experience In Theater

Hi, guys , I am charan, my age is 18.I would like to share an experience of mine which happened before 2 years.I am a straight guy and I dont even know about gay sex in my childhood.My first encounter happened when Im studying 8th class.

I used to be friendly with all boys of my class.One day, our teacher didnt attend our class as she was on leave.So we got a leisure class.All students were doing their works and some were roaming outside.My friend (Kumar) called me to the last bench where he is sitting alone.I went and sat beside him.He started talking about random stuff and said: “Lets have some fun”.I didnt get him, so I asked what kind of fun.He took my hand and placed it on his pants.I can feel a tent raised on his pants.He asked me to press his dick through his pant.Im totally confused and I didnt understand what was happening.I did as he said.After 5 minutes, he asked me to stop and took my hand and put it beside.I didnt understand what happened.He opened his zip and took his dick outside.It was for the first time me seeing a dick.

Kumar has a dark skin complexion so was his dick.It was thick black and big compared to guys of that age.I was awestruck on seeing his dick.He took my hand and put it on his dick.He asked to move my hand up and down on his dick.I did as he said and I can feel his foreskin coming back and forth.It was such a great feeling and it felt so good doing that.I did that for more than 15 minutes and I didnt want to stop and Im not even bored.I never took off my eyes from his dick.Suddenly, he asked me to stop and took my hand off his dick.I was very disappointed.He asked me to suck his cock.I was shocked on listening to this.I came to my senses and felt something wrong was happening.I didnt want to do it so I said him no.

He asked why and I didnt know what to say , so I said that we would be caught if I do that.He said,”Come to the bathroom after class.You shall suck my dick in the toilet”.Im shocked on listening to that but to escape from him I said okay , but I didnt went.Later he too understood me and never disturbed me.

I never thought about this later.Four years passed away and I didnt see him after I changed my school.Now Im studying inter.As you all know our feelings during that age.I used to be very horny seeing girls.At that time Im introduced to “Indian sex stories”.This site is very fascinating and I spend my time reading different sex stories .Sometimes I sit whole day reading sex stories.One day while searching for sex stories Ive encountered a gay sex story.I read that out of my curiosity and it reminded me of my memories.And at that time I started getting attracted to gay sex.I always regret thinking why didnt I go to bathroom when he called me.I wasted a great opportunity.I then said to myself that its not too late and even now I can try it.I searched on the internet for the ways to find gay partners.I came across an online gay sex chat site and I entered it filling my details.As soon as I entered it,messages flooded my inbox and I can see more than 200 people online.Then I came to know that I am not alone.I replied all the messages and came across an interesting guy.I am attracted to him because of his name “Kumar”.He reminded me of him.

We chatted for long time and exchanged our numbers.We used to talk about our fantasies.He shared me gay porn and eventually I was addicted to it,but my biggest addiction is sex stories.I used to read lot of sex stories about gay people and filled my mind with slutty thoughts.I always masturbate fantasizing me getting fucked.I cant wait anymore ,so I decided to have sex with him.I talked to his about this and he said well be meeting soon.We used to have nude video chats and his dick is 7 inches long.It is not like my Kumars dick,but I have to adjust.I showed my body and clean shaved ass to him in camera.He was amazed at seeing it and said I looked like girls ass.I enjoyed his complements very much and started taking special care of my ass.One day he messaged me to ask for place where to meet.We cant have sex at either of our houses.

So I asked him to come to a theater and he booked the tickets.Though it was a good theater but that movie released a month ago so we did not find more people and the balcony seats were empty.We sat in the top row and the movie started.I told him before itself that it is my first time and I dont like kissing or hugging him.After the movie started he took my hand and placed it on his pants.I became aroused at a time.I started to rub his dick through his pants.After some time I unzipped his pant and took his dick out.I started to feel it and pulled the skin back and forth.I was really enjoying it.He then asked me to suck his dick and at once my dick got more erected listening that.I thought this is the best opportunity of my life and not to waste it.I bent my head towards his dick while sitting on my seated and started licking his dick head.It tasted so good and I am in heaven.I opened my mouth and took his dick inside and started to suck it.His dick is wonderful and the slutty thoughts inside my head came out at once.I then got up and went on my knees before him and took his dick and sucked it very hungrily.

I spat on it several times and sucked it clean.It is the best taste I have ever seen.He is moaning very loud and held my head.I sucked for 10 minutes and I didnt want to stop it soon.Suddenly a thought flashed in my slutty mind.I always regretted about not going to the bathroom to suck kumars dick,so I thought to suck this kumars dick in bathroom.I stopped sucking and raised my head and smiled at him.I said “Lets continue our fun in the toilet”.He started to think and agreed.As the movie started only 30 minutes ago and there is a lot of time for interval ,I made sure that no one would interrupt us.I took him to gents toilet.As it is a good theater the toilet is clean and looking good.We went into a cabin and closed the door and bolted it.I asked him to remove his pants.He took them off and hanged them on the door.Within no time I got on my knees and started to suck his cock making big slurping sounds.

He took his shirt also and held my head to suck him.I was moving my head front and back while he is moaning in pleasure.I drowned him in my love and lust.He stopped me and said “Let me also give you some pleasure”.I agreed and stood before him.He took all my clothes off and hanged them on the door.He made me completely nude and enjoying my beauty.He touched all over my ass and asked me to sit on the commode.I closed the cap and tried to adjust my knees on it and sat on my knees facing my ass towards the door.He came towards my ass and started rubbing it with his hands.I was feeling very horny and said “My ass is a feast for you today.Have it”.He went on his knees and licked my ass.He put his tongue in my asshole and started twisting it.It felt so good.I wanted him to lick my hole completely.He inserted a finger and I felt too much pain.He said that my asshole is very tight and it must be lubed.

I asked him to do whatever he want.He took a small bottle from his pant pocket and poured liquid on my ass and massaged it in my hole.Now he inserted two fingers and it felt very little pain.He said that my ass is very beautiful and he cant control himself.He again knelt down and put his tongue in my hole and started licking it.He licked it for 20 minutes and I am in heaven.He stood up and said hes gonna fuck me.I got ready for it and he started rubbing his dick on my asshole.I can feel the heat of his dick on my asshole.
I was enjoying it very much and all of a sudden we heard a knock on our door.I am shocked and got up.We thought to wear our clothes and there are missing.Someone outside took our clothes from the door.I am completely terrified scolding me that I mad a mistake.We have no other choice so he opened the door.He went out but still I stayed inside the cabin.There are three men outside in their uniforms.

They said that they will complain to the manager and will make a call to the police. Kumar requested them but they didnt listened to him.They saw me and asked where did he found me.Kumar said we are just friends and having sex here.One of the cleaners said “We shall also fuck ur boyfriend”.I am terrified and shouted at Kumar to take the clothes. Kumar asked for the clothes and they caught him and pushed him into one of the cabins and bolted it from outside.I am very much afraid of what was going to happen.They very looking aged may be in 50s.They started coming towards me and I begged them to let me go.They said they will let me free if I suck their dicks.I agreed as I have no other option.One of them is muscular and looked very dark like my school friend Kumar .Others have average built bodies.One of them came inside and opened his pant.His dick is 7 inch long and medium color. I hold it in my hands and started sucking it fast.I thought I can get free if I made them cum fast.

Even though I put my whole effort on sucking I couldnt make him cum and after 10 minutes I am tired and stopped.He looked at me and held my head by my hair and started fucking my face.It was completely new to me.I didnt liked it at first but I too started enjoying it later.Then he left me and another man came in.His dick is also 7 inches.He took it out and I sucked it very hungrily and three of them laughed on seeing this.They said ,”This bitch is enjoying sucking our cocks”.I liked them calling me bitch.It made me more slutty.I increased my speed and sucked more faster.I spat on his dick several times and sucked it but he too didnt came.Next the third person came in.He is the muscular and dark one.He opened his pant and I was shocked to see his dick.He has a 9 inch long dick which is in jet black color.I took it in my hands and kissed it.He told me to suck it.Without wasting any time I started sucking it .Mt mouth is not enough for that dick but I struggled a lot and sucked it.I lost my energy and wanted him to fuck my face.I asked him to fuck my face as I cant suck hi.He held my face and started fucking it with great speed and saliva came out of mouth in gallons.

He fucked my face for 10 minutes and left me.I got up from the commode and came out.He asked “Where are you going?”.I said I sucked them so I cam leave now and asked for my clothes.They said ,”Not too early baby.We want your ass”.I was terrified in fear.They caught me and pushed me into the toilet cabin and two of them came inside leaving the muscular one outside.The door was still open and they made me kneel down on the commode and one started to put his dick inside.They are not worried about my pain.He pushed his dick forcefully into my ass and tears started rolling out of my eyes.I shouted loudly and cried and begged them to leave me,but they didnt listen to me.He started to increase his pace and fucked me very hard.I was in a very painful situation.I didnt stopped crying.After sometime my pain completely vanished and I started feeling pleasure.I started to moan.They saw that and laughed again.The man who is fucked me started to slap my ass.

It became red because of his slaps.He pulled his dick out and next another man inserted his dick and started fucking I looked behind and I can see the muscular man standing and watching me.So the other guy is fucking me.After sometime he stopped and asked me to get up.I got up and he sat on the commode.He asked me to come and sit on his dick .I went and sat on his dick and he inserted it into my asshole.He started banging my ass and the first person who fucked me came near me and put his cock in my mouth.I can taste my asshole on his dick.This made me more slutty and I started to suck his cock very hungry meanwhile the other one is banging my ass.After some time they left me and the third person came in.Im afraid of him because of his muscular body.He made me bend down and tried to insert his dick into my ass.It was paining so much and he pulled my ass cheeks apart and pushed the whole length in one go.I thought that I am dead.I shouted loudly saying no.He started slowly and increased his pace and giving me hard strokes.

I too started enjoying it.I am moaning like “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ammmmmaaaaaaaaaaa “.He is saying “Uhhhhhhh uhhhhhhh”.He kept fucking me and I kept shouting “Fuck me harder dont stop fuck me”.He fucked me hard for 10 minutes.I was very amazed that none of them are cumming.Then both the guys came inside and asked him to cum fast into me as they dont have much time.I asked him to take me out of the cabin and fuck me on the floor.He carried me in his arms and took me out.I was on all fours and he pushed his cock into my ass fucking it.He is fucking in full speed meanwhile other two men came and asked me to suck them .I took their dicks in my hand and started stroking them .I kept one dick in my mouth and one in my hand.After sucking for some time one man said that he is going to cum and asked me where to cum.I said him to cum on my face.He came on my face so much that it drenched my whole face.

I stroked the other man very fast and he too came on my face.My face is covered with cum and I can see it in a mirror in front of me.The muscular man kept fucking so hard and shouted that he is going to cum.I was very excited and asked him to cum in my ass.He didnt stopped fucking and he came a huge amount of load.I too came without even touching my dick for the first in my life.His cum flooded my ass and some of it fell on the floor.He stopped fucking me and took his dick out.Cum oozed out from my ass and my asshole is stretched completely.They gave my clothes to me and started to leave.I asked for Kumars clothes also.They said that they gave him his clothes while I was getting fucked.I washed my face and went to the toilet cabin where Kumar was and opened the door.

I was still nude.He came out and I can see guilty in his eyes.He felt disappointed and started to leave saying “Bye!”.I blocked his way but putting my hand across the door and said ,”Where are you going dear? You have to fuck my asshole”.I took him into the toilet cabin.
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