Short But Sweet

Dear sex story readers and admirers, Hope you are doing well and enjoying hardcore experiences in your sex lives. Those who do not remember me let me introduce my self yet once again.

I am fair skinned, having a very soft plump body. Main attractions of my body are my ass and my breasts. Yes, breasts. I have tiny cute breasts like a 14-year-old girl with exact same females like nipples and brown dark circles around them 100% like a woman.

If I were to take a close up picture of my breasts or nipples no one can guess if these are a males or females. I’ve very little hair on my body. To be really feminine, I use hair removing cream all over my body on a weekly basis.

I can bet that the feel of my body is nothing less than of a woman’s. I am unable to wear T Shirts in public and my breasts become quite visible and my nipples start poking out, hence I always have to wear a tight vest under the T shirts.

This incident took place last Tuesday, I had to go to the bank for payment of Electricity bill and it was the last date of submission. There was too much rush in the bank and ques at the counter. I also joined a cue.

I was wearing a loose collared T shirt and jeans, under the jeans, I was wearing a sexy red thong panty. There was lot pushing and pressing the cue due to lack of space. After about 10 minutes or so, I felt something apparently a cock pressing onto my ass.

I also while enjoying and so extended my ass out to give a positive signal. I tried to turn around a bit on some pretext to see whos cock, is it? It was guy in SHALAWAR KAMEEZ medium height, strongly built man in his late 30s maybe.

We played this caressing game till my turn came, I paid the bill and came outside and waited, the cock guy also came out. We made eye contact and I started walking towards my car. He started unlocking his motor bike. Now, I was on the road with the cock guy following me.

Just remember that mine was a station wagon with all tinted glasses.

I headed towards outskirts of DHA Lahore where some new colonies are being built, however, there is only machinery lying there with not a person on the site. I got off the road and kept driving on the empty land and parked my car behind a huge crane in its shade.He also parked the bike nearby.

Without speaking, I got out of the car, opened the back door folded rear seat and making the car into a spacious space. I opened the trunk and told him to get in. He got in. I followed him inside and locked the car. The engine was running, so was the AC.

I hope you got the picture now by looking at the above pictures. We both laid with heads on the folded rear seats. I immediately took all my clothes off. The guy was amazed looking at my sexy hairless body especially my boobs and large nipples.

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Without wasting any time and in the passion he came over me and our lips got locked with his tongue entering my mouth, it was a deep and passionate kissing session. He then went down to my boobs and nipples, started sucking on them while his hands going all over my body feeling the smoothness and silkiness.

He pinched my nipples with his teeth and I moaned in pain and pleasure. Meanwhile, one of his fingers was exploring my hole. I was jerking my body against his and arching in pleasure while moaning. After about 5 minutes of foreplay and sucking of boobs, I signaled him to take off his clothes.

He took off his clothes in a flash. What came out was indeed very appealing to my eyes and my lust. Strong muscular body with lots hair all over. He had an erect about 7-inch clean cock but the thickness was really awesome, I thought to myself that it will really stretch my hole to the limits.

I attacked the fabulous cock and started licking it and sucking it. This time it was his turn to moan. While I was busy sucking him, he was either fingering my ass, slapping it hard as it was sticking in the air. I sucked him to my hearts content and was able to take the whole thing in my mouth; the head of the cock was touching my throat.

I lied on my back and he came over me with his cock thrusting between my sexy thighs and he kissing mine by face massaging my body with his and sucking and pulling on my nipples. It was not the time for action. I made him lay on his back, grabbed a bottle of oil and poured the awesome amount of oil on his cock then lubricated my hole.

I got over him and placed his magnificent on the entrance of my hole. I started applying pressure and the head slipped in, my ass had never experienced a cock of this thickness. Ive been taking bigger items in my ass like cucumbers etc but never had encountered a cock of this size in diameter.

I slowly got down on his cock and in a couple of minutes, the whole thing vanished inside my love hole. I rested in that position for a couple of minutes, while doing so, he was cupping my boobs and pulling my nipples. After my ass became comfortable with the invasion, I started slowly riding him.

The feeling of the cock going in and withdrawing was simply out of the world. Now, we were also trying to move in rhythm with me. I rode him for some time. Now, I was laying on my stomach with my ass facing the ceiling. He entered my slowly and started fucking me slowly then furiously while kissing and biting my shoulders.

His balls were slapping against my ass “TAPH TAPH TAPH” the sound was loud enough and sounded music to ears. His thrusts were so powerful that the car was also moving. He fucked me for 5 minutes or so before getting faster and slapping my ass cheeks real hard.

I was moaning loudly “Aaaahhh, harder, oh yes, baby fuck me, make me your bitch.” My moaning and screaming seemed like a tonic for him and he would do it faster and harder. He was about to cum.

With last power stroked, he buried the head of his cock deep inside my ass and starting spurting his love seeds into my ass. He spurted at least 4 times filling me up deep inside. He was full of perspiration and breathing heavily. He lay there for a couple of minutes before he pulled out his semi erect cock out of my ass with a loud “POP”.

We dressed up, came out shook hands and departed the place. The strange thing was no exchange of names, no small talk, and no nothing. Just simple down to business that is vigorous fucking.
Waiting for your comments and feed back on the short and sweet experience.

Thanks for reading my sex story.