Teacher Taking My Virginity

Hello Indian sex stories readers, I am Ron living in Mumbai , I am 22 & gonna tell you a story that was most amazing experience …… This is about my classes teacher Rita it was winter &cold outside I was single & used to masturbate a lot by watching all kinds of porn videos by all porn stars, lisa ann, jessica james, asa akira you name them & I have tribute to them ,i was shy on outside & horny & ability to satisfy was infinite on inside of me ,now about my teacher …. Mostly she lives alone as her husband is out for work in various states …..

One day I went to her place to get tuition, I was only student over there ….. It was her residence… She was wears loose t shirt without bra & loose pajama her milky boobs keep on dancing everywhere she keeps her hairs open & has a tattoo of sword on her cleavage she has moderate body & hairy light pink pussy, ….. Every time I used to go at her home I used to get erections & coming back home I used to jerk off…… One night she started chatting with

She :”mai kaisi lagti hu tujhe ?”

Me: maam ky apuch rahi ho ?

She: bhul ja ki mai maam hu teri ab bata.

Me: you look beautiful .

She: baas .

Me: aur kya bolu maam

She: arre , teri koi gf nai hai kya?

Me :nai.

She : tabhi itna sharma raha hai.

Me: haan , maam , ek poochna tha ki aap itni thand mai loose kapde pehti ho toh aap ko thandi nai lagti kya ?

She: mai ye sab garam hone k liye karti hu pagle .

Me: mai nai samjha maam , I exactly knew he was turning me on but I wanted to play with her.

She: tu porn dekhta hai ?

Me : got shocked and said “kabhi kabhi”aap dekhti ho ?

She : haan

Me : konsa category aapka favourite hai ?

She : kal time pe aja class ko.

Then she went offline … I jerked on her dp she was looking so seductive in it fuck…..That was my biggest load of cum for her.

She said “aaj kuch alag padhte hai…” I was like ok some new subject topic it must be…She said

Vaise kal tu bada thand ki baat kar raha tha… Chai banau tere liye…I was ” haan agar aap pina chahogi toh varna rehne dijiye” she ” mai toh piyungi ”

She was all alone as her husband was out for 7 days. It was 6-9 pm class ….. While learning some topics I was constantly staring at her cleavage , she caught me many times but ignored it, she kept on leaning down & getting close to me on couch … She was in between playing & rubbing her feet with mine …….. I said “maam kya kar rahi ho ?” she said sorry im not comfortable sitting this way aur thand b lag rahi hai socha paas baithungi toh garmi lagegi …. By that moment my dick was very hard …. The book which I kept on my lap fell down & she could clearly see my hard 7 inch erection in my pants…..I said sorry maam ill goto wash room & get back with in a minute.

I jerked off very hard in wash room but forgot to clean the cum which I blasted in there….. After getting back to study rita said “abhi kitab toh nai girega na ?” …. I felt a bit shy & embarrassed …… After sometime near about at 9 pm she said ill be back from washroom ……

When she cam back she had my cum which I jerked off on her hands …I was frightened …..

She said “arre pagle mere hote hue akele akele muth kyu maar rahe ho…..Mai madad kar deti ……”to that I said ” maam mai virgin hu isiliye puch nai paya aapko ……” she washed her hands & said “chal mere bedroom mai aa aj tu mere ghar pe night marega mere saath …… Tujhe pata hai mai kabse tere saath sex karna chahti thi roz tere ane se pehle maine kitane tarike apnay tujhe seduce karne k aur aaj jake tera itna bada lund dekha …… Ye meri chut dekh gili ho chuki hai tere intazaar mai ab nai saha jata…”

She came to me & started french kissing me for 15 minutes …. Then she stripped off …… Her boobs were so milky white & huge I just jumped on her as she was laying down on bed & started pressing them as hard as I could she was enjoying & said aur dabba nipple chuss mere ….. She was giving me hand job & said lets go 69 …. She sucked my dick completely & I fingered as deep as I could go & bit & played with her hard clit ….. She was moaning a lot ….. Now she was very hot & said fuck me baby ……

As I inserted my dick in her tight pussy she was moaning very loudly ….. Aaahhh fuck me baby I never had such a dick …… At last I lost my virginity …. I smooched & fucked her &kept on pressing her huge assets ….. I fucked her in various positions, missionary, doggy, 69, & at last she was riding me like a professional porn star ….. & said baby cum inside me ill take pills …… When she was ridign that moment was so fucking sexy because hers big assets were bouncing everywhere & she made her hip dance on my lap with my cock inside her….. That night I fucked her twice ….. & I stayed with her at her home for next 6 days …..

We lived together for 6 days went to watch movies , hangouts & every evening & night & morning & after noon I fucked her brains out, real fun part is now the next instance of her home alone she brought her friends with her, to tell about her friend , her friend rinkita has thirty four -twenty six- thirty eight figure, she brought dildo with her that was a awesome threesome fun sex , rinkitas smooching ability was terrific she kept on digging her tongue in me we only smooched for 30 minutes, & rita mean while was giving me blow job…. I wanted rinkita to keep smooching me ….. Rita now started to get fucked by me …..

She was wanking rinkitas ass & fingering her deep because of which rinkita smooched me more deeper she licked my complete inside of my mouth & my face , I asked whether did any of them ever squirted & both said no” I was thik hai aaj sikha deta hu aapko”both laid down on bed such that their pussy were touching each other …… I brought vibrator from ritas cupboard & started vibrating both their pussies & fingering them very very fast …. They both moaned aloud & were shivering with satisfaction after 15 min of this play both gave out a huge orgasm like a big shower fountain & immediately I started fucking both of them one by one & my body like anything.

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