Fun With Teacher After Tution Lecture

Hi, friends, this is rocky (name changed ) today I am going to submit my first sex story on this site.I am a huge fan of iss and read a lot of stories here. Please forgive if any mistakes in the story as this is my first sex story.

Let me describe self I am normal guy with 6.3-foot height and 6-inch tool. Let me describe the heroine of the story Mrs. Veena (name changed) she is a sex bomb her stats are 34-30-36. A divorced lady.

Sorry story those lambi hai but real story hai islia please aapne feedback likhe meri story pe aur agar koi aunty lady ya girl fun cahati hai ya kisi bhi tarah ka satisfaction cahti hai toh mujhe mail kare
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Now lets get to the story this all started when I used to go to classes in my 12th std. Me and mam were as good as friends because I was there for the class from my 5th std.

She was around 5 feet tall and had decent assets. Her ass was really great and a good round shape, her breasts were not very big, but decent enough. She reminded me of actress Ayesha .

She had completed her master’s degree some years back and did some job in finance, but during the time she was teaching me, she had left her job and was preparing for bank test at home. She was around 36 years old and her family has been looking for proposals for her for a few years now but nothing was materializing. She had an elder brother who was married with 2 kids and settled overseas and old father and mother who were retired.

As she was always at home, whenever I went for tuition, she would be wearing around neck t-shirt and a long skirt.She always read books in preparation of the bank test, or some novel. She used to teach me in the dining room, where I used to sit at the dining table and she used to sit next to me while teaching me or she used to sit or lay in the diwan cot which was put adjacent to the wall on the opposite side.

In the initial days, I never felt anything towards her but as the days passed and the way she used to sit and lay in the diwan cot, I started to get glimpses of her certain parts which started giving me small hard-ons, which later became the feed for my “play with myself” sessions.

When she used to involve deep in her reading, I think she forgets the surroundings and forgets that I am also there in the room, and she unknowingly puts one leg over her thigh which would reveal her white and juicy thigh skin.

Her thighs were milky white without any hair and it gives me a hard-on. Her foot is beautifully kept always with perfectly cut nails and polishes, it also fueled my fetish for the foot. As days passed, I was more and more attracted to her and I wanted something more out of our student-teacher relationship.

A couple of months passed and it was December 2nd week. I had my exams after the Xmas holidays so I had to still go for the tuitions. By that time, veena’s brother had called them to visit him overseas for few weeks, but Veena couldn’t go because her bank test was in January second week.

So only her parents went to visit her brother and she stayed back. She had a close relative next door and she was supposed to sleep there while her parents were away.

Her parents left that weekend and when I returned for tuition on Monday, there was the only veena at home.

We continued with our usual tuition sessions and after a while, the kids in her neighborhood and her cousins came to start decorations for Xmas like hanging stars and series lights etc. I and veena also went along with them to see how the decorations were made and that day went like that. The next day there was this holiday mood in sudha chechi and she was friendlier than usual.

She made me coffee and gave me some snacks and was chatting with me casually than teaching me. She asked me a lot that day of how I spend my vacation and how I celebrate Xmas and all. She also asked me if I had any girlfriend and all to which I got shy and told I don’t have. It was a nice session and slowly the teacher-student feeling relaxed a bit for me.

Then she gave some problems for me to solve and she lay on the cot reading some books. This time she had put her leg over her thigh and I could clearly see her entire thigh almost up to her panty, but not completely. I really wanted to see and I slowly put my pen down and bend over to take the pen and tried to get a peek of her panty.

She suddenly caught me taking a peek and immediately sat up. I got scared and took the pen in a hurry and looked into the book as if nothing had happened. I could feel that she was sitting there and staring at me. I didn’t have the guts to look at her as I knew she had seen me trying to get a peek. She also did not say anything, but after a while, she went inside her room and went to the toilet. I was worried how she would react and I was shivering

After few minutes she came to me and told me to wait after class. I was a bit afraid because she caught me staring at her. After class she said me to sit on the sofa in other room and wait. She started to feed her child and the asked to come near her and gave me a peace of cake to eat. As I was about to eat she told me to keep it in my mouth not to eat I did son.

She then kissed me on my lips suddenly and said to go home. I was on cloud nine on her this reaction. After that, we used to have kissed some times after class or before some times in her kitchen.

One day she told me to tell home that I will be late as I have to finish a test. I reported at home and stayed back after the class she told me to wait in her room and went to make her child sleep. After 20 min she came wearing a hot red saree and gave a warm kiss.

Aab age hindi me taki mazaaa aaye….

Maine kaha mam please kapde utaardo mai kisi ko nahi bataaunga! Mam has pade aur bole ki washroom me jaa mai bhi aatihu! Toh washroom me mai apne lund ko pakadke tayyar tha fir mam aaye aur dheere dheere kapde kholne lage! Mai unko dekhta reh gaya! Kya jism tha!
Unhone apni saree kholi! Ab wo blouse kholne lagi! Mai zor se muth maarne laga! Unhone blouse aur petticoat nikaal di! Ab mam sirf 2 piece me thi! Aur mujhe muth maartha dekh mam has padi aur boli kitni der aur! Maine kaha thoda help kardijiye! Mam mere paas aaye aur mere forehead pe kiss kiya! Inka cleavage mere aakho k saamne tha! Maine jhat se apna sar unke cleavage pe rakh diya aur ragadne laga! Mam bole itni bhi kya jaldi! Unhone mere hootho ko apne hothon se milaya aur kiss karne lagi!

Fir wo apne tongue se mere tongue ke saat khelne lagi aur hum apne saliva exchange karne lage! Fir mujhse raha nahi gaya aurai unke breasts ko bra ke uppar se dabaane laga! Unhone apni bra nikaal di! Aur mail pagalo ki tarah unke mast breasts ko dekhne laga aur fir kya maine jhapatke unka right nipple mere mu me liye aur left boob ko dabaane aur pinch karne laga! Wo maze le rahi thi aur moan kar rahi thi fir maine left boob ko suck karne laga aur right boob ko dabaane laga! Wo bahut tempt hochucki thi!

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Mai bahut excited tha aur maine excitement ke wajah se zor zor ke dhakke dene shuru kar diye aur mera lund dukhne laga! Madam has padi aur boli dheere dheere kar! Mai dheere dheere karne laga! Mujhe bahut maza aaraha tha! Madam chillane lagi fuck me fuck your slutty teacher! Aaah aaaahh ishan fuck me hard! You are a boy with small and hard dick fuck me! Tear my pussy you mother fucker!! Mai josh me aake zor se chodne laga aur mera sperm nikalne hi wala tha ko unhone mera lund chut se nikaal ke unke mu me rakh liya aur saara sperm pee liya aur mera lund saaf kardiya unke muh se. Then I made sat in the bed corner and made her sit on my thighs and pointed my dick upwards and slowly inserted my dick into her pussy and she was screaming in pain but I pulled her down and started to screw her pussy hard and hard after some time she started to enjoy it and kept pounding her. Finally, she got exhausted and we took rest and after some time we did sex in standing position.

Sorry story thodi lambi hai but real story hai islia please aapne feedback likhe meri story pe aur agar koi aunty lady ya girl fun cahati hai ya kisi bhi tarah ka satisfaction cahti hai toh mujhe mail kare [email protected] pe